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Seagate Exos X16 16TB Enterprise HDD $462.00 Delivered @ Newegg AU


Pretty decent pricing on 16TB CMR Enterprise HDD with 5 year Seagate warranty. $28.875 per TB. New low for this drive I believe.

Checkout and add 10% off w/ promo code AUS8637 to bring $508.20 down to $462.00. (Not sure if promo code is tied to my account but it's showing on the product page)
Promo code expires 18/10/2021 23:59 PST.

If you're a new customer, apply for a $40 Newegg gift card for your next purchase: https://www.newegg.com/promotions/international/21-2156/inde...

Check previous deals for exhaustive commentary of drive reviews/failure rates and also Newegg warranty and return policies:

I'm a bit annoyed because I got the Toshiba 16TB for $512 from Newegg just last month but I can at least confirm the HDD comes in decent packaging and protection (2 boxes, air wraps, and tight bubble air wrap around the OEM drive package). Already surface tested my drive with no problems but I'm always worried when I'll need to send my drive back to Newegg.

IMO would always go with Amazon warranty certainty over Newegg if I had to do it again but I think this new pricing is worth considering.

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  • +3

    Save Old OEM drive that will have a hard time getting warranty for. This drive has been doing the rounds on OZbargain for weeks with this warranty issue.

    Lol at being in stock and a limit of 100 per customer! :D

    • +4

      Trying to decipher this sentence, it's hard to do a warranty claim on this drive?

      • +1

        Same old

        Rest makes sense.

        Yes you're right that's what he's saying.

  • this any good for storing large amounts of videos/pictures? have about 10TB worth of files and currently storing them in 5 separate hard drives. would this be a good option to store my files? how fast is this in terms of opening videos, opening pictures, moving files etc..?

    • +1

      Yes but buy 2 atleast for either mirrored raid or spanned to allow for drive failure

      • +2

        "spanned to allow for drive failure"


        • Presumably he means something like raid 5, where you have distributed parity amongst 3+ disks

      • +3

        You buy 3 then because mirrored raid needs backups.

    • Yes but you need to buy more than one, otherwise you'll lose everything when it dies and you have no backups.
      Get a second, and copy the first drive to it on a regular basis.

  • That was some crazy low prices for such drive, even for pre-crypto madness. I mean yes you get the same drive out of Seagate Expansion enclosures, but this comes with official warranty.

    • +1

      No it has OEM warranty

      • Well that kind of spoil the fun, isn’t it ;)

      • +5

        It actually has 90 day warranty according to neweggs policies, warranty periods on all products only apply for 90 days through newegg, ask me how I know, speak to newegg only 90 days jumps through hoops with asrock send to retailer please newegg no… Fairtrading 3 week wait for reply then newegg refunds me. That was on asrock enterprise motherboard. If you like jumping through hoops and waiting buy your products from newegg. They good for fans and cases but anything were warranty may play a part forget it.

        • +3

          That's a nope from me.

    • Not really a full warranty. Use the Newegg app to open this link and it shows OEM.

      • +5

        Correct. Read the Seagate warranty regarding OEM drives.

        Reddit posts saying warranty impossible to claim. Newegg useless.

    • I bought a 16tb expansion for $424 a year ago and I'll prob get this.

    • +2

      You have ACL rights.

      • +1

        Well, yes and no. It’s tricky.

        By the time they obey your consumer rights because you find a way to enforce it, it no longer worth it.

  • +6

    I bought one of these.. it’s currently on its way to new egg for RMA.
    It arrived dented and sounding like maracas

    • +1

      At least you can claim DOA. If these fail otherwise it will be very hard to get any warranty at all

      • +1

        Truth be told I’ve got 12 seagate/WD drives I’ve shucked over the last 3 years and not a one has failed.

        • +1

          Possibly thrown over your fence on delivery? I caught my Amazon delivery guy on camera tossing a package over my 2m fence onto concrete. Luckily not fragile

          • +1

            @Homerlovesbeer: That’s the weird thing it was packaged really well.. I think it even had styrofoam.
            Given the metal was DENTED, my guess is it was dropped before being packaged

    • Yikes, no thanks.

      Thanks for sharing

    • The sound is normal, these are enterprise drives so relatively fast but noisy.

  • does it take off?

  • +3

    If you're a new customer, apply for a $40 Newegg gift card for your next purchase

    It says here that minimum purchase is $550 AUD for a $55 AUD gift card, so buying this alone wouldn't be enough for it.

    • +2

      But when is one HDD ever enough?? Data hoarding is contagious lol

  • Chia community's having a mutany is it, they sabotaging each other it looks like.

  • I'm interested in buying this, any issues?

    • +1

      Yes, the lack of warranty beyond 90 days.

    • +2

      Being Australian and dealing with both Newegg then Seagate if anything goes wrong. Two of the worse for RMA's and refunds and that's with a full warranty which this does not have.

      It's really tempting but it's not worth it unless you know you will never have drive issues which you don't.

      • I thought Seagate Australia had great warranty service
        Western Digital had poor warranty (after two weeks from purchase). I may have that backwards..

        • +1

          I thought Seagate Australia had great warranty service

          They do - but this drive is from the US, so you can't use Seagate Australia.

    • No issues for me. Purchased one a few weeks ago.

  • How long did it take to arrive?

    • I bought one of these earlier this month and it arrived in 5 days. Paid extra for the quicker shipping though.

  • Amazon price match?

    • You need to trigger the wake word.

      Alexa, I think Newegg is a better store than Amazon since it has better deals.

  • +14

    Just had another Seagate drive from Amazon AU via US arrive and it failed every Seatools diagnostic. Wanted to RMA this one instead of refund it, but since AU wont RMA the US drives, I had to go through Seagate. That seemed easy enough but it ended up being a huge pain as a non-American consumer. Turns out my new drive also only had 9 months warranty on it despite it being brand new and Australians having a 3 year warranty. After more back and forth, they eventually "fixed" that adding a year and a half (still not the full warranty by law) then they gave me the hoops I needed to jump through for the actual RMA.

    No free return labels. You have to pay for it all yourself with tracking and follow their strict packing policies (anti-static wrap layers then bubble wrap layer then his then that and only vinyl tape etc.) despite their externals literally coming in a cheap plastic slip and cardboard. They can and do reject RMA claims often based on this alone.

    All up it would have cost me $60 with many weeks wait and also the possibility they wouldn't even honour it and just charge me a minimum 15% the cost of the drive and the postage to return the dead drive to me (Literally what their agent told me), so I just refunded this one through Amazon too.

    So that's the Seagate side and they're the good ones compared to Newegg who are often referred to as a nightmare for returns/refunds/RMA's. It's a good price for the drive but it's not worth it. Nothing against the OP, but I have to neg to warn others who may not be aware of the hell that may await them.

    TL;DR Despite the tempting price, having to go through Newegg first and then Seagate is far too much of a deterrent and should be for everyone.
    Even with our consumer laws, it will be a long frustrating battle at best if anything went wrong.

    • -10

      Why not just return it to Amazon for free? Seems like you gave yourself a headache for nothing.

      • +4

        I literally answered that in the first two sentences of my post which you clearly didn't read. I wanted the drive not a refund but Amazon don't RMA so I had to go through Seagate. At the end of my post, you would have learned that after dealing with Seagate and learning their stupid RMA process I didn't bother and just refunded through Amazon instead.

        • -7

          You can choose to get a replacement instead of refund though..?

          • +7

            @Schema: Yet another thing literally mentioned in the first two sentences of my post. Amazon AU don't do RMAs for items sold through them from Amazon US.
            Seriously, that's twice now. Either read the post or stop commenting.

          • +5

            @CoreJava: Insightful post there. So you're saying customers are creating their own problems when trying to get replacements for faulty items, manufacturers are not at fault and have no obligations and we should forget all consumer laws.

            Reading your post history, that's not actually your silliest comment.

  • Min amount for AUD is actually $550 for the $55 gift card

  • What is the difference between X16 and X18?
    X18 is $513 but no 10% discount

  • +6

    Never ever buying anything remotely expensive from newegg. Useless company with awful support. Be warned. It would have to be an insanely low price to even contemplate it again.

  • +1

    Waiting for the 14/16 Elements to go on sale again to this sort of level….

  • Was super tempted by this but this review killed it for me.


    'Now let's talk about the noise level. Oh boy, is this drive loud. I had to put it in another room because of it. Know that, whatever you do, if the drive is in the same room as you are, you will hear it. You can be sure of that. It can definitely ruin a calm movie if the drive is not far from you.'


    'Yes, I have almost a dozen of these, and they're noisy.'

    You can have a listen to it yourself in the second link.

  • +19

    I apologise for the subsequent long post, but this company - newegg - needs to be BANNED from trading in Australia.

    Their warranty is disgusting and so is their process.

    Here is an actual chat transcript about a debate I was having with them - the item was some RAM that was shipped from China.

    Not sure if it's just me and my expectations - i could be completely wrong here - but how can the return window (eg 30 days) commence, and finish, before I even receive the item?

    Sophia B. 01:13 PM PT
    Thank you for contacting Newegg. My name is Sophia.

    [ME] 01:15 PM PT
    As per above… order status says delivered when it’s not. It still has a couple of weeks until it reaches Australia from China. My issue is if newegg thinks it’s delivered now, my return window will be gone before I even get the item. Can you take a look please. Order xxxxxx

    Sophia B. 01:16 PM PT
    Would you please confirm the first and last name, billing address and phone number used for this order?

    [ME] 01:16 PM PT

    Sophia B. 01:17 PM PT
    Upon checking, I show the shipment was received by AUSTRALIA POST today and it should be delivered by them instead finally. You can allow 1-2 business days for any updates of the package or call your local post carrier for updates

    [ME] 01:17 PM PT
    No it’s not received by Australia post
    Please read the tracking carefully

    Sophia B. 01:18 PM PT

    [ME] 01:18 PM PT
    The shipping INFORMATION was received - the package manifest data was sent to Australia post who is the on-forwarder in the destination country
    That is not the same as the item being received
    Nor is it the same as the item being delivered to ME or my address
    Please track the package properly - not using newegg

    Sophia B. 01:20 PM PT
    What is your tracking link?

    [ME] 01:20 PM PT
    Use the tracking number in the order
    You can track it using 3rd party website or you can visit Australia post website and track it there as well

    Sophia B. 01:21 PM PT
    http://smartparcel.gotoubi.com/ It is dispatched. Please wait for more updates to be provided

    [ME] 01:22 PM PT
    I am waiting !! But I don’t want newegg saying my order is delivered. As my return window will be lost before I even get my item
    Are you understanding my issue …?

    Sophia B. 01:22 PM PT
    It is in transit now, yes. Please allow another 1-2 business days for the more tracking updates to be provided

    [ME] 01:22 PM PT
    So when does my return window start

    Sophia B. 01:23 PM PT
    From 9/27. You still have 29 days to request a return

    [ME] 01:23 PM PT
    How is that possible when my item won’t be received for almost 30 days
    Doesn’t the return window start from the delivery date

    Sophia B. 01:24 PM PT
    The return is from the invoice date for this order

    [ME] 01:25 PM PT
    Delivery time was quoted up to 28 business days
    How can the return window be finished before I even received it

    Sophia B. 01:28 PM PT
    The return period starts from the invoice date
    You can request a return within next 29 days

    [ME] 01:30 PM PT
    Thanks you have helped me so much in deciding not to ever purchase from newegg again

      • +12

        thanks for your enlightening comment! amazing.

        It's not nice to find out after you've bought an item, that the warranty you thought you were getting will not exist.

        So, maybe my post helps at least one person avoid the same mistake.

    • +1

      This is the gamble you pay (or don't pay in this case) for cheaper items.

      I myself will take the gamble and go for the cheaper price and if it does fail I'll probably write it off. In my experience of buying tech products for the last 20 years, I've only RMA one drive which was local warranty and this was also months of waiting. I had other components fail like memory sticks probably due to electrical surges but didn't bother as these were old tech by the time they did.

      If I had stuck to buying local just for the warranty I would have probably spent 25% more and PC parts.

      • +1

        As long as people are aware, then that’s fine - possibly illegal practices - but it’s their choice

        My post was to increase awareness - especially as I think many people would take the gamble thinking that they could fall back on the 30 day returns window

    • +4

      I've been through this exact thing with Newegg. Problem was the item was damaged and I couldn't do anything because the return window was closed (at that time it was only 2 weeks return window from payment). Took over a week of back and forth emails and finally threatening ACL before they relented and still would only give me a partial refund to replace the parts damaged. I've posted this a few times to warn people. Never buying from them again. Definitely buyer beware. I put them in the same category as Ali Express

      • finally threatening ACL

        Please correct me if I am wrong, but Neweggs' operations are not Aus based, they are USA based. So you as an Australian buying from a US based business are not covered by ACL, as you are not a "Consumer" you are deemed an "Importer". What's more, under Australian Law, Importer is deemed Manufacturer thus liable for any and all issues locally.

        • +3

          Newegg has an AU presence, with an AU version of their site and even charges in AUD. This means they're obligated under ACL no matter their location.

          Similar deal happened with Steam, and they were forced to follow ACL by the end.

          • -1

            @choosk: I wonder if the difference here is because it's digital content, thus you're not importing anything?

            The AU "version" and currency doesn't mean anything, but if they have a business presence here, that does. I can't see anything indicating they have an Au presence though.


            "If your seller is based overseas and writing to them doesn’t resolve your problem, try asking the consumer protection agency(link is external) in their country if it can help."

            So no ACL would apply, as you are deemed an importer, not consumer.

            • +1

              @snuke: There was a big crackdown of overseas retailers who weren't following ACL due to the fact that they're "not based in australia". The location doesn't matter anymore, it's whether or not they're selling product to australians officially through their site (not counting grey market sellers I guess).

              ASOS was one of these sites, even though they were based overseas, they were obligated to follow the ACL due to them simply being able to do business with australians, and selling to australians.

              • @choosk: The ACCC can rule however they like but unless there's an Australian presence to levy sanctions against or if the business plans on having an Australian presence, it's empty words.

          • +1

            @choosk: Don't forget they also collect the GST for the Australian government. That alone should make them accountable to the ACL

          • @choosk: They also have an Australian warehouse or at least that they use that they ship out of for us for certain products

            • @Monstalova: I say is probably drop shipping from an Australian warehouse owned by another company only for certain products.

              I don't think Newegg owns any actual Australian warehouse. That would make them having an actual physical Australian precense and so they have to abide by Australian warranty conditions.

      • Hey at least aliexpress cs is somewhat decent

  • Hey guys I have a $15 gift card for NewEgg I don't need.
    First person to comment can have it :)

    • I could use on this drive, thanks.

      • easy, will message you the details :)

  • It’s a pity the Amazon doesn’t come out with a similar price to this offer

  • I was just looking at the Toshiba drives on Newegg, still listing for $515 but they look awfully similar to the 14TB WD drives I own, turns out Toshiba was acquired by Hitachi which was acquired by WD so it would make sense.

  • All i want for Christmas are some cheap 10tb WDs

  • +1

    If anyone orders this product please update and review once you receive it

  • What about import duties? Is this included in pricing or will that be additional?

    • GST already calculated at checkout for you.

  • $60 shipping for regional nsw address :(

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