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Eneloop Pro AA Battery 4 Pk $19.95/$17.96 S&S or 8 Pk $33.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Just bought the 8 pack: https://www.amazon.com.au/Panasonic-AA-Ni-MH-High-Capacity/d...

Great price on AA Eneloop Pro.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Not bad!
    Just picked up my TEDs lockdown order for the 8 pack!

    • I need to pick mine up as well, did you get a confirmation that it’s ready? Mine was “too many orders, we will reorder etc” since then haven’t heard or got any email.

      • Yeah mine is the same, maybe over two months now. Should I call them?

        • sh*t
          i forgot about this!!

          i just checked…thats the last email i got too

    • What's this TEDs lockdown order? Is it too late to get one now?

      • It was $20 for 8 pro loops.

        All stores were closed so to save postage, everyone did click and collect

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    in for IKEA battery comment

    • in before


  • Is this a better deal than Ikea batteries?

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    @IKEA 4 x 1900 are $7 and 4 x 2450 are $10
    Not sure how it compares with

    • These are definitely better for drainy use cases

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        But the old evidence is they are pretty much the same thing, same factory. Where is the evidence that these are better at high drain uses vs the to IKEA 2450s?

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        What would define a high drain device? Xbox controller? auto sensing LED light in bathroom?

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          electric mouse/rat traps

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      If you need the larger capacity then yes these, otherwise IKEA Ladda is much better value coz they're made from the same factory in Japan


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        The ikea is clearly better value. Why do these eneloops still get posted as a deal?

      • This gets posted often but I'm yet to see some actually comparison that they're identical cells.

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    Had no idea I was going to wake up today and buy a pack of batteries first thing in the morning.

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      On the contrary, I dream of Eneloops.

    • I just popped my eneloop cherry.. now I won't be able to stop

  • I've bought a set because my old sanyo eneloops are getting short on max capacity.. Can I still use the same charger (Sanyo Ni-MH) to charge these? I Imagine I can.

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    Any recommended chargers to go with this ?

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      I use the XTAR VC4

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        Thanks, that was helpful. Ended up getting the MC4s for the USB-C and I really don't need to know all that much details about my batteries >_>

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      I use Maha Powerex C800S

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      Liitokala Lii-M4
      - USB C
      - Charge and Test (Discharge) modes

      • I use this but can only do 1500mAH charges with 2 batteries at a time.
        Do others support 4 ?

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          I think 2 * 1000mah or 4 * 500mah.
          Other chargers that use AC power can do a bit more.. Though with 18650 I think it's better to charge slowly.

  • Would this be better than eneloop. Little cheaper and a little higher capacity

    EBL AA Batteries Precharged 2800mAh High Capacity Ni-MH AA Rechargeable Batteries Pack of 8 https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00HSHLC82/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

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      Higher capacity NiMH tend to be less stable - so it is 2800mAH out of the factory but has higher self-discharge and internal resistance builds up more quickly with battery cycles. Eneloop Pro 2450 seems to be about the sweet spot.

      There are a few reviews online and a few different threads at BLF. Here is one of them: https://budgetlightforum.com/node/70957

  • $33.95 looks like the nion-S&S price for the 8 pack?

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      Noticed that too. Is there a S&S option on these?

    • Post title has been updated.

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    Is anyone able to recommend a charger for these? Bit of a noob here! Can't even find the Eneloop Smart Charger (can't differentiate the basic and the smart from Amazon)

    • AU $10.90 50%OFF | LiitoKala Lii-100 lii-202 Lii-402 18650 Battery Charger For 26650 16340 RCR123 14500 LiFePO4 1.2V Ni-MH Ni-Cd smart

      Get one of these they are really good

  • Need advice from Eneloop pros. Can I charge those with a EBL 8 Bay Smart Battery Charger ?

  • So these have larger capacity (last longer per recharge), but will lose overall capacity faster than regular Eneloops right?

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    Got bored at work and decided to create a simple comparison between IKEA and Eneloop from Amazon, hope this helps you making the right decision :D

    Brand Type Capacity # Batteries Per Pack Total Price ($) Price per battery ($) Price per battery per mAh ($) Link
    Ikea AA 1900 4 7.00 1.75 0.0009 Here
    Eneloop Pro AA 2550 8 33.95** 4.24 0.0017 Here
    Eneloop Pro AA 2550 4 19.95** 4.99 0.0020 Here
    Ikea AAA 900 4 8.00 2.00 0.0022 Here
    Ikea AAA 750 4 7.00 1.75 0.0023 Here
    Eneloop AAA 800 4 14.95** 3.74 0.0047 Here

    ** Price excluding Amazon delivery
    At a glance, IKEA battery still winning in terms of price per battery per mAH, although you would need to recharge it more often due to the lower capacity per battery.

    Ps: I am puzzled why people like markdown, as creating a table in markdown is hard…thank God for the conversion

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      The Ikea Ladda 2450 is a better comparison to the Eneloop Pro - $12 for 4.

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        argh…good spot; totally forgot about this…ah…I wish I can edit the existing post…

        Updated matrix: here

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          For anyone who doesn't want to do the math, that works out to 0.0012 $/mAh.

    • MVP

  • How are these compared to the rechargeable Varta at bunnings? 2100MhA. They are for 13.5$

  • Thanks Bags,
    Got the 4 pack for $4.95 delivered with the prime15 promo.

  • Would these work well for VR controllers?
    I read that the larger capacity means the battery is slightly thicker, and the 1.2v sometimes causes issues.

  • Who needs a recurring order using subscribe and save for rechargeable batteries?

    Great that it's an option for the 10% off but just found that odd, especially with the most common recurring order frequency being 3 months.

  • Thanks for posting. Any one recommend amazon prime for $6.99 a month for free/expedited shipping? I have been maybe ordering 2-3 items at month from amazon give or take. I have no interest in the amazon video or music services. Purely delivery for expedited. These batteries are $5.99 alone for shipping.

  • FOMO bought the 8 pack, t-thanks OP.

  • Can someone advise me what are the best use cases for using rechargeable batteries? I have bought cheap ones from Ikea yesterday (Both AA and AAA size) only for remote control and my wireless keyboard. However, I wanted to understand others perspective on their common usage of rechargeable batteries. Sorry for this question, but I appreciate your response on this.

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