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[PS4, PS5, PSVR] PS+ Games 11/2021 - The Walking Dead: S&S, Kingdoms of Amalur, First Class Trouble, Knockout City @ PlayStation


Edit - confirmed.

As usual, these games will be available on the first Tuesday of the month (November 2).

  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (PS VR)
  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (PS4)
  • First Class Trouble (PS5, PS4)
  • Knockout City (PS5, PS4)
  • The Persistence (PSVR)
  • Until You Fall (PSVR)

Looks like there were sites waiting for this.

Full credit to Billbil-kun

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  • +24

    My god how crappy!

    • +29

      Kingdoms of Amalur is really good actually.

      • +6

        It's the one that I'm pleased with, the rest seem to be more multiplayer things or require a VR set.

        Us singleplayer, non sporty guys have been getting the short end of the stick the last few months =(

        • +2

          They’re giving away I believe 3 VR games to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the PSVR release. I think they’re being done in addition to the usual freebies, which is nice.

          • @grayadamson: Oh that's cool, I'll need to get myself one of them one day.. and a larger lounge area in which to use it :P

            • +1

              @Stoibs: If you can get one cheap, they provide some fun times. Though yeah, a decent amount of floor space is definitely required. Lost count of the amount of times I’ve cleared my coffee table by accident. ;-)

              • @grayadamson: Hehe.

                I've watched some gameplay footage of saints and sinners in the past and it definitely piqued my interest, if there was going to be a game to get it for that would be one of them so I'm atleast happy to claim that for the time being.

                Guess I'll keep my eyes peeled during Black friday..

                Thanks for the replies, I'm out of the loop regarding this stuff. Guess I'll wait to see the PSVR2 then instead :)

                • +1

                  @Stoibs: Yeh I would definitely wait for PSVR2 at this stage. I've had some really cool experiences with the PSVR but I don't think I've used it once this year.

            • +2

              @Stoibs: Don’t get it. Outdated technology. I would wait for PSVR2

            • +1

              @Stoibs: Cables won’t be long enough

        • As bad as that sounds, I think it makes sense since you need a PS+ subscription to play multiplayer games.

      • Yes but U believe it's a PS3 game?

      • +3

        respect your opinion but

        • released in 2012 for 360/PS3
        • metacritic 72%
        • IGN 6/10

        this is indeed a very bad month for PS+

        • The age and console target is the main point

  • -2

    Bleh. What a shame. Last month was great. Obviously subjective though.

    • +35

      Definitely subjective as I thought last month's was much worse:
      - An online FPS WW2 shooter
      - Mortal Kombat X that was already included as part of the PS Plus collection
      - Golf? lmao

      • +3

        Not subjective. Last month was really weak. I didn't even bother adding those games to my list. This month's doesn't look much different. Won't be renewing PS plus. Hopefully we get PS now soon.

        • +9

          Apart from FFVII, Ive put more hours into golf than any other game from PS+ this year lol

          • @Cfer50: The golf game in my opinion was definitely the worst of the lot esp considering the October Halloween theme. Didn't know ppl actually played that. Definitely subjective then.

          • +8

            @Cfer50: I only download the golf game on the weekend and have around 10 hours already. I'm not sure why but it's pretty fun. Even thinking of attempting to get the plat.

            • @hogmog: Yep I used to love the tiger woods golf many years ago so I downloaded this one too. Only played for a few hours but enjoying it.

            • @hogmog: I enjoyed it more than expected. Will see how long the love for it lasts before i get bored.

      • I'm with you. An online FPS shooter that has a high barrier to entry to beginners to add insult to injury!

        October was atrocious.

      • +3

        Each to their own. My friend platinum'd the golf game, and I'm addicted to Hell Let Loose. It's incredible, but not for people who want COD. It's more reminiscent of SOCOM.

      • +1

        Hell Let Loose is actually really great if you take the time to play it. It won't appeal to the masses though as there are no level ups every match nor a million different unlocks and pats on the back telling little Johnny what a good player they are. Very immersive, great graphics, exceptional audio.

      • +1

        personally.. watching the download of the golf game would be more entertaining than the game itself.

  • +10

    Walking dead saints and sinners is
    an incredible game!

    • +2

      This game alone makes me so happy for this month

    • +1

      Been waiting for this game to get cheap as it looks like a ton of fun, so I am pretty impressed with this months offering.

  • +6

    I was close to buying the Walking Dead VR game when it was on sale recently. Glad I held off. :-)

    • +3

      Same, It's been on sale a few times recently and almost caved. Lucky I didn't lol

    • I had just bought it on Oculus like a few days before this was announced, fortunately hadn't played it for long yet so got a full refund.

  • -1


  • -3

    wow. awful. im considering filing a complaint it is that bad. us as consumers should not be putting up with these outrageous free content

    • +7

      How exactly are the games free? Playstation Plus is required and it certainly isn't free.

      • +2

        Not to mention that once your subscription lapses you lose access to the game…

      • It's free with PS+ Some context goes a long way. But still the primary function of PS+ is multiplayer + Online storage. The games are very much a bonus aspect of this.

    • +2

      Do you get PS plus subscription for free. If so please add the deal on ozbargain so we can all avail it.

  • no ps5 exclusive this month, not bad. PS4 finally got 4 games instead of 2

  • +2

    Also two, as yet unknown, additional VR games next month as well.

    • +2

      Might be one each for November, December and January - " Beginning next month, all PS+ members will get three bonus PSVR games for free."

      • +1

        Good point, I guess just not how it has been reported in the media.

        • +2

          I am happy to have been wrong!

    • +1

      We've found one, but one is still is a mystery.

  • Kingdom of Amalur is decent, keep in mind it’s a remaster

  • Looking at the description, is First Class Trouble basically a 3D 'Among Us'?

    • Yep, looks kinda janky - but probably pretty fun.

  • Good for vr fans I guess, although I probably would have preferred one of the other Walking Dead "games" just for an easy plat lol.

  • Can't say I am personally excited. Makes it two months in a row for me.

    Glad some are happy.

  • +2

    Can't complain about Kingdoms of Amulur. Really good game.

  • +3

    What exactly are people expecting? Brand new AAA releases every month for free on PS Plus?

    • +6

      /Looks at Gamepass

      I mean, this is the 1 year anniversary month of the PS5 launch, not unreasonable to expect fireworks of sorts.
      Who knows maybe something else will come to light from tomorrow's state of play..

      • -2

        And you can go to psnow for an even better deal with even more games

        • I've been thinking about doing that on my US account, though I figured the streaming would be unplayable. Would have to look up a list of the downloadable titles I guess.

        • +5

          ….Which is still unavailable here.

          • +1

            @Tiges98: Just get a US account, its easy to do and you can go to play asia to buy wallet top ups

      • +1

        How much is gamepass again? Totally different type of service.

        PS+ is more like Games with Gold.

      • +2

        Why do people keep comparing this to Gamepass? PS+ started and was accepted as a multiplayer accessibility service, not a game service. But has evolved to offer some games.

        Its like asking why Nintendo Online doesnt give you games too but costs the same, if not more… different platform, different service offered…

        The only way Sony will notice the problem is if people stop subscribing. I personally only have a continuous sub for PS, and accept it for what it is, and occasionally get a month of Gamepass or EA on PC if a game is available that I like and wanna punt around for a bit.PS have had a fair few AAA titles over the years, making my annual sub of ~$50 well worth it even though all I really pay for is online access on the PS…

        • PS+ actually copied the free games aspect from Xbox Live Games with Gold. So it's kinda come full circle not once, but twice.

  • Great month for PSVR owners.

    Not a lot going for other punters… I thought Knockout City was a free to play game.

    • +1

      It is in the sense that no one would ever pay to play it.

      • Obviously no one has if it’s already a ps+ game

  • +2

    Man this is an atrocious month for ps5 gamers… isn’t knockout city a free to play game? I gave it a go on my Xbox for about 5 minutes and haven’t gone back.

  • +1

    Oh man, I just bought Saints and Sinners for Oculus the other day. I put in for a refund as I couldn't aim properly with my eyesight and felt it wasn't for me.

    But now I'll just claim it through PS+ and work through it piecemeal.

  • +2

    Walking Dead just got a free post game content update, AfterShock. A few hours of extra fun. Incredible game.

  • +1

    Wow that is incredible for PSVR. Super happy about it, makes up for me recently buying Kingdom of Amalur on PS4.

  • What is the deal

  • +2

    The Walking Dead S&S is easily one of the best games on VR period. I paid full asking price on release and it was worth every cent.

  • +1

    It’s as if Sony hears the negative feedback and instead of taking it on, look at it as a challenge to do even worse next month. Either that, or their execs get off on complaints more than the cable company guys on South Park.

    • How do you even complain to Sony.
      It probably never even reaches them.

  • How do Sony expect to win against gamepass with these games?

    • yeah these selections are feeble indeed.

      I have a 12 month psplus gift card that I still haven't activated. Anyone want to swap for 12 months of game pass ultimate?

      • +8

        Why would anyone swap something for another that retails for much less?

    • +1

      Ps Now has more games and is cheaper

      • +1

        I thought that wasn’t available in Australia.

        And Xbox has improved heaps of their games to play better on the Series S and X, while, as far as I’m aware, Sony has only done that for a handful of their games thus far.

        • You can get a US psn account, and i rather not give a company as evil as microsoft money.

    • +2

      No wonder PS5s are still sitting on shelves everywhere.

  • +1

    Is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR only?

    Remind me why I bought a PS5 over an Xbox? 🤷

  • +1

    Minority opinion, it seems, but I'm very happy with this lineup. I haven't played S&S or Amalur yet, but have wanted to check them both out for a while!

  • now this is tragic….

    xbox pass pc is doing 1aud for a month right now even if you're a returning subscriber.

    • Ahh if only if it were $1 a month for xbox.

  • Meh, won't even add to my library this month. Thanks for the deets though

  • A bit eh. I'll stick to AC Odyssey I guess

  • "PS5" …..right

    • -1

      Not a single game worth even adding to your games library.

      • +1

        All of them except First Class Trouble (no reviews yet) are 70+ on metacritic.

        Sounds like it could be a pretty good month to me.

    • Knockout City is not showing as free for me.

  • +1

    I’ve played a bit of The Persistence, but the not the VR version. It’s a good game but it was too hard for my liking.

  • Having never had a PlayStation plus subscription before, are the games only playable for the time of your subscription?

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