Trust Fexit 180 Fexofenadine Hydrochloride 180mg 200 Tablets $45.99 Delivered Express Post @ PharmacySavings


Hi Ozbargainers,

With lock downs a thing of the past and the greater majority of us back to work we've had a mad rush of generic Telfast (Fexofenadine 180mg). Anyway I've ordered pallets of stock and have been burning through it at a rate of speed - Before I place another order on Monday morning I am clearing the balance via Ozbargain tonight.

100x Tabs = $20.99 (delivered via smail mail, flat pack, currently around 10-15 working days delivery average, faster to SA, WA, QLD)
200x Tabs = $45.99 EXPRESS POST - select free post at checkout I will post express with tracking (valid only for this deal while stocks last)
300x Tabs = $64.99 EXPRESS POST - select free post at checkout I will post express with tracking (valid only for this deal while stocks last)
400x Tabs = $79.99 EXPRESS POST - select free post at checkout I will post express with tracking (valid only for this deal while stocks last)

FEXIT 180 100 TAB PACKS - EXP: 01/2024

For the thousands of Ozbargainers who prefer Dr Reddys, I've again restocked this old chestnut:

Dr Reddy's - Hayfexo FEXOFENADINE HYDROCHLORIDE (Generic Telfast)
70 x HAYFEXO (Generic Telfast)
USE CODE: ozbargain (price will come down to $13.99)

140 x C-ZINE (Generic Zyrtec)
Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg Chemists' Own C-Zine (Zyrtec Generic)
140 Tablets (2x 70 Tabs)
CODE: TAKE9 (price will come down to $20.99 delivered)

PRICE: $13.99
CODE: Not required (i'm getting plenty of complaints about the codes being too hard to apply)

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    Hey rep,

    Thank you so much for keeping these deals going. Can I ask what's the difference between Fexit and HayFexo? I've tried both and they seem to have the same effect but there is clearly a price difference between them and I was wondering if there is a reason for that.

    Thanks again.

    • Brand difference only - traditionally Trust Fexit is a slightly dearer product - both products contain 180mg Fexofenadine Hydrochloride.

  • Decisions decisions.
    70x Dr Reddy for $14 with slow delivery or a massive box of Trust for more per tab but fast delivery.

    • +2

      The eyes 👀 have it, if they are itchy

      • Atm I've got generic Trust Zyrtec which works only about 50% of the time which I'm assuming is the active ingredient not the brand to blame but still.. hard to cough up $46 for 200 tabs of Trust compared to $14 for 70, might be worth a few days of suffering while waiting for snail mail XD

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    Great seller. Fast delivery. A+++

    • +9

      Haha. Your feedback sounds like an eBay feedback

  • +3

    If anyone's wondering about the "legitness", bought before, buying again, does the same job (at least as far as I can tell) as Zyrtec* does for me

  • Hi Rep, is there a generic Desonex (Desloratadine 5m) available in the market?

  • Should I be concerned that my previous order on 10/10 still being shipped?

    • Drop a PM with your order details, keep in mind delivery is 10-15 (average) working days to NSW and VIC unless shipped express ATM

  • Just ordered some more C-Zine, the bottlebrushes are looking very annoying this year….

  • +3

    Just want to say thank you for consistently offering amazing prices for antihistamines - definitely helping the wallet and our hay-fever fits.

  • Are there any other brands that people are using, none of these have worked for me over the past month and a bit

  • Perfect, just about to run out of Hayfexo

  • Thank you. My Hayfexo supply is nearly depleted.

  • What's the difference with Dr Reddy's?

    Zyrtec works for me when I feel it coming on but if I'm too late then I'm done. Zyrtec is the only tablet I've tried that works for me.

    I'm wanting to try take a tablet every morning to avoid running the gauntlet. Any recommendations? Was just going to go thy Telfast 200 pack.

    • No real difference, just a 70pk of Telfast instead of a 200pk. That said, I originally bought Dr Reddy's and it worked great easily digestible no weird texture etc so it's personal choice.

      Have you tried Telfast/Xergic before? This is the highest dosage too (Telfast 60 and 120 are the others, while this is 180)

  • -3

    if anyone suffers from hayfever, I suggest you to look for Ebastine tablets. They are not sold in Australia, for some effd up reason, and are a game changer, they are zero drownsy (while Telfast and similar are , even though they are advertised as being not) and much much more effective in reducing hayfever symptoms.
    Not easy to find, but if you do, buy them.

    • An alternative would be levocabastine nasal spray or eye drops (brand name Livostin) which is very effective at preventing the symptoms of hayfever in the nose or eye respectively, and has zero drowsiness.

    • I buy Telfast non drowsy and never gotten tired from them.

      • I think it's changes prom person to person I guess, I bought these Fexit for to my partner and she can't take them when she needs to study because she feels tired and sleepy when she take them, even though they are advertised as non-drowsy. Since I found Ebastine for her she said not only she has zero drowsiness, but also the effect lasts for much longer and is much more effective in reducing hayfever. If you google fexofenadine vs ebastine on google you'll find several studies supporting this - such as this one

  • I usually chop the 180mg tablets in half unless it's a really bad day that needs 180mg, this way a whole 70x box lasts me for the whole of spring and even have some left over for next year

    • I often need two 180mg in the morning, with a follow up one more later in the day. My wife requires similar. I don’t know if this is because the local triggers are stronger, or our body responses are different.

      • or maybe your body has gotten used to the tabs? I remember I started with zyrtec then that stopped working, changing to nasal spray, that stopped working, now telfast seem to be holding up so far. Also another weird thing is I only get hay fever in Perth, living in Canberra and Sydney for couple of years and never got it there.

        • My past experience, and advice received, re nasal sprays such as Rhinocort is that they are a preventative rather than a treatment. Ie you have to use them daily in case you get a hayfever attack, rather than taking a tablet for an actual attack.

          • @BigBirdy: advice from whom?

            not necessarily true, though prevention is always better than cure/treatment - besides researching online, such as via the links that i've provided, ask an allergist/immunologist

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      Username checks out

  • Whats the use by date on the Fexo?

  • Hi rep, just what I was looking for. Any generic brand little blue Viag?

  • Thanks for the ivermectin onthe last deal worked great

  • So as soon as people go back to their miserable life of working to buy things that won't make them happy they start reaching for the pills?

    • +3

      Just had to check you weren't a troll lol

      Yes as I go back to having to go outside and interact, I find hayfever meds helpful in suppressing symptoms. Unless you would rather passing by a lot of people sneezing, coughing, blowing their nose a lot? You'd probably think they have COVID lmao.

    • I take these pills so I get less dots on my brain, thanks for asking.

      And since serotonin can come in pill form, I suggest you take one :)

  • I’ve always had good service from Jason, thanks mate

  • tx man - I ordered 3x70=210 Dr Reddy's for just under $42 like 20c each -

    as more and cheaper than Trust 200 for $46 like 23c each

    yeah fexo is the only stuff that works for milady with her allergies - hope the expiry date is also good like 01/2024 ?

    we have a full box from last time so don't need the urgent delivery time - I selected sms tracking notifications so fingers crossed

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    Fexit 180 did not work for me at all no matter how many I took. Demazin worked great

  • Anyone get their express post pills yet? Ordered Monday nothing yet besides generic aupost tracking lodgement

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      Got my shipment today lol

  • Thanks again Op. There are not many options in Darwin to shop around for medical stuff. It's either CWH or Amcal now. Is there any chance you could get kids (I have a1yo) generical Panadol and Ibuprofen liquids?

  • +1

    Got my Loratadine just now - I did enjoy the creativity to fit everything in the envelope :)

    Many thanks :D

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