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Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard $174.30 Delivered @ Shopping Express

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  • $9 - Cooler Master WR510 Black Wrist Rest - https://www.shoppingexpress.com.au/buy/cooler-master-wr510-b...

    $20.76 shipped to Bris. about 10 to 15 cheaper then most when you add shipping. Not bad for anyone looking for one.

    • nay, you dont want a disposable foam one. look for something solid like wood, resin, brass, acrylic, granite, aluminium, 24k gold, etc…

      • I personally use a Kensington Gel one for the past few years, Its been pretty good. Cost about $35ish if I remember right. its soft but firm. Have the mouse wrist one as well.

        • soft but firm? lmao

          you can get a nice wood one with rubber feet for less then $30. i had the gel and foam ones, all disposable. it won't last forever. i have a keychron keyboard with a wood keychron wrist rest. its the perfect size and the exact width of my keyboard so its a perfect match.

  • Just an FYI on that Keyboard - Cherry Blue's are very loud.
    If you work in an office or even work from home with somebody else in the same space you may send them mad.

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