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Smart String Lights 400 RGB LEDs $259.99 Delivered at Myer


Cheapest I've been able to find in Australia, $243ish with 6% off through RACQ (arrived instanly) and the like.
A note from Wiser
Buy the Myer gift card from Woolworths by tomorrow to get extra 10%of value
Bringing the total to $233.91.
These probably aren't most customers cup of tea but might be useful to some.
$275-$285 elsewwhere.

I began looking for Twinkly branded lights after seeing this lumations post at costco. 600 LEDs was honestly too many for our 7ft tree and these weren't much more than the Topmart comment from Nukkels at $238 (though less LEDs).
If you don't know about twinkly lights i encourage you to read the above post from Jklaro.

Here is a brief video demostrating how they work (on a pre lit twinkly tree, but their prelit trees are just pre strung with string lights).

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  • Buy the Myer gift card from Woolworths by tomorrow to get extra 10%of valu

  • This is very cool tech, especially how the app addresses all the lights. Bit out of my price range though.

  • Shows OOS here

    • Well that went quickly :o
      I guess it still works on the other variants.

  • Isn't this the normal price?

    • Have a look

      • Same price at bunnings?- https://www.bunnings.com.au/twinkly-400-rgb-leds-smart-strin...

        and has been this price for over a week at myer.

        • Nice. Still cheaper with 6% off gift cards so I guess that's something.
          Available through powerpass at $247 but special order.
          Saved myself $4 still haha.

          Good looking out.

          Bunnings didn't come up in the first 2 pages of Google shopping.

  • I wonder how this compares to Costco (Lumations) one in terms of brightness and etc - can't find any review comparing them.

    • I'm very curious aswell and couldn't find any info on it.

      It helped sway my decision that 500 LEDs seemed too many for us so 600 would definately be too many.

    • +1

      I got the Costco last week.

      Its the same lights.

      $199 for 600 lights. 2 strings of 300

      Same phone app Twinkly app.

      Only thing that is different is the box it ships in

      Besides the luminations icon on the box everything else is twinkly.

      I think Costco are parallel importing these as when you search for luminations its big box stores in the US (home depot, Walmart, Costco etc)

      • +1

        From what people are saying controller is the same. So layout (2x300) is the same too.
        But LEDs and wires are different.
        People said this ones supposed to be brighter.

        • +2

          No idea about brightness.. but these look pretty bright to me..

          We are setting our tree up in the next few days..

          I can take some photos if you want to see them

      • +1

        nope. not a parallel import - they are manufactured by Polygroup under license from Ledworks/Twinkly - Polgygroup make the trees that Twinkly sell as "prelit".

        • Yep, that's what I was saying - they are different lights with the same controller and I was curious if someone compared them.

  • Missed out on this. You can try Lightsuponline
    com.au https://www.lightsuponline.com.au/

    Signnup for$20 discount on first order. $239 delivered. Suggest you check stock before ordering. I have bought the other Twinkly lights from this store last year. Vic store. OP you might want to add this in description

    • Isn't the equivalent light $286.00? Minus $20 would be $266.

      Options like Harvey Norman with discounted gift cards would work out better I believe.

      • Ah. Mee bad. Must have looked at wrong set. Oh well

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