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Easy Tiger Pork Gyoza 455g $6 (Was $12) @ Woolworths


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I am new to this joint so Hope all be nice πŸ™‡πŸ™‡πŸ™‡

Found this Australian made gem in my local woolies at half price so naturally as a Australian made product, I thought have to give it a go.

This exceeded my expectations being juicy on the inside and crispy when seared correctly on "ozbargained" cookware (finally got to use one of my numerous ozbargain splurge https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/647344) hehehe

I much prefer this gyoza compared to the imported Thai or Chinese made mushy gyoza.
Filling is chunky and could taste real meat and veg, not slimey starch fillers from imported ones.
Reminds me of the ones made in Izakayas in Japan

This is only my take though : D

Stay covid safe : D

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    Thanks for sharing - just missing the price and place in the title

  • What was the price at Woolies? It says out of stock for me but it does that a lot

    • Price at Woolies on special is $6 (usually $12) for 455gr pack.

      They also have Pork & Prawn Wontons, also half-price.

      • I assume the special ends today as tomorrow is the new Catalogue. A shame, I was near Woolies today and like to buy the Aussie made stuff over the imported.

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          You can still order online (minimum $30) then click and collect later in the week

  • Thanks πŸ™‡
    I will try to amend

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    I can not find the button where to edit

    Is it in the Posts button?

    • It's right next to the view button to the right of the votes. Have fixed.

  • Thanks @neil

    You were 1/2 a sec ahead of me when I pressed submit

  • @nafe
    Did not know it ends today 😞
    I just found out how good it was when I cooked it up this lunch so thought of sharing

    I will head back to my local WW to see if I can snatch what is left myself

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      I'm just assuming this as the specials for both Woolies and Coles start on Wednesdays. Will keep an eye out for it though. Turns out no stock at my local anyway according to the website

      • My friend tried the wonton last time they had the half price sale

        He said they were really good, better than the other brands he's tried at Woolies, Aus made too :)

  • Australian made but what’s the bet the pork is imported.

  • I like ALDI's prawn gyoza

    • Have you tried Aldi's pork & prawn wonton? They arent bad. Has limited time only on the box so might be a new product? Only seen recently.

  • @00

    I just checked the box

    On the front writes 100% Australian pork and 95% Australian ingridents next to the Australian kagaroo bar graph thingo.

  • For a moment I felt this was Tiger meat

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