[PC, Epic] Darkest Dungeon II $25.49 with Newsletter Subscription Voucher @ Epic Games


Game showing 10% off for me, maybe require login to epic. $25.49 if you pair with the voucher.

Thanks to dealbot for posting the voucher deal

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  • I'm getting 29.99

    • yeah, not sure why it shows the additional 10% off on my account. Maybe it was on my epic store wishlist.

      • +2

        Owners of Darkest Dungeon will see a discount for Darkest Dungeon II during the checkout flow

        I'm guessing you grabbed it back when it was free

        • man, I have it on GOG

  • 1st game was pretty good

    • It was great but way too hard for me to actually enjoy it. I got just frustrated after a few runs. The problem wasn’t really the difficulty but the excessive trial and error required. Unless you read online manuals you have to die a lot in order to learn how to win. Great formula but very time (and nerves) consuming

    • +2

      I’d prefer to purchase from steam as well. But unfortunately DD2 is epic store exclusive for the first year.

      • +2

        What is the risk? My eEpic library is arguably bigger and better than my steam library with all their free games over the many weeks.

        Not a risk, but I don't use the Epic platform even a 10th as much as Steam.

        For me it's achievements and mods workshop.. Unless it's hidden somewhere I don't see achievements for Darkest Dungeon on Epic like the Steam store, and the Steam Workshop makes adding and using mods a breeze without fiddling around in install folders etc

        Can't argue when the price is free on Epic, but it puts me off actually playing it right away… I'll just patiently wait

  • I'm not a big fan of the new formula compared to DD1, feels like the game has been dumbed down and lacks alot of features i feel are key to the Darkest dungeon experience in Particular:

    1) No control of torchlight outside of increasing it
    2) No traps
    3) No camping
    4) No weapon or armour upgrades

    That being said it's early access and still somewhat fun but i'll be waiting some time before revisiting i think

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