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½ Price Connoisseur Ice Cream 1 Litre $5.50, 1000 Reward Points with $50 ASOS, TCN Him/Her/Restaurant Card @ Woolworths


Half price connoisseur ice cream 1 litre varieties at Woolworths from Wednesday.

Collect 1000 Everyday Rewards Points on ASOS, TCN Her, TCN Him & TCN Restaurant Gift Cards

Offer available from 27/10/21 to 2/11/21 on all denominations of pictured Gift Cards including TCN Cinema, TCN Pub & Bar, TCN Teen and TCN Holiday & Hotel Gift Cards, in Woolworths Supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks last. Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro. Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase. Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions. Limit of 10 cards per transaction.

Participating Retailers
The Her Card adidas, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Aveda, Booktopia, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Estee Lauder, Forever New, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Kookai, MAC, Nike, Platypus, Princess Polly, Seafolly, SHEIN, Showpo, Sportsgirl, SurfStitch, Tiger Mist, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Bianco, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique
The Him Card Academy Brand, adidas, Aquila, ASOS, Booktopia, Calibre, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Diesel, Drummond Golf, Edge Clothing, Foot Locker, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JB Sports, Neverland, Nike, Pivot, Platypus, Surf Dive n Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Universal Store, Van Heusen, Xbox
The Restaurant Card Use this gift card at restaurants that accept eftpos around Australia.

Also included from the fine print:

Participating Retailers
The Cinema Card Use this gift card at cinemas that accept eftpos around Australia
The Bar & Pub Card Use this gift card at pubs or bars that accept eftpos around Australia
The Teen Card adidas, ASOS, Beginning Boutique, Billabong, Calvin Klein, Culture Kings, Foot Locker, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Nike, NRLShop.com, Pivot, Platypus, Princess Polly, Quiksilver, Showpo, Strike, Surf Dive N Ski, SurfStitch, The AFL Store, Tommy Hilfiger, UGG Express, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique, Xbox
The Holiday & Hotel Card Book At Over 800,000 Hotels Around The World With The Holiday & Hotel Gift Card

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    Hey all, if you have questions about this upcoming gift card, please consult this FAQ page, as it may address your question!

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    Coles is doing 1/2 price Connoisseur ice creams, including some KoKo Black ice creams.

    • I had one of the Koko Black honeycomb ones, yesterday and it was, seriously, good.

    • Coles' "half-price" is always $7.50 these days, whereas Woolworths have a true "half price" of $5.50! I just bought 4 from Coles last week (total $30!!! vs $22). I wish I'd known Woolworths was going to do true half price, I would have waited.

      I'd buy everything from Woolworths if I could. They have far better produce quality. But they don't have my favorite peanut butter (well they have the brand, but not the size), and their delivery prices are horrendous compared to Coles ($12-14 compared to $2).

      • I don’t think they are claiming 1/2 price but, yes, their discount is less. However, I’ve found with Messina ice creams that Coles will do a, true, 1/2 price and Woollies only doesn’t 30%. It would be interesting to know the reasoning.

        • They used to call it half-price until, well, it wasn't anymore.

  • Two specials from the weekly catalogue? 🙄

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    Prices are keep going up, they used to be $5 1/2 price

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      used to be $4.5-4.75 few years back lol

    • The last increase was about 2 years ago https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/497165

    • if you look at he cost of cream over the past 3 years it has increased, though price of milk has stayed the same. seems more people are drinking full cream, regular milk, so less cream as a by product is lite milk production.

      this has impacted the price of my favourite dairy products, ice cream, butter and sour cream :-(

  • can you get apple cards from the him/her cards?

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      No, unless you are able to use the HIM/HER gift cards to buy an Apple gift card at JB Hi-Fi. However, it’s not clear if JB Hi-Fi permits you to do that.

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        they are treated as EFTPOS, just don't let the staff see your card(s) lol

        • If you add your TCN gift card to your mobile wallet and paid via your phone, I doubt it would raise that many suspicions.

  • Thanks OP !!! Any idea if there is any limit for reward points gained for TCN Gift cards ?

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      Limit of 10 cards per transaction (as per the T&Cs in the catalogue).

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      Gift card deals at Woolworths typically do not have a limit for the number of gift cards that will earn bonus points nor a limit for the maximum number of points that will be awarded per account (unless otherwise stated in the deal terms and conditions).

      However, do not go over the ten gift card per transaction limit, as you may not earn any bonus points on the 11th, 12th, etc gift card you purchase in that transaction. I think Woolworths’ checkouts limit you to ten gift cards per transaction anyway, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

      You may also find that some stores will limit the number of gift cards you can purchase in one transaction or in one day, because they’re worried that you may be a fraudster or may be falling victim to a scam.

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    If 1000 pts for $50, will it be 2000 pts for $100?

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      That’s usually the case with Woolworths. Not sure whether it is true for this deal though.

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        $30 Teen for 600 pts confirmed, good for someone who wants to cash out remaining points balance.

    • Scan at self checkout, it’ll show you straight away. Dump the cards and walk if if they don’t give The points

      • That is true, thanks.

    • I called the rewards program, they told me only $50 for 1000 points. hope they are wrong. i want some $100 cards

      • +1

        They’re likely to be wrong.

        When Woolworths had a 10x bonus points promotion for The Perfect EFTPOS gift card last month, their catalogue had a picture saying the $50 denomination was eligible to receive 500 bonus points, and the terms in the catalogue said the $50 denomination was the only denomination eligible.

        However, when I went to my local Woolworths, there was a poster saying that the 10x bonus points was eligible for all denominations.

        I’d suggest you do what @cloudy suggested and scan a $100 card at a self-service checkout to see the number of points you will be awarded if you proceed to purchase the gift card. If you’re at a Woolworths in NSW or the ACT, you may not be able to see the number of points you’ll earn on the payment screen, so the only evidence you may get of receiving any bonus points is if you get a pop-up message as soon as you go to the payment screen saying “Congratulations, you have saved $10 off a future shop!”

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    what does 1000 everyday rewards pts redeem for?

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        Its $5 per 1000 points.

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          Actually, I am wrong. It is 2000 points for $10.

  • Does anyone know if you can use one of these cards at Woolworths to purchase a JB hi Fi gift card (so that you can use it online?)

    They are really just EFTPOS cards right?

    • These are EFTPOS gift cards that have been programmed so they only work in-store at the participating retailers.

      However, if you buy TCN gift cards with JB Hi-Fi as a participating retailer, you can go onto the TCN website and exchange part or all of your TCN gift card balance for a digital JB Hi-Fi gift card, and then you can redeem an unlimited number of digital JB Hi-Fi gift cards on the JB Hi-Fi website. You can do this by:

      • Navigating to the relevant page for the gift card you have (e.g. HIM, HER, HOME)
      • Click on (or scroll down to) How to Use
      • From the drop-down list, select JB Hi-Fi
      • Click on the Online button to the right of the drop-down list
      • Read the instructions that pop up on the screen and click on Proceed
      • Follow the rest of the instructions!
      • is it a new thing due to covid lockdowns? coz few months ago we could not do this

        • +3

          When Coles sold the TCN gift cards at 15% off late last year, you could swap the HOME gift card for a JB Hi-Fi digital gift card.

          From memory, TCN started allowing you to swap HIM/HER/TEENS etc gift cards for JB Hi-Fi digital gift cards around April this year.

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            @WookieMonster: darn, thanks for the info, been missing out coz of covid and avoided TCN/JB 😂

    • You can swap for JB HF card on TCN website, select online use.

  • can I use Rewards Dollars to purchase these cards ;)?

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    Whats the best flavor ?

    • -1

      The vanilla caramel brownie was pretty nice, so is the original vanilla. There are quite a few other interesting and tasty-sounding options though.

    • belgian chocolate and the camarosa strawberry are the best of their type in the freezer section …..highest cocoa content for a 1 litre packaged product ….only other 500 ml brand come close ….at double the price.

  • Can I use Coles PrePaid MasterCard to buy above gift cards? Thanks

  • Just eating some of the coffee flavoured Connoisseur now from the 1/2 price at IGA special, delicious!

  • To best honest the INDULGE ICE CREAM from ALDI is just as good in my opinion. especially when comparing the Belgian Chocolate flavor. Only difference Cheaper $/item

    • might compare the cream and cocoa content of the products on next shopping trip.

  • Gingerbread and Butterscotch ice cream here I come 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • how many JB gift cards can be used per online order plz?

  • can the restaurant gift card be used at any food shop in Westfield? or dominos?

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      No one can say with certainty.

      Although the web page declares that you can "Use this gift card at restaurants that accept eftpos around Australia", in reality, it is not as clear cut as that.

      If you look at the gift card's terms and conditions, it says the following under clause 3:

      The Restaurant Gift Card works at venues that have designated the merchant category code Eating Places, Restaurants or Drinking Places.

      The card is not valid at will not work at venues outside of these merchant category codes .

      Specifically the card is not valid at venues that are designated by their merchant category code as Fast food or quick service restaurants.

      Gift cards are still subject to individual merchant acceptance and in accordance with these Terms & Conditions and any applicable law and subject always to the individual trading terms of each participating merchant.

      Basically, acceptance of this gift card is dependent on the merchant category code of the restaurant you are going to, and whether they will actually accept such a gift card.

      TCN publish a restaurant directory on the gift card page, but I have no idea how accurate it is.

      I have seen some people previously report this gift card works at McDonalds, but I wouldn't know whether that was due to McDonalds using one of the accepted merchant category codes, or a glitch on TCN's part.

      Honestly, the only way you're really going to find out is by purchasing a gift card and trying it at different restaurants.

  • Is there an issue with the TCN cards? Have been to 3 Woolies , no stock anywhere, so asked at 2 of them and they have said the cards are "recalled". Not sure what that means but same messaging from managers at both stores. Anybody else find these lately?

    • Maybe old batch? I bought some cards in the old batch style that does not include JB icon, but swapped for it without issue.

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