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[Pre Order] Google Pixel 6 Pro 128GB $1299 + Bonus Google Nest Audio @ Officeworks


Office works seem to be offering the Pixel 6 Pro 128GB in Black with a free Nest Audio valued at $129.

Works out to be a similar deal to the 10% discount that was offered a few days ago, if you were interested in buying a Nest Audio.


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  • How is this any different to just getting it off the Google store at normal rrp? Google gives you $150 credit

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      Aren't they sold out there?

      • no

      • Pre orders are back @ Google Store.

        • Delivery January 22?

          • @reactor-au: It says 1st December for me.

            • +1

              @Twix: I give up, it seems to change a lot

            • @Twix: 31 Dec for me. Bloody ages. I'm just here for the $150 and the Kayo (did the two offers stack?), if I see a better deal, I'm jumping ship.

          • @reactor-au: I just spoke to my local optus store and they have stock to sell now for $1298, dont think there is a bonus tho.

            • @Trip: Shocker considering one of my mates with Vodafone had his pushed out to mid December this morning. Availability is all over the place

      • They are all pre order

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      I've heard mixed reviews when people have issues with their phone trying to get their phone repaired/replaced by google.

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        I got a pixel 1 that I bought off FB market replaced by Google. Given it was a recently refurbished, but I didn't even have any receipt. I would say google support is pretty good based on this experience.

      • I have returned phones a couple of times to Google with no issues. It is good that they ship you a phone now before you have to ship your one back.

        • Wow, thats good to know :)

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            @John Doh: I even returned a phone once for a loose charging connection a couple of months out of warranty and they still replaced it - took a bit of effort but I said I was waiting for the Pixel 6 Pro (which I got yesterday) and it was not charging.

            • @cykezero: How is the 6 pro? I have an S21+ which i'm happy with but I must say I've been veryyyyyy tempted by the Pixel 6 pro

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                @celtics889345: It's been good so far, but I've only had it for few days so it's hard to say. To be honest phones are phones for the most part - it is Google's nicest looking and feeling phone to date though. It will all come out when I start using the camera - it's the only major differentiator these days.

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          Yep they are pretty good, they are the only phones I’ve ever had to get repaired due to failures, but they are quick.

  • I'd say getting from Telstra may be cheapest, if you don't care for the add on item. They are offering extra 100$ gift card on top of the already discounted pre-order price. Effectively works out to be $1000 if you add all discounts all up.

    • Would Officeworks price match ?

    • On a plan?

      • Man with a plan

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          Hardly comparable with buying outright

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            @dosada: Yeah guess so, have to jump through hoops but that's the ozb spirit isn't it? :D

            • @diffusal: I don't think it's the hoops. It's that you can get much cheaper plans than Telstra

      • Yes you have to go on plan. Or according to their terms and conditions you can cancel the plan and pay back device costs not sure if this would include the bonus gift card and perhaps the first month plan cost. (I won't be doing this because I wanted Telstra 5g and managed to score the $10 monthly credit)

        • $10 credit how? They didn't offer me. Any trick

    • Where do they mention the gift card?

      • Telstra upfront medium plan in the description

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    Surely these are out of stock already (pre-order for December/January)?

  • This or 13 pro max?

    • +11

      Get both.

      • One for each ear, surround sound!

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      Depends on your preference for iOS or Android, both are good phones

    • +1

      Both solid phones. The difference is in software.

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        And PRICE.

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          Yeah, Pro Max is like $1.7k entry. Jeez

      • And hardware, one is steel the other is aluminium.

    • iPhones are good if you have the ecosystem to match it, like if you had an apple watch/buds/ MBP etc to go with it. But pretty expensive for what they do. You can get the similar or better experience (if you know how to do stuff) for lesser price on android. But I guess you already know that ;)

  • gonna be a sucker and wait for it under 1k

    • This was what I was gonna do, but I'm rather worried that the Google chip will go the way of the PS5…

      • I did the same for Pixel 5 and kept waiting for it to be $600-650 but never happened. They stopped selling it everywhere. Glad it didn't happen because 6 pro was $300 cheaper than my expectations and pre ordered.

        • I'm quite sure it got pretty close to $700, right?

          • @Trishool: $750 but still was kinda high for me to consider.

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    This or an original Nokia 3310? I note that the Pixel 6 does not come with any games installed which is utterly pathetic

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      you could try write words with the calculator, does that count?

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      I mean the chrome browser has the dino game built in you access via the URL chrome://dino

      • Valid. I'm totally buying the Pixel 6 now. That dino game is BALLER! Connected to a 4K 85" TV it makes my wonder why people waste money on a PS5. Idiots.

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      The pixel 6 does not support 2G. That's a deal killer for me.

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      Chrome has a flying balloon mini game when you lose internet connection.

  • Why are all the new phones have camera emerged of the back include SS, Apple ? Aint they easy to get scratched?

    • Having watched some of the previews on Youtube it looks like that angle in which the phone lies on a surface, and the metal bar along the camera bump, will go some way to protect against this. A case would also help if you don't mind having one.

    • +1

      I believe it's physically to fit the camera components in - cameras like space (hence they've had to use the "periscope" style zooms). I usually get a case they has a raised lip to protect them, and gotten used to the phones with the big bump (currently using a Samsung). Personally would prefer if they made the phones a little thicker with bigger batteries, but then there's weight concerns, and other's preferences.

    • Bigger camera sensors, stabilising mechanisms, zoom mechanisms, multiple lenses.

  • Are those speakers much of an improvement over the Mini ones they kept giving away for free?

    • +1

      Definitely much better Audio quality and loudness levels. The nest audio has a larger woofer and tweeter where the mini just has one mediocre woofer for the whole sound range.

  • Anyone knows a good screen protector for Pro?
    No sign of Spigen in Australia yet. Only cases.
    Flexible tpu or Glass, doesn't matter. Will try both.

    • +1

      I haven't received it yet, but this is what I've ordered - https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/For-Google-Pixel-6-Pro-6-5G-ZUSL....
      Have used Zuslab for other devices and happy with it

      • That doesn't fully cover the screen so say the people at Whirlpool

        • I have also pre ordered the Pixel 6 Pro case so I think not having the screen protector full edge makes it case friendly. But I can only tell for sure once my order arrives.

        • Now I've received it and this screen protector doesn't cover the edges and is literally not usable. Sharp edges sticking on side, makes it not so good for touch screen. Don't buy this one.

      • yup i got a Zuslab clear cover for my 2XL for a very reasonable price. no screen protector.

        I've dropped that thing everywhere and not a scratch on the screen.

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  • Has anyone pixel 6 orders from google store delivery date changed? It was showing delivery November now 1st December…

  • No 256gb or 512gb at officeworks.

    Doesn't even have micro SD, which I don't normally care about but white isn't even avaliable in any other capacity than 128gb

  • +1

    just placed an order on black. delivery date 29/10/21

    • I ordered a few days ago with the same delivery date. Here's hoping it actually happens.

    • Did you receive it yet? Or has the pre-order been delayed?

      Hear a few other people with changes in delivery dates…

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