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Free Haier Bar Fridge Worth $349 with Haier Tempo Split Air Conditioner System (from 2.5kW $820 + Delivery) @ Appliances Today


Haier tempo split system
With an innovative Hi-Wall Split System design, the Tempo model is designed to be quiet, reach the desired temperature quickly and maintain a stable temperature, thanks to A-PAM DC inverter technology.

Capacity Price
2.5kW $820
3.5kW $1,010
5.0kW $1,440
7.0kW $1,760

Prices exclude delivery.

continuously clean air
Your Tempo air conditioner will continue working efficiently to produce clean air, with a Self-clean function that stops dirt from accumulating on the heat exchanger and reduces the growth of mould and bacteria.

wi-fi & voice control
Use Wi-Fi connectivity and your app to set air temperature at any time, from anywhere. You can also use voice control through all major smart speaker products, such as the Google Home Hub™ or Amazon Alexa.

intelligent air
Intelligent Air directs cool air upwards and warm air downwards, for maximum efficiency whether you're heating or cooling.

sleep mode
Get a great night's sleep without becoming too hot, or too cold. Set your Tempo to heat or cool, and Sleep Mode will consistently raise, lower or maintain the temperature during the night to keep the room at the ideal temperature.

manage your power consumption
An optional extra, Demand Enabled Response can help manage power consumption during peak periods on the power supply network, by allowing your electricity provider to control the air conditioner at various predefined levels.

more efficient heat exchange
Blue Fin is an anti-corrosion coating that makes your Tempo more durable and enhances the heat exchanging efficiency too.

Product link for free bar 121L fridge HRF130UW

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  • Whenever I see the brand 'Haier' it always takes me back to the baccarat screams of 'Ai Ya!'

    • PTSD flashbacks of the regulars peering down as they slowly fold up the corner of the cards one by one, blowing on it, then the huffs of disappoint when it's not a picture card…

  • Good deal, just need a split system soon for this hot summer due to global warming.

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      You will also need the split system to cool down the extra heat generated by your new bar fridge. 😉

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      Not really, the 2.5kW is the same price as a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) from Bunnings and most people probably don't actually need the bar fridge. The 5kW and 7kW MHIs are up around $150 cheaper.

      Given you'll be paying atleast $600 on top for installation, I'd be putting in a quality Japanese brand (yes they are made in Thailand or Malaysia before anyone chimes in).

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        Haven't seen this brand in the top 4 of best air-conditioning brands tbh.

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    It's funny that price on 2.5kw includes the bar fridge price… So your buying a bundle literally…

    Kelvinator better and wifi and cheaper and randomly for $500-$600 via tgg commercial

    • +1

      Most people probably don't truly need the bar fridge either….

      Kelvinator though is still not a brand I would buy though. I'd still recommend Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or one of the other Japanese brands like Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic or Daikin.

      • I was with you in thinking about Kelvinator that way… at least up until a few years ago when I thought I'd try one. Sooo affordable, well built, simple to install, very effective and still working as new 3+ years later. I was so impressed I bought another one for the Lounge then another three small ones for other bedrooms. Obviously 3 years isn't much of a reliability sample but at only $550 (with cash back) per 2.5/3.2kw unit with wifi I now consider them incredible value!

  • Added a split system to my cart, put in code in the checkout, doesn't work. Am I doing it wrong?

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      Hi Tsukito,

      No, you are doing nothing wrong. Once the order is placed then on our end we will add the Bar Fridge and send out for delivery.

      This is only a OzBargain sale.

      • Okay, thanks for clearing that up!

        Is it possible to see any images/specs for the bar fridge? I am putting in an alfresco kitchen and want to ensure it would fit in the cabinetry.

      • +1

        So if there is no code, and no direct link - how will you know that we came from ozbargain?

        We could be from our sister site, ozoverpricedbundles.com.au

        • Hi Jetsream,

          The direct link is in the image. the deal is only on Ozbargain and the code BARFRIDGE lets us know it was from here.

  • If you decide you want a bar fridge with your fully priced split system - just outside my home office is a 12 year old Haier bar fridge which is pretty noisy but just keeps chugging away. The freezer section is a complete waste of space if you want to freeze things properly the fridge will be way too cold, or at ~2c for cold beers stuff semi defrosts over 2-3 days.

  • The 2.5kw has a 3 star rating. Is that decent?

  • Aldi has a 3.4kw Sharp 5 star rating for $799 tomorrow

    • Do you know what model number this one is for.
      No details in the aldi site when I looked.

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    What's the average split system install cost? Most places show $500+

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      It all depends on the size and location of the split system.

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