Lodge Wildlife Cast Iron Pots & Pans 5pc Set $159.98 Delivered @ Costco (Costco Membership Required)


Found this Lodge Wildlife Cast Iron Pots & Pans 5pc Set for sales at Costco website. May be a good timing to get one for BBQ or camping trip.

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  • Why the cast iron Dutch oven isn't thier normal one is really irritating. Makes it only useful for camping!

    "5pce" is slightly misleading too haha. 3 pots/pans, 1 lid, 1…stand?

    Quite like them otherwise! Pots and pans with some interest =)

    • They are intended for camping. The big pot looks similar to the ones South Africans use. You put it directly on the coals. The stand looks super useful as well, it has 4 functions. It’s unreasonable to be irritated that a camping cooking set doesn’t suit stovetop cooking completely. I think it’s awesome.

    • It'd probably still work on a gas stove.

      Or you could remove the legs if you were so inclined. An angle grinder would make short work of it, but you could do it with hand tools too.

  • What's the reasoning behind these super heavy things being good for camping? Is it because they can take a beating?

    • +2

      unlike teflon or aluminium, with cast iron you don’t need to worry about temperatures wrecking the non stick or temperatures melting the aluminium.

      • +2

        Yeah the photo of the pans laying in the dirt up against a rock looks just like my kitchen too.

        • Yeh I guess marketing stills can seem really prescriptive. My gran would only use cast iron for cooking and she never cared for camping.

          I know she would've taken all her most decorative cookware if she ever made it to a campsite.

    • It is versatile and heavy duty. repairable with a bit of elbow grease

      Also, majority of kitchen cooking pans are only designed for kitchen stoves. You will ruin them on direct flames or coals like that. (or require a bit of work to repair)

      Cast iron is very versatile (bake, sear, fry, boil etc), retains heat well and handles most heat sources

      Don't forget cast iron is the original metal cookware before we had gas , electric, induction stoves

    • Doubles as a weapon to beat off bears and mountain men.

      Saw a Tshirt once that said "paddle faster, I can hear banjos".

  • Can't unsee the face on the middle pan lid.

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