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LG 65" C1 4K OLED TV (OLED65C1PTB) $3576 ($3039.60 with New Members 15% off Coupon) & Free Delivery @ LG


C1 65 Oled is back in stock for some regions. I ordered one this morning for $3039 using the one time signup 15% off code and free delivery.

Current price $3576 which comes down to $3039 with the coupon code.

Stock might be limited but better to keep checking your postcode for stock.

Good price for an excellent TV.


Reached out to LG support and asked them for warranty and ACL info in writing, just received an email from their support team:

Thank you for reaching out to LG Online Store support Team!

This is to acknowledge that we have spoken with you today regarding your purchase of an OLED65C1PTB which has a 1 year manufacturer's warranty for parts and labour. We apologise if extended warranty offer is not available since TV was purchased through our LG website. Furthermore, LG as a manufacturer and a retailer, honors your right under the Australian Consumer Law.

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    never any stock in SA, damn

  • OOS

  • +2

    OOS Melbourne

  • +2

    FYI, no stock in NSW, TAS and QLD either, seems to have stock in WA only.

    • Thanks, I'll update the title with the WA tag.

    • Stock in Qld for me.

      • +1

        My bad, I meant NT, I forgot to check QLD but my fingers were thinking otherwise :-(

        • I'm in South East Qld and no stock from when you first posted up the info about the stock

          • @BilboBargains: I'm in Brisbane and it says stock available?

            • @kiarod: This is weird, I'm pretty much in the middle between Brisbane and the gold coast..

              • @BilboBargains: I don't know mate, I type in 4000 and my postcode in north Brisbane, and both say stock available.

                • @kiarod: I sometimes fall under gold coast delivery area and same thing with warranty/repair agents. Maybe it has happened again.

  • +8

    Just buy the 83. Only an extra 5k

    • OOS :(

    • I remember when the 65's were 8k…No regrets.

      • Really that high? Wahhhh

  • +12

    +1 for LG taking the initiative to sell direct, bravo.

    • Exactly just goes to show how much retailers could sell it for..

    • Sony sells direct but at the same price as retailers… pretty sad really

      • +6

        It is but imagine the fuss the retailers would kick up if the supplier undercut them in the retail market.

        • +1

          Absolutely but in Australia pretty much all the big players charge exactly the same price. Especially for Sony TVs. So in the end, as a consumer, you find yourself in the hands of a cartel.

  • Any 77"?

    • 77" are OOS :(

  • Why is this model so much more popular than say OLED65A1PTA?

  • I bought this on the last deal. They delivered within 2 days, was pretty impressed

  • +3

    Thanks OP, I live in Perth and managed to snag a 55”. Upgrading from a standard Samsung 43” 4K so I’m excited for that Oled goodness

    • Same here :P I'm upgrading from a 43" 4k LCD TV. Was confused with the 55" and 65" models. In the end, just followed ozbarginer's advice and went with the 65" (now to figure out how to make room for it in my cozy living area).

  • Rarely in stock. Have never seen the 77 inch or 83 inch in stock at all.


    • Do you mean just on the LG website or most stores in general?

      • Oh the LG website - which is where you can use the 15% discount

  • Bummer! Spent too long looking into the C1 now it’s OOS how sad…anyone tried price match JB or TGG?

    • Tried both they couldn't price match.

      But I ended up buying from JB because they offered me extended warranty to 2027.

      Paid $3580.

      Worth to me because my 65" C8 died earlier this year out of warranty and LG repair agents quoted me 4k to fix. Never buying LG products without extended warranty again.

  • Noooo 65 inch is out of stock now… has the C1 been this price or lower before? Anyone reckon it'll go low again for Black Friday?

    • It has been this price earlier at JB.

    • Nvm, checked again and it's in stock for Perth. Ordered a 65in :)

  • Is it me or did LG replace the post-code stock checker button for a generic "stock alert" function now?

    • Edit: I think it changes to a stock alert function when it's completely out of stock nationwide, and the check by postcode option comes back when there is stock at least somewhere.

  • +1

    I cleaned my LG CX with a microfiber cloth as per their instructions, some of the anti reflective coating started coming off so I now have this weird smudge on the screen. LG standing fast that its considered damage and not covered under warranty.

    Funny how it hasn't happened on my Sony OLED when following the same instructions.

    Shame because its a great TV but I can't recommend LG any more due to their customer service (or lack there of)

  • -1

    I looked at getting this deal but ended up getting the TV from JB even though they couldn't price match because:

    I used to have a 65"C8 which died this year after me having owned it for 2.5 years. It was out of warranty but I still wanted to try get it fixed. Was told by LG repair agent that it would be $4k to fix…

    So buying the same TV from LG on a 1 year warranty seemed stupid.

    Contacted JB they said they couldn't price match because it was a member deal.

    I told them why I wanted to buy from them: they gave me extended warranty and delivery all together for $3580. I have warranty now till late 2027.

    So while JB can't drop the price to 3k I still think you should buy there if you can get the extended warranty.

    Sorry but LG products just don't last and their support is USELESS. Even if they have the best tech.

    • -1

      Wait till you deal with Sony Aust support, I thought they were one of the slowest and least helpful in the country :-p I am thinking of moving to the LG brand as they have high Canstarblue user satisfaction rating.

    • +1

      You will be covered by ACL though. Did you check with LG support for your C8 if it's a manufacturing defect then they might be able to repair/replace. Yep, extended warranties are only offered by retailers and not by LG :(

  • Does anyone know which courier LG ship the TV’s with?

    • I'm in Melbourne and was contacted by DHL

      • Okay cool , I ordered Sunday afternoon and haven’t heard anything about my order shipping yet so fingers crossed it is sent today!

  • I want g1 for $3400 will it happen again?

  • Yesterday I got one of these through this deal, and it's arriving tomorrow. I'm in central Melbourne - keep refreshing and checking your postcodes! There was a small window when they were in stock yesterday and as I type they are in stock in Melbourne right now.

    Even if it's OOS, keep checking it.

  • Ordered one just now! Sydney 2170 GO GO GO!

  • FYI.

    Back in stock for Melbourne metro

  • Awesome stuff, I just grabbed one for myself in Melbourne too.

  • Yep, back in stock 2113 (Ryde)

    I'm taking this, and going up to Macquarie Park and buying with +4 year extended 'support'. I hear random bad comments about LG support, and don't want to be spending 3K for 1-2 years of tv use…

    The deal I have with them so far is $3410.60 including +4 support… will see if I can do better when onsite.

    • just checked again, out of stock! keep refreshing! :)

  • +1

    Ordered 2 days ago and arrived today. Looks bloody amazing. Just be careful when setting up, the screen is ridiculously thin

  • Ordered two days ago, just arrived at my doorstep super excited!

  • +1

    Got JB to price match and then used 5% off gift cards to get it to $2.9k

    For those concerned about warranty and buying from JB vs LG direct refer to this from JBs website.


    • did you ask them to match the 15% extra off price on LG website which is $3039.6?

      • did price match $3039.60 at jb on Thursday 28/10.

        Very surprised that they matched it.

        Use part of gift card to get it just under 3k.

        Looks like LG has increased the price

        • Yeap I did the same. I got the extended warranty aka 'care' package for another couple hundred, which I thought was pretty good for piece of mind - basically insurance against fault after the 12 months. Some will say that's a rip-off etc, but I didn't fancy a $3000 piece of equipment lasting just 2-3 years or whatever…

          I could've sworn this thing came with a wall mount bracket, but alas no. That must be the G1 or something…

  • +1

    Just checked. $4,076 base price. Missed this one, unfortunately

    • Yes missed it too.

  • -1

    What is the historical low for this TV?

  • so happy and glad I pulled the trigger at $3039 delivered, clickfrenzy has seen the price hike up back to $3995 at most retailers…doing black friday will even come back close to the low $3k mark!

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