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LED Light Kit US$9.30, 20W+20W Digital Amplifier Module US$7.50, Wireless BT MP3 Decoder Board US$4.19 + US$5 Post @ ICStation


Colorful RGB Flashing DIY LED Cube Ball Light, Spherical Spectrum Light Lamp with Remote Control

Wireless Bluetooth Audio Module, 20W+20W USB/AUX Digital Amplifier Module

  • Built-in amplifier module therefore it can connect to loudspeaker directly.
  • It is ideal for DIY wireless Bluetooth speakers and transponders.
  • Work with APP Sinilink which can display/monitor the current voice source and switch Equalizer.
  • Price: AU$9.9

Wireless Bluetooth MP3 Decoder Board, Audio Player Module

Free Shipping for Any Order Reached $20 usd.

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  • These are super cool. OP what's the required knowledge for these kits? I can do basic soldering, not sure how I'd go with full electrical diagrams.

    • +1

      If you can do basic soldering and follow schematics then you'll do just fine.

      I did my own 8x8xx led cube assembly and was super fun and challenging. not sure about this one but my cube is Arduino driven and have written basic lighting codes for it. Was super fun and involving way for me to pick up some coding skills

      • Totally correct. If you can do basic soldering and could follow the installation procedures strict, then it is [email protected]

  • Still waiting on order placed 22/09/21 , will wait until it arrives before I purchase further from IC Station.

    • Hello,
      Please let us know the order no. for better checking.

  • 65c more gets the 2x 50W module

    • +1

      Hello Steve,
      I see someone ordered 11pcs 2x50W modules. I guess that should be you:)
      Thank you very much for your support!
      We will add a little gift there:)

  • OP is there a mono channel version with RCA or 3.5mm jack input and +/- speaker wire output to basically make a passive subwoofer an active sub? Bluetooth not required.

  • Re: bluetooth amps. Sinilink app has terrible reviews. Reviewers advise you need to create an account so you can adjust volume on the bluetooth amplifier. App does not work without internet connection, etc. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xydc&hl=en...

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