Cygnett Flow+ Dual USB-C (45W) & USB-A (12W) PD Travel Wall Charger + AU/UK/US/EU Adapters $14 @ The Good Guys - Pick Up Only


Dual ports with a USB-C and USB-A port for simultaneous charging.
Fast and convenient charging for your latest digital devices.
Compact and convenient design.

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The Good Guys


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    This product can't be delivered to your location

  • OP did you check the website before posting this? it's been available for at least a week at this price, and pickup only in what seems to be remote stores (albury, Wagga, Maroochydore, Bundaberg)

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      If they're remote stores then regional stores must be in the outer suburbs……

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    just called JB Hi-Fi sales number, and got it price-matched for C&C at my local JB.

    I don't think they bothered to check whether it was in-stock in my area

    Thanks OP

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    Bought one with Albury Pickup

  • Oh great, nearest is Maitland.

  • Thanks OP

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    Just a PSA - I've had two of these fail within 6-9 months. 1st one was replaced within warranty.

    2nd one could not be replaced as warranty period was over.

    Really handy travel adaptors but very poor quality hardware.

    • Same experience. Concerning quality control. Probably a reason why they are $15.

    • Same here but at this price, they're cheap enough to not care

      • Could blow up a more expensive device though. Especially if using with smartphone or laptop

    • It wouldn't have been outside the statutory warranty. You definitely would have qualified for a refund. Thanks for the heads up!

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    Don't bother, I've had 2 of these fail within a week. Couldn't be bothered to go through the process of getting a third! Cygnett is in my never again basket.

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    Good price, charges laptop and phone well

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    Paid $29 at Bing Lee for this. No issues for me charging laptops and phones, plus it's ready for travel. Probably the most compact non-GaN you can get that will charge most electronics.

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