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Weber Premium Kettle 22" (57cm) Charcoal BBQ $217.59 + $5.99 Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Just amazing price (and the barbie too).

The Weber Premium Kettle 22” Charcoal Grill stays true to the backyard icon while taking it up a notch with an upgraded cleaning system.

Plated steel, hinged cooking grate
- Heavy-gauge steel charcoal grate
- Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid
- Built-in lid thermometer
- Bottom wire rack
- Lid handle with heat shield
- Angled lid hook inside grill lid
- Removable, high-capacity, aluminium ash catcher
- Aluminised steel one-touch cleaning system
- Spring clip and push pin leg assembly
The Weber Premium Kettle 22” Charcoal Grill has plenty of space for grilling up a bunch of steaks or a burger for the family.

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    I doubt you'll have issues with it but AFAIK the Kogan ones are grey imports and don't carry the same warranty as a locally delivered model…but I mean it's about $200 cheaper than a local one.

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      I wouldn't worry about the warranty – it doesn't have many things to break. I had my previous one (non premium) for around 10 years and sold it for $130 after.

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        The quality of webers is still great but known for having declined over the years. I bought one in 2016 and had to action weber twice. One for replacing a broken handle and another one for replacing the lid that the paint was peeling off. Customer service was great and I had the replacement parts within a week but just one thing to have in mind.

        • Is it about their Kettle barbies? Peeling off enamel sounds concerning.

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      I'm still using a 1978 Weber Kettle but there is no denying how good Weber warranty and after sales service is, My fiance started our Weber Q with the plastic tables folded in still and they replaced the melted tables for free.

      • You truly are legend, sir. 43 years and counting. Cheers for another 43.
        No pun intended

        • +8

          Where was the pun?

      • +1

        Bloody good customer service too - I emailed them my L-code kettle needs a new handle and the wheel kept falling off, no worries sent me the replacement handles and the thing that stops the wheels from falling off free of charge. No proof of purchase, just a photo of the top vent showing the year code.

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      This one is The Weber Original 18” (46cm), which actually could be better for a smaller family.

    • +1

      Thanks, ordered this one instead. Much better value.

    • thanks for suggestion, I am planning to buy this one :)

    • bought this smaller one, i think it suits me more as i don't cook for big crowd.. also, can be used at fire place occasionally. Tried hunting for a used one, but they retain value quite well…hope this going to last me for some time


  • +1

    Yep, my bad, different size to the pro.
    I have this version at home. Easily cook a 3-4kg pork shoulder on it for 10+ hrs

    • Just wondering how many times do you need to refill charcoal for 10 hours?

  • +1

    Men, I need to convince the wife. Advise.

    • +2

      Smoked Pecan Pie

    • +8

      Buty it as a gift for her, but remember to engrave your name on it just so that she remembers who gave
      it to her

    • Not much to convince. If you are gonna be cooking, thats an easy pass already.

    • +1

      Is your wife like mine and has 471 kitchen appliances? If so, what's another BBQ for you?

    • commit to doing the cooking more times a week than you do it now
      and btw
      cooking a meal includes things like making a salad and a carb to go with the meat you are bbqing
      and doing the dishes afterwards

      • +3

        Nah mate. If you cook you don’t clean. If your wife cooks you clean.

  • Which model is still made in the US?

    • +3

      If you wait a couple of hours I'll confirm where Kogan ones made – waiting for a delivery today.

    • Not made in USA

    • +1

      I've just received mine. I couldn't actually locate anything explicitly saying "Made in USA". The serial number lookup returned (OC series):

      • +1

        Googled the serial number and found this Target USA link, it has details of the model and looks to be made in USA?


        Model #: 14401001
        Required, Not Included: Charcoal
        Protective Qualities: Weather-Resistant, Heat-Resistant Handle
        Primary Cooking Area: 363 Square Inches
        Grill surface area: 363 square inches
        Power Source: Charcoal
        Battery: No Battery Used
        Care & Cleaning: Spot or Wipe Clean
        Warranty: 10 Year Limited Warranty. To obtain a copy of the manufacturer's or supplier's warranty for this item prior to purchasing the item, please call Target Guest Services at 1-800-591-3869
        TCIN: 16879846
        UPC: 077924032479
        Item Number (DPCI): 009-07-0536
        Origin: Made in the USA and Imported

      • The (US/CA/MX) Would probably the made in US no?

        • It is made for US/CA/MX markets, not necessarily means Made in USA. The model can be found on US Weber too.

          But based on the link I mentioned earlier, it supposed to be made in USA.

          • @Cupa Bundy Drinker: The components are packaged in USA using parts sourced from global supply chain (China, India, USA)
            Some of the much more expensive Weber grills have some of the components made in USA. These grills haven’t changed in price much in the last thirty years, there is no way you could still make them at this price point solely in USA.

      • I assume it didn't include the cookbook?

        • No cookbook unfortunately. I wouldn't expect "The Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook" in direct import though :))))

  • This vs Jumbuck branded ones from Bunnings ??

    • Yes also keen to know why the Weber is worth 3 times as much as the Jumbuck BBQ. Genuinely interested.

      • +8

        Weber kettles last for decades. Jumbuck kettles might last a few years at best and then they will be rusty piles of junk.

      • It'll last three times longer at least. The enameling on webers is top notch, if you don't crack the coating by hitting it with a hammer or wacking it against concrete these will last decades, that's why you rarely see them on the nature strip for hard trash collection, unlike other barbies.

        edit: I should also mentions resale value on these is pretty good too

        • +1

          Even if you do find one in the trash you can usually clean it up and it will still cook great!

      • Ok thanks to all answers.

    • +5

      The main Weber Kettle selling point is that their kettle is virtually sealed in enamel (they say the process takes 3 days or so, and, from my experience, I tend to trust them). The fire is a very good oxidiser, so if your iron is not sealed properly it will start rusting immediately.
      If the kettle has some holes where considerable force applied – handles, legs attachment point - those points becoming sources of cracks, and rust subsequently. I can see at least 8 such points in Jumbuck kettle (on Bunnings web site), so I will not be surprised if it will begin rusting quickly. BTW, by the size it is more comparable to Weber Compact, built by a similar process and the only Weber kettle you should avoid.

      Weber will last a very long time. IMO it is why they charge so much. As well as it is heavy and bulky, and needs to be delivered from the US, where they are relatively cheap :)

      • The Jumbuck 'Phoenix' is more comparable to a regular 57cm Weber Kettle. Also has an enclosed ash catcher too. It is nowhere near as nice as the Weber though and I have no doubt it will not last as long.

    • +1

      The Weber will outlast the jumbuck many times over, and likely has thicker steel and batter coating.

      There is a reason jumbucks are put out rusted out on council pick up days, whereas old webers get sold on gumtree etc.

    • +1

      I've had a Jumbuck, burnt through it in about 18 months. Have this Webber now and has lasted 7 years and I reckon will last another 7 at least. I have had to buy a 2nd cover (first was wrecked by weathering) but they are brilliant - Jumbuck is pure landfill.

      • And, I'm pretty sure, Weber is a bit more enjoyable to use.

  • +2

    Thanks Op. Bought it. I already have a weber gas barbecue but always thought of having a charcoal one.

    • +2

      You won't regret it. I have both a weber gas and a kettle and use them for different things. The gas one still gets a workout for quick cooks where I can't be bothered firing up the charcoal but the kettle does a great job with low and slow recipes and also makes better buffalo wings. I also have the rotisserie attachment, which is great for roasts (but it was pretty pricey). Make sure you get a chimney starter to get the charcoal lit more quickly/easily.

      • Thanks! I was thinking of heading to bunnings to get that thing (didnt know its called a chimney starter) and some coals too.

        Agree the gas weber is the reliant quick cooks, but I long for the slow cooked meat. So I'm really looking forward.

  • +1

    Does Kogan do price protection? As I ordered this months ago for $299 and is still waiting for delivery (it has been dispatched)


      Thanks for getting in contact.

      Price changes are a common occurrence in many technology-based retail businesses, as prices will fluctuate over time.

      Unfortunately, we are not able to honour this price for your purchase as our product listings are often subject to change based on stock availability and demand.

      Some exceptions can be made when we are contacted within 14 days of purchase, however, in this case a partial refund or account credit is not available to you at this time.

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns.
      Kindest regards,
      Ralph Matthew
      Customer Care Team

      • Pretty bad considering you still havn't received it.

    • could you decline delivery for a refund?

  • +1

    I have a 6 year old weber kettle with just a flat tray instead of the ash collector, can they be retrofitted? Been looking for hinges and the price scares me for just a hinge, but it is moulded stainless steel and looks the best of the lot - https://www.amazon.com.au/BBQgaskets-com-Kettle-Smoker-Stain... . Has anyone done anything differently, lost the lid a few times moving it around on the wheels so wanting to secure that.

  • +1

    Not sure if this matters to some, but this grey import doesn't include the cookbook either (this one: https://www.weber.com/AU/en/accessories/merchandise-and-more...)

    • +2

      I wouldn't be that concerned about the book. It has some useful info at the start that you would read for probably the first time you fire it up so you understand how to get it going and control the temperature, but all of this info is widely available on the net anyway. The recipes themselves are very 1980's and pretty boring - again much better stuff out there on the net. I don't recall ever actually making anything from this book.

  • Holy hell, what a amazing price. Been eyeing this one for ages.
    Thanks OP

  • Oh man, this is testing me. I got burned by Kogan's non existent customer service once and I swore never again. But damn this is tempting.

    • It's a original Weber, what could possibly go wrong? Check comment way above, commenter had his for 10 years.

  • -2

    Can we not make a post every time someone discovers grey market Webers? These are around this price permanently, they're $197 currently at Catch.

    EDIT: Nevermind just realised this is premium version.

    • The link please. So far I found only the Original one for $197 at Catch.

  • Cheers OP, the missus has been pestering me about one since October.

  • I’ve been looking for a replacement bbq / smoker since my egg broke. I can’t afford a new egg but could spend up to $200 and something on one of the offsets Kogan is selling. Are they any good? Main difference I see is steel vs cast iron. Anyone have any experience here?



    • +1

      stay away from those. Cheap metal that doesn't keep constant temperature and will be landfill material soon enough.

      • +1

        Ok thanks. Just ordered the Weber premium 22. Woohoo!

  • -1

    What is the difference between this and one's sold at Webber shops for double ? That's crazy

  • +1

    I paid close to double for this model around 10 years ago. Absolute no brainer at this price, awesome BBQ.

    I strongly advise getting a chimney starter for anyone who is buying a charcoal BBQ for the first time - it saves a fair bit of time getting all of the charcoal going.

    • any links to the chimney starter?

      • You can get cheaper ones but this one seems to have good reviews

  • -1

    Is the charcoal level deep? Don't need it to be more than 15cm above grill. Guess can fill with old charcoal/wood to raise levels. Should have gas bottle option to light coals. Firestarter is for peasants!

      • Cheers - bought both! :)

    • Why not use a chimney?

    • +2

      Peasant here.

      First Weber was relatives 69 red model we had from the late 70's till 2005. Had the OP's model since then, 16 years and counting. Got a chimney (thank you Aldi) but don't use it often.
      4 firestarters(Aussie ones from Coles) 30 or 40 Heatbead brand coals per side Depending what roast your doing. Lamb Chicken Pork plus veg. The ritual hasn't changed since the 70's. Sunday arvo 4pm light, 5pm put the meat+veg on and hickory chunks for smoking, grab first beer, 6.10 pull the chook out, 6.15 to 6.25 pull the pork out and crackling, 6pm pull your boned leg of lamb out or open your butterflied leg up for a quick crisp.

      Snake method will easily cook for 12 hours for Lamb shoulder and beef brisket and in my xp it's best to use the chimney to start the snake off.

      Kids have grown up with it and now they have their own. The things are bullet proof.

  • +1

    Couldnt refuse at this price. Thanks OP!

  • Never owned a bbq at home before.. what accessories and items do i need in addition to this?.. I see someone mention chimney starter, charcoal, what else would i need… ??

    • +2

      A Smoker, a portable burner to put the chimney over and to start the charcoal/briquets quicker, that's how I start my charcoal. Kmart sells them for $20.
      Wood chips for the smoker.

      • Portable gas burners are excellent to get the chimney started in terms of time saving, but as someone who lives in an apartment the biggest plus for using a burner is that the chimney puts out a sh*tload less smoke at the start, so I don't need to worry about my neighbours calling the fire brigade because they think my apartment is on fire

        • It really depends what you use as firelighter. If it is a piece of paper soaked in oil or white firelighters with kerosene stink - yes, your neighbors may not be happy.
          I usually use Redheads Expert Firestarters
          Not much smoke, convenient - no need for matches or lighter, and the best part - no taste of kerosene in food.

          • @Cupa Bundy Drinker: more economical and better for the environment (less packaging) to use a chimney and portable burner. Burner at Kmart is $20.

    • +1

      Charcoal, Firestarter, chimney, brush, tongs, mitten.

      • ill add in instant read thermometer… takes all the guess work out

    • +2

      jiffy/redheads firelighters are good for beginners to get the charcoal startes.. once you get used to it you can try using kindling or scrunched up paper. For fuel I'd start with heatbeads or weber brand briquettes, you can experiment with lump charcoal later on.

      Other than that it really depends what you want to cook.. there's a bunch of after market addons available if you want to get wild - electronic temp controllers, rotisseries, pizza oven conversions etc etc etc

  • +1

    My husband been using the mini version portable one for years, thanks a lot we finally got a big one now!

  • Do you guys simply use the briquettes for cooking or do you also add any wood along with it?

    • +1

      Regular Heatbeads are good. If you want some smoke you can add some wood chunks or chips.

    • +2

      Heatbeads + wood chunks for flavour (if you need it). Tried the weber briquettes but prefer the heatbeads myself.

    • I prefer the lump charcoal as it seems to get hotter and you can re-use the bits that didn't burn. With the briquettes they all seem to disintegrate after one use. I use the briquettes when I can't get lump charcoal though, doesn't matter all that much…

  • +1

    Hey OP do you know what price they have going normally?