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Sennheiser HD 560S Open-Back Headphones $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Neutral (flat, not Harman) open back with better bass extension, treble extension and soundstage than the 600 series, and the best clarity yet from the 500 series (but not 600 series level). There's some minor treble spikes (to promote soundstage) that some can perceive as higher still due to how the drivers are angled.

These would be great open backs for gaming, pretty much any music genre (including EDM-based tracks, which normally lose a bit with open backs), but doesn't have quite as natural a presentation or timbre as the 600 series (particularly the HD 600 and the 650/6XX), and the 6XX is currently only $30 more. Imaging is notably better than the 600 series as well, without being the absolute best in the price bracket.

If you're keen on music and casual gaming, get the 6XX and an amp, if you're keen on competitive gaming and will never get a decent amp because you hate your ears and like to keep chasing a new headphone every 2-3 years, maybe get this instead.

More comparisons and information in the previous deal listings. Enjoy!

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  • +3

    "because you hate your ears"

    • This killed me. 😭😂
      Awesome description.
      I had the 6xx and really really needs an amp and wasn't practical for my use.
      (e.g. connecting to an Xbox one control, mobile phone etc)

  • I dont know if I should get this… Already have the X2HR and HD6xx

    • +2

      You should not. 6XX gives you timbre, X2HR gives your hit of imaging and soundstage, albeit more artificially than this.

      Look at genuine upgrades, or portable gear, etc. Upgrade the rest of your chain for the 6XX if you haven't already.

      • I bought the X2HR for gaming and not sure if this would make a massive different with hearing foot step in CS?

        • +1

          Not really no, what it does better is the texture, timbre, resolution and tonality of the sound. Imaging might be the same or slightly worse than the X2HR.

    • Only 2 headphones? Pffttt…means you need a few more.

  • Fantastic price, but if you want a do all set I moved on from these and the PC38x for gaming/music to the new 900 pro x from beyer. Yes they're abit more (369)but imo it's worth it, unless you really need that flat neutral sound from these.

    Worthy upgrade tbh, especially since they're so easy to drive (48 ohm) so you can run it on anything

    • I'm reading that they're an improvement from Beyer, but that's coming from the starting point of the DT990, which is troublesome. Interested to hear them though, see how much detail they bring to the table for the price.

  • +2

    I got these recently. They are decent but the treble hotness is a bit much for me and is often noticeable to the point of being distracting. I'll have to eq them if I keep them. I'm going to try the passive filter first, but have some active eq options if that doesn't work out.

    • Have you tried re-positioning where they rest relative to your ear? You should have wiggle room to move them forward, back, up and down, and some combination of these two planes should help you with slightly modifying the pinna interaction.

  • When it comes to headphones, you want to look at price, comfort and frequency response.

    This is one of those rare products which ticks every box.

    I can recommend this to everyone, almost without caveat.
    They’re 120ohm yet very efficient and will even run well from a Xbox controller or Dualsense.

    The one and only downside I can think of is the clamp force. It is a little higher than average and might annoy some people.

  • Only tangentially related through Sennheiser but I'm eyeing the 800s and 820 and seriously considering one or the other after a demo.

    Anyone like to throw advice or criticism my way?

    • 800S is fantastic value for what it does right, but it is a somewhat specific headphone and brings caveats because of its tonality. If you've got the music/audio collection for it, or you're chasing the most extreme point on the imaging/soundstage curve that I'd recommend as a value buy, it works but RAAL is cooking up a ribbon-based circumaural for release that might impress you.

      The 820 is a bit of a nightmare that few people truly enjoy. I would recommend trying the 2021 Audeze LCD-XC if you haven't already.

      If you're happy to pool the money for both together and then some, maybe even look into the LCD-5. And to be clear, the 2021 X & XC, Penrose/Mobius, the LCD-5 and maybe the CBRN are the only Audeze I'd recommend as their house sound typically makes for a dull tonality while it drives for a clean sound with extension.

      • +1

        That's a beautifully detailed answer and I thank you.

        • I feel like I left out a key detail though: consider the 800S a relaxed diffuse field (hence why people love it for competitive gaming and orchestral music).

          • +1

            @jasswolf: I would mostly use the 800s for orchestral or acoustic music, already having IEMs for EDM/IDM and preferring in ears for comfort when wearing 12 hours a day.

            Hmm…. Obviously I must demo and consider what you said about those other cans… But it's an interesting direction to explore.

            I wonder how long they'll keep the sale going… I'll ask!

            Thanks again for further input.

            ASIDE: not at all relevant to the OP but only to this thread…

            I have a scarlet 2i2, my intuition says I will need a better interface or a headphone amp to benefit from any of the cans you listed. Is this correct?

            I happen to have a topping d70 onhand as a loan, but this doesn't have headphone out. I'd need a headphone amp to go from the d70 to the 800s is that correct?

            If or when you get a chance I'd appreciate recommendations/insights

  • $250 at A2A too.

    • Their return policy comparatively sucks, and they don't do coupons, cashbacks, and gift cards.

      You're welcome to post the deal though!

      • Compared to Amazon I'd agree.

        But I'd also offer that the people at A2A have looked after me on a 1 week claim regarding a cable, and a 2.3 year claim regarding some IEMs that were replaced with a new model from the manufacturer. With A2A assistance.

        My experience only.

  • +1

    Showing as $292.63 for me.

    • Looks like they're out of stock! I've expired the deal.

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