SCA Tool Cabinet Combo 4 Drawer 21 Inch $89 in-Store or C&C Only @ SuperCheap Auto


Was looking for a tool cabinet, saw this at a clearance in Supercheapauto. still have stock in many stores.

Gloss red industrial powder-coated finish for superior abrasion and corrosion resistance
Smooth ball bearing slides for easy drawer operation, drawers lock closed when lid is down
Moulded plastic carry handle on top of chest cabinet for added portability
EVA foam drawer lines included for tool protection
Sturdy plastic castors for easy manoeuvrability

SCA Tool Cabinet Combo 4 Drawer 21 Inch
Length: 541mm
Width: 280mm
Height: 888mm
Weight: 18kg

SCA Tool Cabinet Combo 6 Drawer 36 Inch also under clearance at $299:

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  • +2

    this thing is tiny

  • I can see key locks on the big one , but none on the smaller ? I just want to keep randoms away from my cheap tools

  • +1

    I have to unsubscribe to Ozbargains… So tempted on this to just get away from my toolbox that I can't maintain with so much random stuff..

  • Have this for a few years.

    I'd say invest In a better one if u can.

    Not that thus is that bad but in hindsight I'd get a better one.

  • +1

    bought the larger 36" one that received lots of good review. While its functional and works ok, disappointed that the drawer mechanism is rather flaky - needs to hold the sides while pushing drawer in to lock. Otherwise, it looks close but will slide open when you move the trolley around even if u lock it with the keys.

    • Yep same.. even removing and regreasing doesn't seem to work

      • I just grabbed this one and then noticed it is 83Kg….wtf? Now I gotta think about how I'm gonna collect it as my Golf ain't gonna fit it most likely…

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