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Gigabyte Aorus 15P 15.6' 240hz i7-11800H/32GB/RTX3080/1TB SSD Laptop $3099 + Delivery or $0 C&C @ Umart


Not the cheapest 3080 laptop ever, but looking at ozbargain history this is definitely the cheapest 3080m with a intel 11th gen right now.

For the record, the 11th gen tigerlake chips are based on the 10nm superfin process node, and unlike 11th gen desktop chips, they definitely go toe to toe with equiv. amd chips productivity wise (albeit maybe at the cost of power consumption) and would actually see some improvement in gaming thanks to the bigger L3 cache (24MB vs 16MB). The 11800h also supports thunderbolt 4.0 that came with this machine for those that need it. Theres two nvme slots on this machine, one of which supports pcie 4.0 and the other with pcie 3.0. I do not know what storage this particular model came with, albeit the notebookcheck review had a Samsung PM9A1 pcie 4.0 drive, but thats a better model with 360hz screen and 16GB of vram-more on that below.

Heres the elephant in the room, as you might expect from the price, this model does not come with a full powered rtx3080 mobile even though the listing says its 'RTX3080p' (and no fault to umart, gigabyte is the one that says it comes with a 3080P). This is essentially a max-q version (even though nvidia dropped the branding for the 30 series) with only 8gigs of vram and is clocked in at 130watts. You will also not be able to flash higher wattage vbios on here as these will be 16gb vbios and which are imcompatible with 8gb cards. The 15p should come with a mux switch. Edit: Gigabyte removed the mux switch for this generation's lineups for some bizzare reason.

As a last note, there's a bit of problem with the umart listing, albeit this deal should run for 4 more days, every morning (at least for the last two days) the price seem to jump to $3299 for a bit before coming down to $3099 again. I was hesitant on posting this deal because of this, but since it always come back to the lower price I would assume its just a display bug more than anything else.

LTT paid review of this exact model
notebookcheck review of the 360hz 16gb vram model


  • Windows 10 Home


  • 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-11800H (2.3GHz~4.6GHz)


  • 15.6" Thin Bezel FHD 1920x1080 IPS-level Anti-glare Display LCD (240Hz, 72% NTSC)

System Memory

  • 2x DDR4 slots (DDR4-3200, Max 64GB)


  • Mobile Intel® HM570 Express Chipset

Video Graphics

  • Intel® UHD Graphics
  • NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6
  • Boost Clock 1545MHz, Maximum Graphics Power 130W
  • Supports NVIDIA Max-Q Technologies:
  • Dynamic Boost 2.0, Resizable BAR, and Optimus™ Technology.


  • 2x M.2 SSD slots (Type 2280, supports 1x NVMe PCIe Gen3 & SATA/ 1x NVMe PCIe Gen4)
    • *The storage capacity may differ by country and region. Please contact your local dealers or retailers for the latest product information.

Keyboard Type

  • Island-style AORUS Fusion Keyboard with per-key backlit control

I/O Port

  • 3x USB 3.2 Gen1 (Type-A)
  • 1x Thunderbolt™ 4 (Type-C)
  • 1x HDMI 2.1
  • 1x mini DP 1.4
  • 1x 3.5mm Audio Combo Jack
  • 1x UHS-II SD Card Reader
  • 1x DC-in Jack
  • 1x RJ-45


  • 2x 2 Watt Speaker
  • Microphone
  • DTS:X® Ultra Audio technology


  • LAN: RTL8125-BG REALTEK (2.5G) Ethernet
  • WLAN : Intel® AX200 Wireless or Intel® AX201 Wireless (802.11ax, a/b/g/n/ac/ax compatible)
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth® V5.2


  • HD Camera


  • Firmware-based TPM, supports Intel® Platform Trust Technology (Intel® PTT)


  • Li Polymer 99Wh


  • 230W


  • 357(W) x 244(D)x27(H)mm


  • ~2.2kg

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  • -2

    Better than a mac pro 16 jnch for $4050?

    • +1

      Probably not.

    • +13

      If you do anything adobe suite related, mac pro is miles better.

      If you are looking for long off-wall running times, the mac pro is much better.

      If you are looking for a machine with normal webcame placements, the aorus looks up at your chin.

      If you care more about display quality more than refresh rate, the mac pro is much better.

      In basically everything else, I would expect the aorus to be better or at least comparable to the mac pro, it certainly kills the mac pro at gaming. And its nearly 1k cheaper as well. Of course, its hard to comment on right now because we are still waiting for some real world application benchmarks and not just the numbers that apple like to throw out.

      • +2

        ozbargain will start recommending M1 for everything now

      • +2

        That's like me saying if you are doing anything Adobe related get a desktop with dedicated GPU for that price. I'm sorry, but I use razer now over Mac and I'm not looking back.. price comparing machine to machine in real world terms I have been loving this thing to mac since I switch.. and the upgradeability ( in some parts ) and compatibility to windows with software to Mac bar none..

    • +3

      @shegeloaf Er, this is a Windows gaming laptop… It has almost nothing in common with the Mac Pro 16 (which makes a terrible gaming machine and doesn't run Windows natively).

      • Definitely not a terrible gaming machine in terms of graphics power, but you aren't wrong about it not being able to run Windows. Misses out a lot of games out there.

  • +5

    Nice write up OP +

  • I had a gaming laptop circa nvidia 860m gpu but with battery issues, who games mobile much?

    Much better to get something thin and light and play indie games when mobile and plug in one of these new eGPU things at home I reckon. That and streaming is the future.

    I'm old school, 15kg gaming rig for me ;)

  • I have one of these. Can recommend. Not got the bells and whistles the MSI do at this range. But a good solid laptop

  • not in the market personally, but solid find op!

  • No mux switch for the 15p YD. Don't know why they removed it for this gen. https://www.gigabyte.com/WebPage/784/

    • Damn thats a shame and a real head scratcher. Thanks for pointing it out. Edited

  • Would this perform on par with desktop 3070?

    • +1

      Unfortunately No. Even the best 3080 mobile this generation is around a desktop 3060ti's performance and certainly wouldnt be able to compete against a 3070.

      • +1

        So still better off sticking with a desktop if mainly for gaming.

        • Of course, that's always going to be the case 👍

      • It is a pity, I remember the best 2080 mobile have close performance as desktop version. What happened to 3080 mobile?

        • -1

          For one, both the 3070 and 3080 mobile this year is cut from the 3070 desktop die, so thats that. The gddr6x also runs all too hot for laptops, so they just had to resort to using gddr6. Last but certainly not the least, Nvidia have arbitary limited the maximum tdp for 3080 mobile to 150+15w DB, so that even the thickest, biggest laptops this year that can easily handle 200w of heat from previous gen-such as the clevo x170-do not get to utilised their full potential as nvidia just, quite frankly, didnt allow them to do so.

          It's mind boggling why they seemed to have intentionally slowed down this gen's mobile cards, to make way for 30 series -super cards? Only time will tell i guess.

          • @Brrrrt: that might due to shortage of chips, nVidia play model names for marketing strategy, same play with desktop RTX 3060 which supposed to be named 3050Ti, however, they just double the VRAM and named it as 3060. 3060 is way too bad compare to 3060Ti, big gap between them.

        • My guess is heat.

          Heat is the bane of laptops and other tight fitting space saving form factors.

          We can only dissipate so much heat in a laptop form factor.

  • Overall, not a bad price for 3080 laptop, but Gigabyte is a bit worried brand to me.

    • Also after watching all the video reviews, can already tell the plastic build quality looks very cheap, no way can it be the high tech look of an Alienware.

      • Yeah the build quality is basically Clevo level. Black all round and plastic, no cnc aluminimum or other fancy stuff. It is a good price though, you wouldnt expect to find a alienware 3080 at anywhere around this price :)

  • +2

    I have one with a 10th gen and a 3070. It's not bad but even elevated and with fans 100% (which sounds like a jet with afterburner on) sometimes gameplay is still choppy. If you use the loudest "gaming" cooling profile it still can thermal throttle and the fans aren't slow either.

    It's nice and all but personally I feel like if you're buying a mobile 3070 (3080 in this case) but can only fully utilise it when you have the fans set to max it's a little bit of a shame.

    Even with bose qc35's set to max it's still loud.

    I have had situations where the software has been pretty buggy rare bsod's but mostly to do with shadow play and the rtx studio drivers (recording will freeze the whole computer very regularly). Also in my case which turns out based on forum posts is slightly more rare than average, if you run an external monitor and turn off the laptop screen everything lags like a mother trucker until you turn it back on.

    & the fact that I can't turn off the igpu like the 9th gen series could, there have been really funky situations where apart from a full restart any game would not switch to the dedicated gpu and ran off the cpu. This is with all gigabyte control panel updates as of September 2021 & using an external monitor as recommended by forums.

    And give up on using this as any sort of business related laptop. In a slightly more quiet room even using the quietest fan curve there is it's still noticeable. Not saying that's what this laptop is aimed at but it's a laptop, sometimes however rarely this sort of thing might happen.

    • I had to return mine. The coil whine on this laptop is some of the worst I've ever heard - it's so high pitched and pierces into other rooms like a dog whistle.

      Would avoid unless dirt cheap or you live alone and use headphones.

  • -2

    How capable is this laptop for crypto mining?

  • +1

    +1 for clean writeup OP. Looks to be solid specs for the price.

  • I expect the legion 5 pro with 3070 to beat this laptop in everything including price, gaming apart from wait time to receive the product

    • "apart from wait time to receive the product"

      Freaking true

  • Not a fan of all the ports being on the side of a Laptop, what is wrong with designing these so at least major ports are at the rear of the laptop. Minus points for design. imo, apart from that good to see Umart leading the way and discounting.

  • So you people use this for games?

  • Where is the support and warranty office in sydney? is there any email?

    • Australia
      Website: https://www.gigabyte.com/au
      • New Address: Unit 1, 19 – 23 Clarinda Rd, Oakleigh South, 3167
      • New Phone number : 03 8542 9000
      • Current Phone number: 03 8561-6288

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