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Panasonic Eneloop Pro 4pk AA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries $19.98 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


Free shipping for Sydney and Melbourne metro Customers. More words

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    Not a deal. This is basically their new "regular" price. They often sell at $17.48 and then again at $19.98.

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      $17.48 might only happened once every half year. During EOFY and Christmas. (No guarantee)

      It would be a very good deal when this price happen again.

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        Care to try that one again? Every couple of months more like it. These posts are just advertisements really.

        13 Jun 2020 - $17.49 + Delivery
        13 Jul 2020 - $17.48 + Delivery
        21 Sep 2020 - $17.48 + Delivery
        24 Nov 2020 - $19.98 Delivered
        20 Dec 2020 - $17.48 + Delivery
        19 Jan 2021 - $17.48 + Delivery
        17 Feb 2021 - $17.48 + Delivery
        9 Apr 2021 - $17.48 + Delivery
        1 Jun 2021 - $18.45 + $1 Delivery
        7 July 2021 - $17.48 + Delivery
        5 Aug 2021 - $19.98 Delivered

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          If we have stock left over from Christmas/EOFY deal $17.48, we will try to offer the deal to customer once again until stock finished.

          We will try our best to make the deal be the best bargain on the market.

          As it beat most of the popular deal on ozb.

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          Best on Ground goes to KangaDrew for calling out crappy deals!

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          My comment still stands. This is basically your regular price and it doesn't "only happen once every half year" so it's not really a deal.

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            @KangaDrew: Half year deal is offered from supplier to dealer. Once the stock finished, the deal is finished. as dealer cannot even get it at that price again regularly.

            • @danilochan: I just bought them from Amazon for $1 more shipped..

              Your website and checkout is a nightmare

              • @Sh3nanigans: Thanks for your feedback, we will try our best to make improvement.

  • Heaven! Gimme a car with Panasonic cells!!

  • anyone know if you can use the ikea ladda charger to charge these?

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      May not be the answer you look for but I charge ikea ladda and all other battery I have with Litokala Li charger.

      • good enough for me, thanks!

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          I read somewhere that you should try to charge your batteries between 0.5C to 1C. That is, if you have 2500mAh batteries, you should charge them with a current of between 1250mA to 2500mA.

          Others say to charge it slow as possible. Which is probably what most of the standard chargers do, around 400mA to 500mA.

          No idea how much it actually affects battery longevity/performance though, so for me as long as it charges it, it works.

  • Are these Japanese ones ?

    • Australian stock, Made in Japan

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    Just tried to purchase and the checkout is a nightmare.. Also wants to charge $2.95 shipping and handling.

    I want my 10 minutes back

    • It should be $1.95 s&h and free for Mel/Syd
      if you can PM me with the postcode, I may help to check.

      • Already grabbed them from Amazon.

        Thanks anyway

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    What kind of deceiving dodgy website design is this?!

    I test added the batteries to my cart and it automatically added a $20 charger as well. Wtf?!

    Going back to the main page i can see there is a drop down box which automatically prefills with the charger.

    Great way to deceive your customers, youve definitely lost one here and ill make sure to remind everyone else anytime you post on ozbargain!