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Eastar EVA-2 1/4 Violin Set $27.99 Delivered @ Donner Music


Donner music are having a big sale on the beginner violin in 1/2 size. Violin was originally $121.99 then reduced to $39.99 and with coupon code (VEVA2) comes down to $27.99 free shipped.

OUT OF STOCK: Eastar EVA-3 1/4 Violin $27.99 Delivered @ Donner Music
Code: EVA31/4
Link: https://donnermusic.com.au/collections/snapdeal/products/eas...

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  • What size or how old of a kid can use this size, wife not here to ask who im sure used to play one, and talked about one for daughter she is just turned 9yrs old

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      It would be perfect or a touch small, and would need to upgrade after 1-2 years. Which is anyway 100% necessary off a $28 violin.

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      Electric violinists here.

      A 9 year old could definitely be onto a 1/2 size would be approaching 3/4 size, but 9 year olds come in all shapes and sizes. My best guess would be yes though.

      If you do go ahead and buy one, get your daughter to hold the violin under her chin and stretch her arm out and let the violin just rest on top of her arm. When doing this, the violin should reach roughly her wrist bone. If she can't reach that far, the violin is too big.

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      if you decide the 1/2 is too small. there is one remaining 3/4 $39.99 plus another 20% off on the snap deal page. marked down from 121.99


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      a 2m tall grown adult can use it. just like any instrument.. you don't have to stick by the rules

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    Too big for a cat?

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      depends on your cat

    • +3

      Hey diddle diddle

      • I understand diddling the fiddle but the cat? 😐

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      When you read some of those nursery rhymes you do wonder what they were smoking when they wrote them.

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    my daughter is 6

    my question is: how long will my marriage last when I buy this for her while my wife is WFH?

    But seriously is this appropriate for a 6yo ?

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      Electric violinists here.

      A 6 year old should probably be on a 1/4 size violin. If they're tall-ish for a 6yo, they might be approaching a 1/2 size.

      If you do go ahead and buy one, get your daughter to hold the violin under her chin and stretch her arm out and let the violin just rest on top of her arm. When doing this, the violin should reach roughly her wrist bone. If she can't reach that far, the violin is too big.

    • My seven-year-old is on 1/4, just barely long enough. As said above, unless your 6-year-old daughter is very tall she'd either be 1/8 or 1/4.

    • Nope 1/4 is what you need. (but they grow so fast that it doesn't hurt to have a 1/2 size ready to go)

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      My 6 year old is on a 1/4, she's not quite big enough for it. That said, you can work around small size discrepancies (eg don't use the whole bow).

      If you really want to know you can look up recommended sizes based on arm reach.

    • Typically the way it works is you find someone to give lessons, and then they'll have a bunch of families who are growing and selling their quarter size.. for $100 you'll probably get a decent violin with case etc.. you'll then sell that for about the same price in a year or two.

  • Would this be good for someone upto 10 years old?

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      Reposting my replies from above.
      Electric violinists here.

      10 year old almost certainly should be onto a 3/4 size violin, unless they're really notably short for a 10 yo.

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    If you are serious about giving your kid a decent crack at playing an instrument like violin, getting the cheapest violin shaped object is not the way to go.
    The sound will not be nice, and it may not be set up properly thus making playing not rewarding.
    Even at its original price of 121, that is too low to be considered reasonable.

    You don't need to spend hundreds but at least you should be looking at violins that are set up properly and comes from a proper violin shop. These usually set you back around $250-400 for the beginner ones but they retain their value and are more pleasant to play on.

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      At least this won’t hurt you as much when your kid inevitably drops/tosses it on the ground, maybe because they don’t really want to learn the violin.

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        But the damage to your ears and your kid's confidence will be irreparable. Even a pro would struggle to make these cheap things sound good. Quite often they're not even setup right so a beginner would have no chance.

        • I would argue a pro WOULD be able to make this sound nice. I remember seeing Ray Chen doing something similiar

          • +1

            @Danneo: If by nice you mean not crap, I'd agree. But if you asked the pro, the average version of 'nice' is probably crap to them. There's a reason they tend to have instruments that go into the 10000s or millions. There are also some exceptionally horribly made instruments where you really can't professionally play the crap sound out of it. Paying ridiculously low prices just increases your chance of getting one.

      • its very hard to accidently drop a violin…

    • +5

      This 100%. When I was learning violin a reasonable entry level bow was about a few hundred already. I can't imagine what this "violin" is going to sound like.

    • If a kid wants to play a poor instrument won't matter.

      You will know in a year if they want to progress or pick another hobby.

      God I hated the violin. But will get the kid to play it.

    • +5

      I completely agree, please don't get this for your kid - the price is in the dumps for a reason. If you don't want to commit because you're not sure if your kid will like it, perhaps consider renting a student violin from your local first which will be leagues more playable. Violin is already very difficult to learn and shooting them in the foot from the get-go is a shame.

      Alternatively, you could purchase a violin for $140 delivered from Artist Guitars https://www.artistguitars.com.au/buy/artist-svn-solid-wood-s...

      As long as your kid doesn't destroy the violin, you have 100 days no questions asked to return it, which gives you time to see if they like the instrument.That said please only get a violin from them if you're seriously intending on picking the instrument up! Their return policy is honestly far too generous.

      • +1

        you could purchase a violin for $140 delivered from Artist Guitars

        I've purchased instruments from them before. They're not great.

        If you want a cheaper instrument, have a look at axiom music. I found them much better than artist guitars.

        Edit: looks like axiom changed their pricing and instrument names, since I bought it. I can't vouch for the current offering.

        • I've bought a couple of guitars from Artist and they were fine, and in fact very good for the price. What issues did you have?

          • @syousef:

            What issues did you have?

            No specific issues - It's just the overall build quality. Things like nut grooves, bridge grooves, bridge shape. I found the axiom instrument better.

            It might just come down to the instrument you finish up with. I suspect neither place is very consistent with the quality of their output.

            • @salmon123: Yeah in general QC is always hit and miss when costs are cut. I've had very good luck with Artist though. Their cheap drumsticks are kinda trashy but the Cherry 58 was very nice once you got the plastic protectors off the thing. It's obviously not a $2000 Gibson, but then again Gibson's not got the best reputation for guitars lasting of late. The entry level guitar and bass I have had were fine beginner's instruments. No major defects anyway. Cables, tuners, and other accessories all fine.

      • +1

        You convinced me to invest right thank you

    • +5

      I used to be in strings retail. I rather not making a sale than eliminate the chance of a child learning the instrument. It is easy to make a good instrument sounds bad but there is not way to make a bad instrument sounds reasonable.
      It takes at least half an hour to check the setup of an instrument, and the cheapest violin strings I would put on a violin costs $30 wholesale 15 years ago.
      $28 delivered. You will get what you pay for and destroy your relationship with your neighbour.
      Whoever selling this will not be expecting you to go back to their shop and get a next size/model.

      • If anything will maintain relationship, the violin doesn't project sound very far.

    • $28 vs $250-$400?

      nah, i'm going with $28. horrible advice.

      i'm serious about losing my money, lol.

      you never heard this violin, you are just commenting on it because it is super cheap and associate that with cheap performance. have you tried this exact violin? i didn't think so. people buying this most likely don't know what a $400+ violin sounds like. so to the majority this is more then sufficient.

      take your violin elitism somewhere else, this is ozbargain, we want deals. lol

  • -1

    based on the info from the link, this should suit a typical 7-9 year old. Any deals for 4/4? been thinking of grabbing one for my dad

  • +1

    Reviews seem reasonable, considering the cost.


    • I got this at $120。。。terrible mistake I made
      WIsh I would chip in another $100 to get the stentor… Or Enrico instead.. Lol

      • But at $30 it's fine

        • +2

          Not able to put Resin on the bow
          Some of the bow hair comes off..
          Better to use paypal and activate the return postage if you are really keen on buying this violin haha

    • there isn't anything to think about, its $28, lol. buy buy buy. lol

  • +1

    Make it a cello, and I’m in

  • +2

    Just what I need to take revenge on my neighbours terrible subwoofer noise.

  • +1

    Purchased! Bargain price for an abstract house decoration once I’m bored playing my tiny violin whenever my partner rages at me.

  • At this price, the FOMO is real. Bought 1

  • +1

    Thanks OP. This is a great/ economical way for my daughter to come to the realisation that paying a violin is not as easy as it may seem.

    • I agree, this is the perfect use case for this violin (unless you're secretly hoping that she will surprise you and pick it up)

      To be fair, even the teacher would have hard time making decent sound out of something like this…

  • +4

    Donner kebab

  • +2

    Wow, as I was reading the comments thus far I was very much going through the whole gamut of Ozbargain emotions. Every second comment and I was about to click "buy". Then pulled back to reality by the very next comment.

    Man, I feel like I've been through something.

    • I already bought before reading the comments lol

  • Nice for small children learning to become professionals

  • +1

    It’s not the size that counts…

  • +1

    I bought 3/4 size with previous deal.
    Express shipping, full package, great quality for the price.
    sound is a bit negative but it has much values than sale price

  • Thanks. Buy now play later.

  • +1

    Code SD20 can also be used for other sizes. Both a 1/4 for $32 delivered (as well as the 1/2 size).

  • Perfect for usable wall art!!! I am so arty:)

  • Invalid code EVA31/2

  • Oh no oos

  • Eastar EVA-3 1/4 Violin $27.99 Delivered @ Donner Music
    Code: EVA31/4
    Link: https://donnermusic.com.au/collections/snapdeal/products/eas...

    Eastar 1/2 Violin Set Half Size $27.99 Delivered @ Donner Music
    Code: EVA21/2
    Link: https://donnermusic.com.au/collections/snapdeal/products/eas...

    • for 1/2 size, what is the difference between EVA-2 and EVA-3? Looks like EVA-3 all gone already?

      • looking at the website looks like EVA-3 comes with the tuner and finishes in matte colour.

        Where EVA-2 doesn’t come with the tuner and finishes with the Natural Varnish colour.

        IMO - There are many phone apps that can help tuning now a days anyway.

        • The phone app I used was so unreliable, all over the place, I ended up snapping my guitar string following it. It was a Fender phone app no less. I went back to using a proper standalone tuner.

  • +3

    I should buy one and practice for every time a graphics card deal is posted lol.

  • +1

    I want to play the world's smallest violin

  • Didn't need it but bought two anyway…

  • I am more perplexed how they can make this $28 violin shaped object than Kmart can make a $7.50 toaster. Don’t walk, run. Far, far away.

  • Hey thanks OP I received my 3/4 today and I’m so confused 😂
    Any helpful resources?

  • +1

    Comany in HK and website with AU ended?

    • They have a Melbourne warehouse.

      Items may ship from anywhere though.

  • +3

    This company is known to dropship and does not honour warranty claims - they ghost you. Make SURE you pay through PayPal, took me 2 months but eventually got my money back after they gave multiple fake addresses (expecting me to ship a drum kit to China, then to the United States).

  • I’m a grown up. Can I play with this?

  • OOS

  • -1

    In da club! 🎻

  • The 1/2 size is OOS. The 1/4 size is still available. My kid is currently learning on a 1/32 if I remember correctly so it will a while before she could even reach this size. If anything, it serves as a useful toy/distraction for her sibling.

  • Thanks got one 3/4

  • Better get some LingLing Insurance and don't forget to practice 40 hours a day.

    • Only 40 hours? Your kid slacking off again?

      • I'm a progressive parent. They gotta spend the test of their time practicing piano too.

  • +1

    This type of cheap violin is only good for mucking around and dabbling to see if you might be interested in learning, it will sound terrible even if you improve some skills it will still sound bad and be impossible to keep in tune.

    I recently bought a similar cheap ebay violin to start on to learn with my son, and as my skill improved a bit (yes you can improve your basic skills on cheap violins) i wanted to get a half decent sounding one so bought a really old Stentor Conservatoire and the sound quality is night and day.

    So at this price point its worth buying to gauge your level of interest, but dont expect to make it sound good, do expect that you can improve a bit from complete beginner using it if you put in the effort.

    • Why does it detune easily?

      • pretty much all violins will detune over time, its just a matter of how fast

        you'll need to learn to tune it yourself, should be heaps of tutorials on youtube

  • I would look elsewhere as a violin this cheap is just not going to be of any use to the person playing it. Far more trouble than it is worth.

    Check out this clip from the guys on TwoSetViolin trying out cheap violins.


    At $28, you probably aren't getting much better.

  • I have kids who play strings at a very high level and I know such a cheap violin will be hard to play, sound bad…
    You will hate listening to it, the kids will hate playing it and end up giving up anyway.

    Great idea if you're looking for the fastest and cheapest way to make your kid give up violin!

  • -1

    wow, i didn't know there are so many violin elitist here. this deal is beneath you. well don't discourage others. what if they can only afford $28, and can't afford your $400 beginner violin. did you any of you think about that instead of bashing this deal?

    so you're saying don't play at all since you can't afford an expensive violin? that's like telling a kid dont play golf with those cheap golf clubs, pay $5000 and play with a new set of golf clubs.

    $400 is cheap if you compare it to a Stradivarius, but beginners probably dont even know what is a Stradivarius. buying this violin is a great deal for a BEGINNER. when you start it all sounds like you are moving your straw up in down in your "to go cup" from McDonalds anyways. lol.

    the point is at least they are playing an instrument, instead of being a menace to society. at the end of the day starting with this violin would be great, because when they upgrade from there BEGINNER violin, they are going to really love and appreciate there new violin. that would give them life lessons and great stories where they started from to where they progressed to.

  • When will you stock cellos?

  • How do these sound compared to Stradivarius?

  • Accidentally bought 2 x 1/4…

  • I received my 1/4 from the previous deal today and omg hahahahha. This looks and feels like a toy I love it. Purchased to display by my desk setup and it should only be obtained for that purpose. Good luck everyone.

    • Ohhh No i bought three for gifts :( damm

    • Can you post some pics please?

    • oh no :(

  • +1

    Received mine today, impressed that it just cost me $28 delivered for the lot! YouTube how to tune it and it works perfectly, can't complain

    • Pics?

      • +1

        It's exactly like the picture on the website. The violin + bow and case (the case looks nice and sturdy), rosin, extra string, extra bridge, shoulder attachment and tuner

        Which part do you want to see?

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