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5% off All Watches @ Creation Watches


Use Coupon Code PUMPKIN while checking out for an additional discount of 5%.

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  • +2

    SKX007J for A$812? Phew.

    • +1

      Inflation is mad. Its all over the watch industry. Everything is up. I'm glad I got one of my watches just before the pandemic.

      • +1

        True .. I remember when I bought a few of these for about $207 in 2012 (just checked my email).

        I appreciate the SKX are now discontinued but .. phew..

        • +2

          Wow - $260 here for a SKX009J in April '19 and they're $441 now.

          Probably not a bad time to pull the handbrake on the collection for a while, I guess.

  • +1

    Nice, but the watch I'm after is only $88 - not sure if its worth the $4 saving or waiting for a better deal. I'm in no hurry to get it.
    It will be a beach-beater for the summer.

  • +3

    5% ? How do they do it!!!!

    • +2

      Then add 10% tax on it! The tax is not shown in the prices. Hence 4.5% charge on top of the advertised prices when using the code else 10%!

      • Really! no deal then

  • tried to send an email but the page doesn't seem to do anything when I click send. Are you guys restocking the Hamilton H70455733 or the H70455533 anytime soon?

  • +4

    Hi Rep, I like watches. Any bargains?

  • +2

    5% off doesn't strike me as a bargain.
    These 'deals' 'tick' me off.

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