Braun Series 8 Wet & Dry Electric Shaver with Fabric Travel Case $269 Shipped @ Shaver Shop


One of the lowest prices on the shaver shop. It’s one step lower than the series 9 which claim to be the world’s best electric shaver but nevertheless it’sa great electric shaver.

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  • How does it compare to the Series 7?

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      1 better

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      Series 5 is a popular and a great budget option. 7, 8 and 9 are more of a premium offerings. If you want to pay the premium - I personally like 8 or 9 as I feel 7 is such an awkward middle child.

      • Most of the reviews in product review is very bad about series 5.

        • Wow I can't fault my series 5 although it's been in storage for the most part since growing a beard

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      It’s an US import. I wouldn’t personally recommend using it here in Aus without a proper transformer.

      • Fair call.

        I actually bought it earlier in the year with the electronic cleaner for $299 from Amazon Australia. Fantastic shaver.

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        Aren't shavers one appliance that are normally multi-voltage for traveling? Or is this one not for some reason?

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          it’s multi voltage but the pins on the power pack are US for imports. vs AU pins.

      • I bought my Panasonic electric razor from the US and it never had an issue over 2 years with it charging using an ordinary US/AUS adaptor. Maybe check on the Braun website if it has international charging capability.

  • Does anyone know does this do clean shave only? Or can you adjust?

    I shave at about 2mm and am yet to find the perfect electric razor for me

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    yea. was $549 in 1984

  • How does this fair with red beards? My facial hair comes through thick and has destroyed many shavers.

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      Also have a heavy beard, I haven’t used the series 8 but the series 7 has been great for me. The key thing is regular maintenance and shaving against the grain of your beard.

      I wash and oil the blade once a week and I replace the blade yearly. If I go over a week without washing the blade and oiling it, it gets pretty bad and the blade will blunt quicker.

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    My old series 8 is now 20+ years old, still goes strong with bits broken off it, been dropped on the bathroom tiles at least 100 times.

    Using it to shave neck only and Sak 'n' Krak as well as tidy up legs/arms etc it still works great. As for the foils and cutters, i replace them at least twice per year, not as a result of being blunt, but the foils crack and get holes, then it starts cutting the skin.

    Never oiled or used the cleaning station.

  • just wondering, is this different model?

    • I think it's the same, Costco one even has the cleaning station for another $10.

      • Only if everyone had Costco membership :(

  • So looking at the photos on the Shavershop, the power plug or pins looks like the USA ones?
    Or am I mistaken?

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