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Weber Kettle Premium Charcoal BBQ 57cm $299 + Del ($0 Club Catch/ Target & Kmart C&C) (Expired $10.87 ShopBack Cashback) @ Catch


Just bought one of these using upsized Shopback of 4% (instead of 3%) to 11.59 pm today. Cash back of $10.87 is tracked. Makes it $288 after cash back. However, I still think it is a good deal without the cash back and would have been happy to pay the $299. Upsized cashback expired.

I only decided I want one of these yesterday - a couple of days too late to get the $269 Catch price in this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658179. And a good few months too late for the crazy price in this deal - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/616713. But on my Ozbargain search it seems like there are hardly ever any deals on this.

Note that this is a grey import so comes with Catch 12 month warranty rather than Weber 10 year warranty - and has a couple of other differences - see the other deals for comments (no Aus cookbook, wheels may be different, different charcoal basket) - as well as comments on accessories and techniques. None of these seem much of a concern. From images on the US Weber site it, based on the model no. on Catch, it looks like the thermometer has both C and F markings, see https://www.weber.com/US/en/grills/charcoal-grills/original-.... Price from official local stockists is $429. Kogan has it for $319 (plus delivery and less 2% cash back).

I think I may get this third party premium cover - https://www.amazon.com.au/Miss-Grill-Charcoal-Waterproof-Res.... Weber premium cover is appx $70. Local non-premium Weber cover is appx $30.

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    Black Friday will have these around the $200 mark

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      Really? Any evidence it has been that in the past? That hasn't come up in any searches or comments on the other deals. This is the premium version - local price $429, not the local $329 version.

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    Note that this is a grey import so comes with Catch 12 month warranty rather than Weber 10 year warranty

    Deal killer

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      Serious Q, aside from something damaged in delivery etc. What warranty do you need on a Webber. I snagged one up from a council rubbish day and used it for 10 years. If didn't already have 6 different BBQs I'd be all over this.

      • I've actually used the warranty on my Weber Q before - for enamel peeling off the lid and rust on the grills. But it seems the kettles are pretty bullet-proof as you say. And $141 saving can contributed / pay for any replacements that are needed in the first 10 years. ;-)

      • There are always BBQ's on hard rubbish - many webers and many are toast..

        Would be interested to know if anyone has ever claimed warranty on a Kettle >7yrs old?

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          Maybe you're seeing Jumbucks or other brands?

        • The Webber I snagged from Council pickup day was one of the original Orange coloured eggs with a wooden handle. Aside from being well used and in need of a good steam clean and degrease it came quite good. Like above well enough that I managed to get another 10 years out of it.

    • I mentioned that in the OP. Everyone has different views. If you read the other posts people have not had any issue with these after decades of use or disuse). And you have saved $141 to spend on any parts that need replacing - after the 12 month Catch warranty expires. Certainly not a deal killer for me.

    • So it's covered by ACL which makes warranties worthless.

      • Correct, it is covered. However, the manufacturer warranty is not worthless - especially where it would exceed what ACL would determine. I doubt ACL would determine 10 years is a reasonable warranty period - plus you would have to go through the hassle of trying to prove that. However, not worth $140 in my view.

  • Missus has wanted a Weber for ages, is it worth grabbing this or will waiting until black friday or so snag me a better deal?

    • I obviously thought worth buying this. I doubt that Black Friday post is valid. Poster has not provided any evidence it's ever been at that price plus no comments about that on previous deals I linked to - have a look.

      • Can't even get decent ones second-hand at this price - have a look at eBay and Gumtree. Someone in Sydney on Gumtree offering AU stock version brand new for $350.

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    Highly likely that the Black Friday deals will start from 26 November. So I rather wait to save a few $$

    • I suppose if you're not in a rush it is worth waiting to see if something like the Kogan $225 (delivered) deal comes up for Black Friday. Although that deal was OzBargained in under 5 hours. I'm keen to get one now so happy to pay this price. I don't see who else - other than grey importers like Kogan and Catch - would do a Black Friday deal. These aren't really available new on Amazon and eBay.

  • Bought one last week on previous sale got email your order is delayed. They probably ran out of stock.

    • That seems odd. I got an email an hour ago saying mine has been dispatched. I wonder if your delay is delivery related. Are you in a metro area and is yours being delivered to your home - or a collection point? I am in Sydney metro and mine is being delivered to my local Kmart.

  • Kmart also metro melbourne

  • Received mine, and its beautiful.

    Additionally, absolutely amazing support and customer service from Weber. Even though its a US model with no Australian warranty, mine was missing a tiny screw to join the side handle. Weber Australia decided to send me a whole new handle with screw free of charge. Truly an amazing company.

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      That's great. Thanks for sharing. Good to know. Did you tell them it was a grey import or did they ask for the s /n, model no or invoice? I picked mine up at Kmart on Sunday. Looking forward to unboxing and assembling it - and doing a brisket with the snake method for guests Saturday night.

      • They asked for a serial number which verified it was an US model. I felt bad that they sent me a whole new handle as I just wanted to know which screw so I could get it from Bunnings, but they insisted.

        • That's great to know. Really good of them - as you say. Thanks for the info. In trying to assess the value of (giving up part of) the warranty - I tried to Google the cost of replacement parts for it - but I couldn't find any info on their site. There isn't much to it - I suppose the most expensive part to replace would be the thermometer. I reckon I have a 1 year guarantee (plus ACL if that would be anything additional and one could be bothered to pursue), plus $141 savings to spend on replacement parts, before I'm worse off than buying local.

  • BTW - How do I get the moderators to allow the title of this post to be edited? The title needs to state that there is $8.15 Shopback cash back. The upsized 4% cash back (now the usual 3%) was only an extra $2.71. I made that pretty clear when I edited the post to update it for the change in rate - so whoever edited it should have included that information.

    • Catch is now out of stock, so the deal needs to be marked as expired. Mods - Can you please mark as expired - or allow editing?

  • Back in stock and $30 cashback from cashrewards + lattitude pay $15 off = $254 today!

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