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Panasonic Eneloop Pro Batteries AA/AAA 4pk $17.49 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA / AAA rechargeable 4 Pack Made in Japan



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    Why is this a bargain?

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      Because ShoppingSquare rep told him to post it.

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      It's not (see here). It's just their usual sh!tposting every month and nothing more than a price cycle change. They'll be back to this price again before you it.

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        Doesn't that apply to every "deal" from Colesworths?

        • I personally wouldn't classify them as being the same, mostly because their half price deals aren't always the same. These guys spam the feed with the same Eneloop "deal" all the time.

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    Needs to be free shipping @ this price = bargain

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    This is not a Bargain…..

  • Forgive me but the https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658127 previous deal for the same batteries at $19.95 got 169 upvotes. This is cheaper but people are saying it's not a bargain. What am I missing?

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      S&S discount and free shipping with Prime makes that a better deal.

      • Delivery for me in Sydney is only $2.99 to be fair, which makes this cost $20.50 which aint bad at all

        edit: delivery for 2 packs is $4 and 3 packs is $6.

        So yeah, works out pretty good, 3 packs delivered for $58~

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      Mostly because they post the same garbage posts almost every month. Case and point. It's a regular price cycle change… nothing more, nothing less.

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    Seems to be same price or lower including delivery from AMZ if you want to help Bezos go to space in the phallic rocket?


  • Can I use a cheap EBL charger to charge this batteries?

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    Not a bargain, and their checkout is a nightmare

    Just grab them from Amazon

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    Cheap charger for this eneloop batteries please. Not going to buy expensive one again.

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      Do you know the chargers are reusable?

      • Of course it’s reusable unless it’s broken like mine.. not charging at all. Maha c9000.

  • Just checked "Hide deals from store ShoppingSquare" and "Hide posts from user nocure" as he always posted crappy deals.

    • You might want to also hide danilochan then. I might do the same…

      Although, I do like to tap in to their posts and highlight an earlier comment I made last month that showed exactly how often they post the same crappy deal. They negged me in other comments, but whatevs. They'll probably neg this comment also haha

  • -1

    I paid $33.95 shipped for 8 pack Eneloop from the other deal posted here on Amazon. How is this a deal?

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