1Password Individual Membership 50% off for 3 Years US$1.49/Month (~A$1.98/Month) Billed Annually @ 1Password


Saw this promotion when I unlock my 1Password 7 for Windows. Seems the link comes with a code which is targeted and unique

For some reason it shows up even I'm a membership user already. Feel free to share your code/link with a friend as 50% off for 3 years is really attempting

Found a reddit post about 2 months ago. I guess this promo has been there for quite a while.

You can see "Thanks for upgrading to a 1Password membership! Receive 50% off for 3 years when you subscribe." when sign up/creating account if the promo code works.

Update: seems it’s not targeted?! Well then feel free to try out the link! New user only, try to stack with $99 gift card to get further savings.

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  • Looks like it's for individual membership rather than family, am I reading that right?

    Also not sure what it means by trade in your membership?

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      Yup, for individual membership only.

      It's "trade in your license" as there are people using standalone license of 1Password instead. Even if it says "trade in", it's actually only giving you a promo link for the transition. I haven't be able to find any other entrance that allows me to actively "trade in" my license.

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    I'm happy to share my unique link to whoever wants this offer, since I'm already on membership for years.

    However as an exchange, you must notify me that you've signed up and used the promo link so we can find out if the promo code is reusable or not. Also I want to know if 1Password giftcard can be used together with this offer as well, since that's another 25% off (by purchasing $125 giftcard for $99).

    I haven't found other ways to get the link other than looking for the popup when unlocking 1Password on my computer.

    • Just wondering, how do you get discounted 1Password gift card? Cheers.

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      I'm up for my annual renewal. May I please use your code to see if it work? I will do what you've asked in exchange.

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        It only works for new users. Won't work for renewal - I'm pretty sure there's no field for promo code when renew.

    • May I use your link please?

      • Sent to you as a conversation.

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    Does anyone know whether 1Password is better than Bitwarden?

    Currently, I use Bitwarden, it’s free and hasn’t skipped a beat for me. Just wondering if I’m missing out on anything worthwhile.

    • If that's the case you don't have to switch. However I just realised Bitwarden free doesn't have 2FA support on both master account and passwords? Makes me think of LastPass (I switched from LastPass for the same reason - no 2FA support unless paying). Since I'm pretty much paying the same amount, I'd rather use 1Password.

      1Password got a better experience on Apple platforms.

      • self-hosted bitwarden_rs supports 2FA for free

      • There is another free password manager that I recently came across (and I was using Bitwarden) and it’s called Myki.

        It’s different to Bitwarden and 1Password in a way that it doesn’t sync to the cloud but with your other devices (so peer-to-peer with your own devices). It stores only your mobile number in the cloud for your account, then when you want to use Myki on more devices you will need to link the new devices to devices which has your Myki (linking can simply be scanning a QR code). It supports 2FA and it’s also free. It also allows for custom editing of the fields, so if a website doesn’t use the standard username/password field, you can tweak that particular username/password to respond to different tags in the HTML.

        Surprised how Myki is not more popular. I wonder if it has any major downsides that I’m not aware of :/

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          Surprised how Myki is not more popular

          I'm not. The name reminds me of the Melbourne public transport system.

      • You can self-host bitwarden for 2FA. Also 2FA support within the bitwarden app is lot better. I have lastpass account trough work as well. I like lastpass UI more but notting can beat free application with pro features.

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      Bitwarden is still king. Don't bother switching.

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      I've used both.

      1Password feels nicer and has automatic 2FA input, but is more expensive
      BitWarden feels a little bit more rugged and doesn't do automatic 2FA input, but is cheaper.

      Ultimately, both products are close enough to being the same that it doesn't matter. If they cost the same I would go for 1Password, but they don't, so I choose Bitwarden, because it's what I would pay for a password manager.

      The only thing I will add to this is that BitWarden can also be self-hosted, and that can be free if you so choose. I can't be bothered setting up the environment to do that, so I just pay the $10

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      I used BitWarden for a while after my Dashlane sub expired, before ultimately moving to 1pass.

      BW gets the job done, but the apps in general are a huge step down from 1pass. UI isn't as clean and intuitive, and for me autofill didn't work anywhere near as well on PC and Android.

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    If you're after a really good password manager that costs nothing… Bitwarden has served me well, integrates well with my browser and phones… Uses TouchID on the MacBook too.

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      +1 for this. Moved from LastPass when they started to charge for basic use i.e. only one device per account for free. Bitwarden is perfect and an almost like for like replacement. Really recommend it.

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    Random Bitwarden tip for the faithful - Ctrl + Shift + L to autopopulate. Somehow never knew about that feature until recently.

    • And you can go into your browser extensions and manually map your own shortcuts if CTRL+SHIFT+L doesn’t work.

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    I use 1Password as standalone. Local vault backup to cloud and syncs across devices. Why pay someone to host your vault? What’s the benefit. Also Apples built in password manager seems to do a good job. I use both. Is there a major benefit to changing to a user pay system? Better security? (Apart from 1Password Safari extension not working everything seems much the same.

    • I'm in the same bought, curious to what others think, I have been using since 1Password v4

    • Users like you and I miss out on the Psst! Secure sharing tool unless we switch to the sub.

      I’m pretty miffed about that tbh.

  • Can this be used if not trading in a licence?
    Billed annually but any terms preventing cancelling before 3 years?

    • I believe it has nothing to do with licenses actually. It's just a coupon code and it seems to be universal to everyone. You just need to be a new subscriber to use it.

      No idea about T&C re cancellation though.

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    FYI this referral link also works for Family Plan, just use the link to create an account and upgrade it family plan


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