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Xiaomi Viomi V2 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner $329 Shipped (RRP $349) @ MyDeal


I've been in the market for a robot vacuum in this price range.
This one caught my eye as it has 2-in-1 water tank to mop and sweep at the same time. Good reviews, decent suction.
Not the lowest it has been, but seems like the best price available right now.

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  • Mine died in just few month till before was working excellent i used to love it and 6 month dead not real long life not scanning map

    • 6 months is ridiculous. I assume can't get replacement/repair cos overseas seller. I would still try?

      • +1

        Mine in warranty so I claim it let see what they doing now

        Hope I get new replacement 😜

  • +2

    My one died by crashing into a couch at high speed which broke one of the wheels after a few weeks use.

  • Spend the extra $100 and get the deal yesterday with the auto emptying dock

  • +2

    We have 2…can’t complain - but don’t leave cables on the floor!!!

    • +1

      Or shoe laces hanging low

  • This thing has been life changing, suggest buying a few extra mop pads via AliExpress so you can mop every day. Works a treat with hard floors and low pile rugs. Keep the floor clear of cables and socks and you are good to go.

  • Nothing but good experience.

  • +3

    bought this one for my living room with timbers while my 1st generation xiaomi still going strong in the bedrooms. What I found the mapping isn't as great as xiaomi, viomi sometime gets lost while doing its job, maybe 3times a week, or a couple of times a month, also lost its voice then got it back then it hasn't spoken to me in the last couple of days.😂

    Yes, it's cheap, the build quality is cheap too but it does the basic jobs, don't expect it to polish your floor.

  • +1

    Nothing but headaches with this unit. The older early Xiaomi works perfectly.

  • Had mine for just over a year now and it's still going strong.

    It does a great job (both vac and mop) on hard floors, but carpets are pretty average. We've taken to leaving the hard floors with the robot, and doing the carpets with a Dyson stick vac.

    The mopping especially is surprisingly good.

  • This or the Dreame F9 for $299 ?Will be my first robo vac

    • +1

      I looked at both. Chose this over the dreame f9.

      Lidar on this vs camera on the f9, this one also has a split water/dust tank for sweeping and mopping at the same time.

      The F9 does have slightly better suction though, but I don't plan to use it for carpet so wasn't overly concerned.

  • Has anyone found a good place to order replacement consumables from? Mines due for brush, filter and main roller replacement soon. Have just started looking at banggood to compare prices.

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