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[PS4] Monster Hunter World $18.71/MHW: Iceborne $30.11/MHW: Iceborne Master Edition $38.17 (Expired) @ PS Store


Great prices on a really great game/expansion.

If you're new to the series, this is probably the best starting point (next to Rise of course).

MHW: Iceborne
MHW: Iceborne Master Edition expired 28/10/2021 9:59am AEDT

EDIT: As noted below by edumacation, base game is free with PS+ for PS5 owners.

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    MH world is free with ps+, I guess if you wanted to solo the game you'd pay that…

    • Oh true, thanks for the heads up! Though that's just for PS5 owners anyhow, PS4 will still need to buy it.

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    It's better than Rise though, especially Iceborne.

    • I feel they both have their own pros and cons.

      Iceborne/base MHW had a better endgame structure, but I like Rise's combat more.

      Both great games though!

    • I dunno about that. The combat in Rise is much more fun - it just biffed the endgame grind. And honestly I don't mind that too much either. Gives me the opportunity to play other games and give Rise a bit of a rest before Sunbreak comes out next year.

  • Monster Hunter is a very slow game with poor map and destination tracking.
    I'm glad I got it for free with ps plus as it's not a game I would have been happy buying.

  • MHW looked interesting, but like HZD I lost interest after 20 minutes

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      20 minutes is like barely enough time to get through the beginning cutscene.

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