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Remote Control Stunt Car/Truck $29.99 Delivered @ Selfome-AU Direct Amazon AU


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【Simulation design】High-level simulation of real military truck structure. Flexible and movable car door. Real rubber vacuum tires. Simulating the original truck dual-lamp design, the front LED lights provide you with plenty of light, allowing you to operate the truck at night or in dark places. Flexible steering, functional steering system allows the car to make realistic turns.
【2.4G remote control】2.4Ghz remote control technology provides interference-free operation and long-distance signal transmission up to 50m. Support multiple high-speed racing cars at the same time. Full-scale throttle steering enables the truck to perform well in forward/reverse and left/right turning functions. Flexible steering, functional steering system enables the car to make realistic turns.
【All-terrain adaptation】6WD drive system provides better traction for this high-speed car, and all-terrain riding is safe and stable. Good crawling technology, using slope differential, cross-country on rugged roads will not affect its performance. Drive freely on flat roads, off-roads, wetlands, hillsides and even snowy roads. An appearance that exudes power and durability.
【Strong Body Structure】1.5mm thick C-shaped steel and 5 sets of beams composite a strong beam assembly. Front and rear suspension systems is independent suspension with shock absorption and collision avoidance design.Long-lasting Battery:A battery is 7.4V 700mAh battery gives this car about 30 minutes of running time.
【Safety Assurance】Each remote control car has a 90-day replacement warranty and is ready to respond within 24 hours. We will try our best to solve any problems for you. Just add to the shopping cart and enjoy the shopping experience from now on

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    How many stores do you run on Amazon?

    • As many as they can… hint: just look for store names ending with AU (aside to Amazon AU, that is)

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        Yes, and had a look at OP's other posts too.

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    Don't buy it, I bought it in the last deal, stopped working after couple of uses.

    Very bad quality. Battery charging didn't work from day 1.

    Have to return it.

    • +5

      thanks. saved me from looking for reviews.

  • +1

    What's a stunt truck?

    Looks like a military transport, so what tricks does it do?

  • Got one of these 6 months ago, still working, not very powerful or fast, good for cruising around the house chasing kids… I got a wltoys one which is epic, if say it would have 8x the performance of this truck

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    Bought one last time. Horrible rubbish not worth the money.

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    Waterproof Boys and Girl (RC Trunk)

  • +3

    I bought 2 from the last deal.

    Tyres are keep popping off. I am sick of putting them back. Very loose.

    You will have to take the truck's battery off and charge it with special charger.

    Apart from these not too bad but I don't think I would buy them if I know all these.

    • Thanks for your review! Save my money!

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    • upvote for your amazing username :p

  • Wow glad I come back and read the comments.. was going to be a gift for my nephew but now I have cancelled my order.

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    This doesn't appear to be a bargain, more like Spamazon.
    Kmart have remote control cars for less.

  • +1

    :( If this is so crap why they allowed to post it here! I fell for it, how do I cancel the order?

    • +1

      I agree. I'm getting a little fed up with garbage things appearing more and more on Ozbargain that are not bargains just 'cos the seller says it's a bargain and reduced from the "regular" price.
      It's diluting Ozbargain's reputation.

  • +1

    Bought one, regardless of comments, thank you.
    Overall a pretty good price for this 6X6 RC as they seem to have a bulk price of around 20 USD on Alibaba.
    And what other see as a negative, such as a removable battery, I see as a positive as you can replace them with bigger capacity and keep multiple ready.
    Worst case I return it, thanks to prime ;-)

  • This is crap. The steering is a motor system that lacks any real power so it barely turns. The diff'ed axles means its crap offroad on any kind of incline. Neither the steering or throttle is proportional so its all on or all off.

    I only bought one for the cab for another project, the rest was thrown out.

    Pay the little bit extra and get something that is not trash eg WPL B16 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/659677

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