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[QLD, NSW] 12 Months Village Roadshow Locals One Pass $169 @ Village Roadshow Theme Parks


The popular deal is back, 12 unlimited entry to 4 parks plus entry to special after dark events for QLD & north NSW locals. Has been cheaper previously but $169 is a good price if you can make few visits per year I reckon.

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Village Roadshow Theme Parks
Village Roadshow Theme Parks


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    Back? It’s never left?

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    Was 84.5 couple days ago.
    169 is the regular price, nobody believe RRP right?

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    It’s been $169 forever. Not sure why it’s jacked to $245 then on special for $169 again.

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    $169 is pretty much normal price

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    This is not a good price. Usually you can get it <$100.

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      Not for like 3 years

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    After this scum of a company took our family holiday money for cancelling our terms park holiday under covid restrictions, it will be boycotted for as long as I live.

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    Standard price is not a deal, especially when this was half price last week

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    It’s been the price for ages..also if you are an existing member and renew you membership you can get if for $159..just got the offer the other day in my inbox.

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    Standard price - only available for QLD residents and selected NSW border residents. Can use $100 vouchers for QLD residents to bring to half price!

    • How?

        • Kudos.

          Any idea how long this offer will last.
          Also, how long it is valid for¿

          • @FredAstair: offers are limited. you get your voucher first and then once you have the code, you go and buy and apply the voucher you have (cost is 84.50). It takes a day or two before they confirm that you are in. Once you have your theme pass ticket you need to do first entry by 22nd Jan 2022 and then its valid for an year (remember you need to prove your an accepted local with Drivers License or another acceptable method upon entry to park).

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