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G.Skill Ripjaws V 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 Desktop RAM Memory Kit $169 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


Cheap 32GB DDR4 RAM

RAM Clock Speed: 3200MHz

CL Timing: CL16-18-18-38

Voltage: 1.35V

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    Good price, a bit more expensive than what I paid for my set. My set was samsung c-die though which is basically a potato at anything other than XMP, so I wouldn't buy these expecting them to overclock. If planning to run at XMP these are fantastic though.

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      Samsung C-die is certainly not potato, but I'm not saying it's good. It can usually do 4000MT/s+ with a good IMC and 9.5ns CAS latency at 1.35V. It's different because of its temperature sensitivity and negative voltage scaling. I don't recommend any voltage higher than 1.35V. If you want to overclock it you should read this thread.

    • how much did you pay for your set?

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      Second this! I have also have this RAM and can confirm only XMP profile is suited IMO

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    If you want the RGB bling for $16 more …

    • I tried to OC these and struggled to go past the xmp profile.

      • what die did you get

        • Bdie

          • @mrtee: says who? the sticks or… o no no…. thaiphoon burner?

          • @mrtee: It's probably Samsung C-die. I've never seen B-die that can only do 3200C16.

      • Not with my system. 5 3600x, Msi B550I. With 2 x XMP of BIOS, select the 1st profile as it is 3200Mhz

        • +1

          But have you tried to manually OC it past XMP profiles, like 3600MHz?

          I reckon that is what he meant, not that the 3200MHz XMP profile doesn't work

          • -2

            @brosk1s: My RAM is rated at 3200Mhz. Please check the link i've provided above as that is the one i've purchased. I've tried that 2nd profile and it didn't work hence had to reset CMOS. No i didn't manually try to OC it. It's cheap RAM not expecting it to beat scores etc hence using basic OC selection
            Edit, you buy cheap RAM, don't expect it to be a benchmark OC RAM kit. Silicon lottery at its best here

          • @brosk1s: Yeah that's what I meant.

    • Bought these a few weeks ago and finally arrived today.

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    Bought this kit for 240 a year ago.

    Given they're the same product could these be added to an existing 32gb kit?

    • +1

      Yeah you could easily. Always best to use matching RAM sticks for all RAM. No problems there it will work.

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        Cheers. 32gb has been aight, but running chrome and adobe apps at the same time has been a struggle lol.

        • -1

          I wouldn't do it

          4x16gb at xmp will be a struggle

          • @ln28909: Oh ok, why would it be a problem?

            • @Dubious speculation: Just a lot of stress on the memory controller or something, but my success rate with them is not good

              • @ln28909: Must be a terrible motherboard if it can't handle four memory sticks with no issues.

                Maybe you just are buying crap quality motherboards. Stop cheaping out on motherboards. Either that or the RAM you buy is total crap.

                A great motherboard can handle quad channel RAM with ease.

                • @hollykryten: Quad channel is a whole other thing you're not likely to run into unless you have a workstation or server class CPU. The typical motherboard with four slots is still dual channel.

                • @hollykryten: B550 taichi, x570 aorus pro don't think they're shit board at all

                • @hollykryten: It's got nothing to do with the motherboard. CPU IMC's have limitations with how many sticks they can handle at any given speed. Even a crap tier motherboard will probably run 4 sticks fine if the IMC is ok with it.

          • @ln28909: 4x16GB is fine. My partner has 2 of these kits in a B550 Vision D with a 3900x running without issues.

        • Are you sure it’s your RAM that’s the issue? 32 should already be a lot for apps like that. Although to be fair I don’t run Adobe.

          • @steve-oz: Adobe apps are a giant RAM hog. Especially when it comes to editing 4K videos. You watch the RAM usage sky rocket when editing multiple 4K videos.

            I've heard of professional video editors having 128GB of RAM in their PC rig to cope with it.

      • -1

        Well you would be surprised, that is what Jayz2cents thought until many users proved him wrong and he tested it for himself.
        Lol… had his best benchmarks with mix-matched memory proving his subscribers right.


        I am still like you, always keep them the same, even same batch where possible, but guess that was just emotive.

        • But both intended kits are identical, unless different manufacturing dates drastically affect the success rate.

        • ? but that video is useless, he doesnt mention the die used in the kits, mixing c die, the fact that the only reason it performed better was often just due to dual rank.

          hes clueless and all his vidoes are just 3 minute videos stretched out into 20 minutes

          im not saying you cant mix kits, you can, but dont expect them to overclock well, and especially if you have c die, i wouldnt even expect xmp to boot.

    • no, your not guranteed the same ic, and considering you have a 90% chance of getting c die which hates mixing with other kits and ESPECIALLY hates being in 4x8 and would be even worse in 4x16. I would really not recommend it.

  • yummy c die cant wait to oc it to 4000 20-26-26 lmao.

    still though for the price it wont get better and for anyone running xmp its easily fine

  • Only if I don't own an Alienware… can then double up the ram.

    • I haven't heard of Alienware having restrictions on hardware?

      • ;) Own one and you will find out.

        Notorious to pair rams. Let alone after market, mobo can be sensitive to original Dell rams - speaking from first hand experience.

        • I see. I have several Alienware laptops and had no issues with exchanging RAM. Desktop seems like they stick to proprietary sticks

    • I tried to put a 11th intel cpu in my aurora r11, and it failed. Although dell has the same motherboard in their r12.

    • Try taobao

  • Ah missed it. OOS.

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