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20% off Everything and $250 off Mattress & Bed Base Bundle & Free Delivery @ Ecosa


Shopping for a new mattress and noticed that ECOSA are having a Halloween sale, with 20% off everything and $250 off a mattress and bed base bundle.

Probably been lower before but the bed base and mattress bundle looks like a decent deal.

Example, Queen mattress ($1,099 - $750) + Queen Bed base ($1,399 - $1,149) = $1,899 down from $2,498

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  • Anyone have any long term experiences with these?

    • Awesome for comfort but a tad too warm in summer for my liking so I sent it back..

      I found Eva to be of a similar comfort level with the added bonus of pocket springs and side support.
      Both are very good mattresses in my humble opinion but I chose to keep the Eva and am very happy with it.

  • two years so far since buying a queen mattress from them and still loving it.

  • Interested to hear any experience with the bed frame, some of the reviews are mixed about it being noisy

  • I'm looking for a bed frame and mattress combination recently. Does anyone know how is Ecosa frame + EVA or zzz Atelier mattress? EVA bed frame looks good but the head mount structure looks weak.

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      I would avoid those Zzz mattresses’. People raves about them on here but it seems the quality has gone to the dogs and I loathe mine. Massive sags, horribly uncomfortable.

      • Thanks man, very useful information, I will pass the zzz mattress now.

      • Absolutely correct, within a month, mattress sagged and they wasted months in asking different angle pictures. Then at the end they refused every claim and said the sag is not enough hahahhaha. I cant remember exactly but should be more than 2 inches of sag. Avoid zzz mattresses at any cost.

    • Those bed frames are overpriced af for some pieces of wood. Get the Naptime bed base. It's what I use with my Eva mattress.

  • just got mine, they have great customer service
    They sent us a King frame, so gave that to us, so we just upgraded to a king, its amamzing.

    Not really a bargain, as prices keep going down ever since i was looking.

  • Anyone has comments about their pillow + height-adjustment pads? I've got broad shoulders so always need a nice height when side-sleeping, but when back-sleeping I need good neck support so my head falls into the pillow curve. Using a 3-year-old Dentons High Profile pillow currently, which feels too low for side-sleeping and lacks neck support for back-sleeping.

  • looking for cheaper options for double mattress. Any suggestions?

  • I can't comment on the bed frame but I've tried a few of the bed in a box over the last year and even though that one is cheaper compared with a few others it's the best I've tried although I only had it for 3 months. I tried koala, ecosa, Macoda & tontine. tontine is by far the best foam one & the ecosa was the best of the hybrid both were the firmer ones which might be a personal preference.
    Macoda is a good option if you like a softer option and is switchable. But if I end up returning this tontine I'll be ordering another ecosa (which I won't have a 100day trial of)
    It's amazing how differently they all feel and settle over time.

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    Any experience with Emma Comfort - https://www.emma-sleep.com.au/emma-comfort/
    Comparing a queen mattress, Ecosa: $849 and Emma - Comfort: $549.50 approx. $300 cheaper.

  • Thanks OP.

    I really should pull the pin on a new queen size mattress, but everytime I delve into it I get confused at the array of options, and move onto other things.

    For clarification, is the 20 per cent off mattresses, a further reduction on their current listed (sale) price, or 20 per cent off their full RRP? Ie. Queen is currently listed online at $849 (usually $1099), but that's more than 20 per cent.

    One more thing - as the web site doesn't clarify - is the adjustable firmness based on which order you put the different layers onto the mattress (and it comes with them all) or do you need to request your preference?

    EDIT - just added one to cart and seems the displayed price is the discounted price in the cart with the coupon SPOOKY21. So, a queen mattress - no base - is $849.

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      The firmness depends on what order you place the three layers of foam. I found the default order to be perfectly comfortable.

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