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Epzia Electric Wine Opener - $11.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Yeewin Au via Amazon AU


I ordered one of these last week, cost $9.99, so price has gone up a tiny bit, but still far cheaper than any other electric wine opener I can see.

I received mine today, everything appears to be good quality, though I haven't opened a bottle of wine with it just yet.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Could you actually open a bottle with it and let us know if it works or not.

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      I only have one bottle with a cork at the moment, the rest are all twist tops. It's a nice bottle, so am saving that one.

      I did just drive it into a cork that I had lying around from a previous bottle, held the cork and drove it in - worked fine, no issues at all.

      Will try pick up a cheapy today for trial purposes.

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        I think the majority of us would be in the same situation; not many corks in my wine rack.

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        What? Use it on the screw top. Need to know it works on those before buying

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    They still sell wine with corks? Maybe the expensive ones.

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      Or European.

    • I personally have next to zero experience with wine, but I bought and have had wine at a few dinners lately and they've all had corks… (have been 15-30 dollar range).

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      Lots of export stuff around at the moment that was destined to China that’s cheap here, it always has a cork. I bought a pile of museum release stuff from a closed winery that was sealed with a cork too.

      It’s stupid, corks are worse in pretty much every way, but a lot of wineries still use them to make their wine look more premium.

    • Well that's how I discovered my corkscrew was missing.. When I went to open my nice bottle. This costs as much as a manual corkscrew so figured I'd give it a bash.

  • Oos

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