The Coffee Club Membership: $1.50 Monthly, $12.50 Yearly (50% off) @ The Coffee Club


I was just trawling for a working 50% off membership code and came accross this old one tagged as expired, but it still works.

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The Coffee Club
The Coffee Club


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    Yeah I'm going to be cool lining up with Grannies .

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      Is that you gramps?

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    It is great for the 2 for 1 hot and cold drinks. I was annoyed they got rid of the 10% off food from Monday to Wednesday

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      I was annoyed they got rid of the 10% off food from Monday to Wednesday


      Even at 10% off, their food is overpriced…

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        I use to get a croissant for $6 then do the add ons like poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms. Much cheaper than their meals

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          I use to get a croissant for $6

          I rest my case…

        • Thanks for the tip. I know what I’ll be ordering next time I go

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        Agreed. When it's 18/20 dollars for their cheapest burger, and you have the shitty ambience of a shopping centre.

        For that money would rather go elsewhere for a proper pub meal, or to a cafe on the outskirts of town with an actual view.

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        Isn't it worse value then when not 10% off?

        • Yes, it would be worser…

    • They still have the earn $1 for every $10 you spend.

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    Does this include hot chocolates? (my partner doesn't drink coffee)

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      my partner doesn't drink coffee

      change your partner then….

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        wow. that comment was rather unkind.

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          You need to sort out your priorities

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          I think they just let him out… he's on a roll atm 😂

          • @Matty V: Wonder how much they charge for that if a croissant is $6

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              @pennypincher98: i have noticed price increases everywhere once i re-entered society. i miss the pre covid prices.

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    Anyone know if you can use this to extend your existing membership with them.

    • Yes, the code just worked on my renewal. Thanks OP.

      VIP number: XXXXXX
      Membership Type: Yearly
      Expiry Date: 15/11/2022
      Your next billing date is 15/11/2021 for $12.50

      Sux it costs $5 to get a card sent out now

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        Oh Kool.
        Can you tell me how you did it.

        I couldn't find a way.

        • When I was doing the renewal I was able to post the code 2021VIP1250 and it worked

          • @koplik8: Ah.

            I'm still in membership till Feb 2022.

            So you were expired?

            • @FredAstair: I got an email from CC about renewing my membership yesterday

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    Is this code still working?
    New 50% membership code = BFCM50

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