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ONE80 Topscore Dartboard & Darts Christmas Pack $199.50 Delivered (Was $273.90) @ Darts Direct


ONE80 Topscore Dartboard & Darts Christmas Pack

What's included;

2 x One80 Topscore Bristle Dartboards

12 x Quality Brass, Steel Tip Darts, Nylon Flights

4 x Sets of Additional Assorted Design Flights (3 Flights Per Set)

2 x Mounting Kits (Including Screws & Bracket)


Bulk Pack - double of everything! If you're needing gift ideas, look no further! The One80 Topscore Dartboard and Darts Christmas Pack has you sorted!

The One80 Topscore is a fantastic upper mid-range bristle dartboard that includes some great features including its anti glare number ring, non fade colours & no staple bullseye. This bristle dartboard is suitable for steel & non steel tip darts. The Topscore by One80 is a durable, nice looking board that is built to last many a BBQ. They also make a fantastic gift for yourself or someone you want to spoil!

Specifications for dartboard

Triangle wire bristle dartboard
Well packed brazilian sisal for excellent durability
Non fade colours
Rotatable, anti glare number ring
Staple free bulleye
Suitable for steel & soft tip darts
Supplied with mounting bracket and instructions
Specifications for darts and flights

Brass Barrels, Steel Tips
Assorted flight designs

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  • Will this board make me better at darts than when I play at the local pub?

  • Similar boards are $49 each at Big W.
    Unless the other stuff is worth more than $100 or the quality of these boards
    is substantially better I don't see this as a deal.

    • +1

      I don't know anything about dartboards, but with anything, there are shitty big w versions, and hobby level versions, as well as professional level versions. Comparing the two isn't exactly fair. It's understandable since darts aren't your mainstream hobby, so it's not common knowledge what makes a 200 dollar one "better" than a 50 dollar one.

  • Bought this one for $28 delivered.


    Been very happy with the board itself and the weight of the darts.
    I get that OP's one is a 'pro' set… but seriously, unless you are a professional darts player you will not know the difference.

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