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Panasonic Eneloop Pro Batteries AA/AAA 4pk $17.48 + Delivery @ Shopping Square


The popular Panasonic Eneloop Pro deal is back.

4x AA
4x AAA

  • Australian Stock
  • Item is shipped from Sydney.warehouse
  • 50% Off shipping Discount for each additional Unit


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  • If you're handy to an Ikea, pickup their Ladda batteries which numerous people, with more experience than me, suggest are the same as these.

    • Combine with new ikea family member too and the $10 off voucher for a second pack.

    • Massive ladda fan here but the price saving is slowly decreasing. Soon I'll probably just go with eneloop pros

      • Are you using the $10 code?

        I've bought a heap of AAAs for indoor sensor lights and think it's a steal.

        • It's a bit of a hassle to drive to the nearest IKEA, traverse the maze to get some batteries… it ends up becoming a day out.

          I did it a few times each time a $10 voucher landed in my inbox, except when there was a travel restriction.

          I figured I'd give delivery a go more recently. I bought some AAAs for $2.99 + $9 delivery back on 12th October 2020. It was prepared and picked up a month later on 11th November 2020. Toll then delivered it the next day on the 12th November 2020. It would've been nice if there were updates from IKEA about the nominated delivery date being missed etc. Similar to how Kogan says stuff has been Delayed.

          "Is there a problem with my order? It hasn't shipped in a few weeks."

          "I am sorry to hear about your disappointment with our parcel delivery service. As per our Parcel Delivery Terms and Conditions, the date selected at the time of checkout is only a nominated date. It is not guaranteed. Delivery is expected between 12/11/20 - 19/11/20."

    • Make sure to check the capacity - they seem to have two different types of each AA and AAA

    • The problem is that IKEA's tend to be in the middle of nowhere - so it's not worth going there for some batteries. This is how I end up with the Aldi batteries which aren't as good.

      • You're doing it wrong, go there for the food! Also grab some cinnamon swirls on the way out

        • The cinnamon buns are so good but so bad at the same time. Good if they're fresh and crunchy, though. Most of the time I get them soggy. Still good though.

        • Their vegetarian hotdogs are amazing… Honestly Bunnings have to lift their game

          • @Perrino: Never had a bunnings sausage sizzle. Do they serve vegetarian sausages there too or is it always beef?

          • @Perrino: Wait, I am pretty sure the bunnings sizzles are brought by the organisation hosting it. Atleast that was the case when I joined our local club doing it.

            So, how

        • Meatballs were sold out last time T_T

          My local IKEA was listed on the DHHS website as a covid hot spot two weeks ago. :-/

          IKEA is sharing a COVID-19 update.
          5 January at 12:06 ·
          Hej Customers,

          We have been advised that two persons with COVID-19 visited the IKEA Springvale store on 30 December 2020 between 4.00pm and 6:30 pm and dined in the restaurant at IKEA Springvale between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm.
          This information replaces all previous information shared about a person with COVID-19 that visited the IKEA Springvale store on 29 December 2020 between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm.

          The advice from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services is:

          For customers, co-workers and service providers that visited the restaurant at IKEA Springvale between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm on 30 December 2020, get tested immediately and quarantine for 14 days from the exposure.

          For customers, co-workers and service providers that visited IKEA Springvale store between 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm, but did not visit the restaurant, get tested immediately and quarantine until a negative result is received.

          More information can be found: https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus

          The IKEA Springvale store will temporarily be closed to customers. Customers are still able to shop at IKEA.com.au. We look forward to welcoming customers back to IKEA Springvale.

          Thank me later..

        • The nearest IKEA is at least 30 minutes away. No amount of cheap mass produced food is worth spending an hour in the car.

  • I’m just here for the Ladda comments.

  • Yada Yada Ladda

  • can someone please let me know if it is okay to recharge Ladda batteries with the eneloop charger?

    • It's fine as long as they're pointed the right way.

      • Thanks :D

      • any recommendation for ozbargain certified charger?

        • Depends what type of batteries you want to charge.

          Liitokala is a good value brand. I've got the Lii 500 which has been good. It can charge the lesser known ones too like 18650s.

          Around $20-25 on aliexpress but other models are cheaper. I saved a couple bucks by reusing an external hard drive power supply.

        • MiBoxer C4-12 Plus. I hate MAHA C9000 it won't charge old cells without me swap cells fooling it.

        • ozbargain certified charger

          One of the three old ones you already have hiding around your house?

  • I've been looking at buying 8x AAA's, these guys were the cheapest I could find @ $41.70 delivered, - 5% more with CW gift cards

  • Do these work in the normal eneloop charger?

  • Came here just to say Ladda. As did others. Good day.

  • Could somebody please educate me on why these are so good? I see them all over the place and I know a bit about lithium-ion batteries, but my knowledge of AAs and AAAs is abysmal. Thanks in advance!

    • Eneloop Pro batteries are the gold standard when it comes to the following four things in the very same package: high capacity, low internal resistance, low self-discharge and long cycle life.

      Standard (made in Japan) Eneloops trade some capacity for even lower self-discharge and even longer cycle life.

      These days there are other NiMH batteries on the market with similar characteristics, but none that have been studied and analyzed and purposefully abused so much (for the sake of testing performance claims) by so many professionals and enthusiasts from all walks of life for more than a decade and a half. Eneloops generally always come out looking good. They are a known quantity so they are a safe and a smart buy for anyone who needs decent performance.

      Some basic demystification for the uninitiated:

      Capacity = the total amount of energy that you can get out of a battery
      Internal Resistance = determines how much energy you can pull out of a battery in a short period of time without causing significant voltage drops — batteries with high internal resistance might fail to power certain high drain devices in an acceptable manner, or at all
      Self discharge = how well the battery maintains it's Capacity over time
      Cycle life = how many times you can charge and discharge the battery (use it) before its performance characteristics begin to degrade significantly

      • Qualify this with Made in Japan E" "neloops generally always come out looking good" to make it specific, the point that cainn has hinted at. The Made in China Eneloops are problematic at best.

        Aside - waiting for a special on the non-Pros AAA as I want that roughly 4 times better recycling factor over the added grunt.

        Pity Ikea stores are so far away for me.

      • Thanks for the comprehensive reply! All the best to you

      • Ahh cainn, you've done it again!

  • I'm over eneloop. There are other alternatives out there and much better AND cheaper

    • Like what?

    • Do you want something that Ladda’s up?

    • Cheaper, yes. Better? No. There is strong evidence to suggest that every single NiMH battery that performs as well as a genuine made in Japan Eneloop is made in exactly the same factory to exactly the same specifications by FDK Corporation (who makes MIJ Eneloops for Panasonic).

      Also you need to take care when using "Eneloop" as a general term. Specificity is important. Eneloop Lite? Made in China Eneloops? Made in Japan Eneloops? Eneloop Pro? If you're not careful to compare equivalent products you're going to reach wrong conclusions about performance.

      Eneloops are also some of the most faked batteries on the planet and the fakes can be very cosmetically convincing, but the performance just wont be there.

  • Has anyone tried the "EBL" branded batteries on Amazon? Supposedly higher capacity and also hold decent charge with time.

  • Why does nobody ever mention these?
    Are they bad?