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Seagate Exos X18 16TB Enterprise HDD (CMR, 7200 RPM) $511.83 Shipped @ Amazon US via AU


This is bit better disk as compare to X16 and cheaper as well. here is the data sheet for comparison. https://www.seagate.com/files/www-content/datasheets/pdfs/ex...

Locally in Australia it is still more than $800.

There are two different versions of this drive diffrence is not much. Usally X16 is cheaper but this price is better than X16 drive. X16 been cheper before Here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/657510.

There is quite a bit discussion there as well that might answer some of your questions

Exos x16 has a write speed of 440 IOPS vs X18 550 IOPS

Exos x16 draws up to 5.0 watts of power to function vs X18 5.3 Watts

Exos x16 has a slightly lower noise production than the Exos x18.

Digital storage capacity 16 TB
Hard disk interface Serial ATA
Brand Seagate
Connectivity technology SATA
Special feature Seagate Secure
Hard disk form factor 3.5 Inches
Hard disk size 16 TB
Form factor 3.5 inches
Item weight 1.48 Pounds
Hard disk description Mechanical Hard Disk

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    What's the warranty process if drive fails?

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    i can't remember where i read it, but i was with the understanding that seagate australia doesn't honor (or doesn't completely honor) their warranty when purchasing from Amazon as it usually means it's come from an overseas amazon site.

    Look it up before purchasing.

    • I feel like this is against Australian Consumer Law but I'm no lawyer

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        ACL would only apply against the retailer (Amazon) in this case. It would have nothing to do with Seagate or their warranties.

  • These are enterprise level drives have 5 years warranty through Seagate’s website. I would still confirm with seagate though. This is comming from US but you are buying it through Amazon Australia, so I think Seagate should honor the warranty.

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      just did some quick reading up on this. Apparently it comes down to if this allocation of drives are OEM allocation or retail allocation.
      If retail allocation, yes you get the full 5 years warranty.
      If OEM allocation, No, Seagate doesn't need to honor the full warranty

      How to determine if it's retail allocation or OEM allocation? no idea.

      • I purchased one of these drives a few months ago from Technology Titans via Amazon AU. Wasn't sure either on warranty, and after receiving and putting the serial number into Seagate Warranty checker it shows it has warranty. Strangely the date the warranty is valid to is November 2026, which was 5 years and a few months after I bought it. Assume this means it may have been a retail allocation.

        • I've done way too much reading on this for the past 3 weeks. The gist of it all, if you purchase this from Amazon AU via Amazon US/UK there is a high likelihood that it is an OEM drive which won't come with the 5 year warranty.

          Technology Titan seems to be an Australian reseller - must of lucked out!

          I've just decided to shuck the 12tb that were on sale recently due to the frustration of warranty vs no warranty.

  • FYI: I think this is a 3.5 Inch HDD, not 2.5" as in the description

  • Compare pricing cheaper here?

    USD $315.50 + $15.18 "in stock soon" comes to $330.18 USD excluding GST

    click through to checkout to see another $33.07 USD added as GST = $363.75 USD

    Comes to AUD $485.96

    *riskier - ships from Amazon US sold by serverpartdeals https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/seller/at-a-glance.html/ref=d...

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      Your link is for Exos X16 whereas OP has posted X18

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      Two difrent drives. the one you have linked is X16, The OP is X18. There is slight diffrence in proformance.

      Exos x16 has a write speed of 440 IOPS vs X18 550 IOPS

      Exos x16 draws up to 5.0 watts of power to function vs X18 5.3 Watts

      Exos x16 has a slightly lower noise production than the Exos x18.

      Other than this they are similler drives. Buying direct from USA is you choise.

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        Thanks for the concise differences summary

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      Server parts deals have some pretty good feedback on ebay, if it's worth getting, perhaps they'd ship it properly (and not just a bare drive in a box with a few air pillows I'm guessing - based on typical Amazon packaging)



  • How does this compare to the IronWolf Pro drives?

    • other than being slightly noisier, everything else better performance wise.

  • I heard they are noisy hence if this is a problem try Toshiba Enterprise perhaps

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      Sitting right next to (as in my leg is resting against the chassis) six X16 16TB drives in a NAS that's being used (I can hear the disks churning away) they are definitely not noisy. They are noisier than SSD, sure, because SSD is silent, but compared with many, many other HDDs I have owned and worked with these are definitely in the 'quiet' category IMO.

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        thats a lot of porn.

        • Heh not a single file of porn. Lots of VMs though - it's my home lab fileserver that my hypervisor connects to. Unfortunately I can't exactly splash out on a two-node cluster though, so a Xeon with ECC RDIMMs and RAIDZ2 sitting on a $4k double-conversion UPS will have to do. Next upgrade will be fibre channel, but I actually have less need for it these days as I'm working with larger and larger DCs and AzureAD, I barely have time to play with my own gear anymore.

      • If that’s the case I’ll get some

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