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R.M. Williams Mens Comfort Craftsman Boots (B543Y)/Dynamic Flex Craftsman Boots (B543YM) $425 Delivered @ Allingtons


Dynamic Flex

Beautifully constructed and uniquely made from one piece of leather, Comfort Craftsman boots are available in Chestnut and Black.

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    Great boots, good price.

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    Waiting for someone to ask how/why these boots are better than kmart ones or any cheap boots…

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      If you can't tell the difference, you should just go for the Kmart ones.

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        I think these $400 boots are better than the $20 boots from Kmart. But not 2,000% better. How much better is upto you.

        These puppies have a huge profit margin, and should be avoided by OzBargainers/tightarses.

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          I thought the same until the first time they hugged my foot.

        • +6

          How so?

          Its a Australian handmade goodyear welted shoe. Maybe watch a video on the complexity and time to make such a shoe.

          • -7

            @HerpinDerp: Any links?
            Also, just because something costs a lot of money to make, does not necessitate that it is worth/valued at said price. When saying this, I'm not advocating a race-to-the-bottom pricing, or slavery.

          • @HerpinDerp: Didn't they outsourcing the creation since it was acquired by another company?

            • @cerealsmok3r: the comfort craftsman is still made in melbourne. all other models like the suede is outsourced.

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                @cradx: this is wrong on so many accounts.

                All Craftsman models are made in Adelaide, SA.

                There is no factory in Melbourne.

                Some models (laced boots/non chealseas) are made in places like Morocco.

          • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: Thanks, that was an awesome article.

          • @ObnoxiousaAndRude: Terry Pratchett and boots … love it!!

            As a real world example, I would buy Myer shoes like florscheims (sp?) or whatever was floating about and they would be good for a year (sometimes less).

            I bought my first pair of RM Williams about 5 years ago, with a quick polish, they are as good as new … it's also worth noting that they don't smell (my feet get stinky in cheap shoes) and they're really comfortable …

            Now I got the Craftsman boots (so a little bit of an upgrade) but they're good enough for me to want to get a paid of signature craftsman boots by the end of the year (craftsman boots were from DFO / harbour town - seconds with no identifiable fault, the signatures will be full retail to properly fit my wide feet)

            • @weezlebub: I buy a new pair if craftsman boots on every decade birthday since I was 30 (40, 50 and plan for 60) Wear them nearly every day, and they probably would do longer than ten years but hey, it’s time. Replace heels probably every three years, sole once in a ten year timeframe before they are retired to yard work.

    • +13

      Have you tried them on? I was converted straight away…

      You know I used to spend $100-$150 every year on dress shoes for work which we're uncomfortable and fell apart really quickly.

      The way I see it the payback period for these will be around 4 years at this price… And if you look after them well (with maintenance) there's no reason why they can't last a decade or two.

    • It's really an ignorance of leather types for the most part.

      People think "genuine leather" is top notch

  • Got these on their last sale, quick postage and great service!

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    How/why are these boots better than kmart ones?

    • +15

      They are OZB favourite aspirational liberal shoes to wear in the melb/Syd CBD on casual Fridays.

      • +9

        Or on daddy's farm when you're busy showing your tinder date how much money your family has

        Full disclosure i have a pair and dont regret it one bit

        • Was your date impressed with how much money your family has?

          • +2

            @zductiv: Oh she was impressed with it.

            Just didn't make up for the 'other areas' that were lacking. Turns out size does matter

            She quickly asked jeeves to bring the helicopter round and left.

      • +1

        Especially now Twiggy Forrest owns RM.

    • +14

      longwearing, look nicer, and you can get the soles replaced if they wear out (so they are more eco friendly). Also supporting Australian jobs as they're made here and repaired here.

    • They last a lifetime.

    • Must be tough having to choose between food and quality footwear

      • Quality footwear everytime mate. It’s a no brainer.

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    Don’t forget to join their newsletter for 20% off first order and use an afterpay referral for $30 off.

    • Been hanging out on buying these for two years, thanks great deal!

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      Do you just wait for the popup or how do you get the 20%?

    • +5

      Just signed up and all I got was "free delivery on first order." Did I do something wrong?

    • I tried and the code they gave for joining is invalid

    • How does the afterpay referral work to get the $30 off?

  • Is this a price mistake?

  • Are they genuine?

    • Sorry I don't know much but keen to spend money on them

    • +1

      Allingtons is reliable

  • They squeak, nuf said.

    • With some types of socks, yes.

    • That happens to me too and it's annoying when you're walking in the office..what socks prevent the squeaking? I notice this happens when I wear thin ones

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    Hmm. Can you get that 20% voucher?

  • But is it 20x better than Kmart ones?

      • +11

        You can get laid with these but not with kmart ones

        • +1

          By country sheilas who check the authenticity of your boots?

          • +1

            @mattj1x: actually, city girls know how much they are and it does make a difference when you're getting to know them … women always look at shoes and know more about mens shoes than we do

        • +3

          I prefer to take me boots off when gettin' laid…

  • Need X width, oops

  • How is the sizing compared to Docs?

  • +5

    all liberal voters here?

    • They are also the shoe of choice of far too many uni profs. I think they fantasise it connects them to the real Australia.

    • +2

      Have you heard the concept of opportunity cost?

      • +2

        I think he factored in that and chose to go with it.

  • i have owned many rm williams over the past 40 years. sorrry…. but these are not a bargain!

    • Whats a bargain price for RMW craftsmans these days?

      • +1

        Sub 400..just several weeks ago, you could get them ~350 at iconic sale + cash rewards cashback

  • +2

    a bargain/good buy is 350 to 400.

    i have paid 299 and 375

  • for craftsman.

  • wait for end of year sales at the outlet

    • Outlet pairs are usually scuffed or seconds though.

      • As well as having a hole punched to indicate seconds

      • Never had that. Ever

        You should he shopping at an rmw outlet.

        they price is reduced due to surplus in stock or old stock not sold at retail stores.

        as for scuffs etc… never seen it at any rmw store.

    • Alas, those sales are in-store only and not all of us live anywhere close to them.

  • Agreed to Dodgyemail… i am waiting price to go below $400 for 2nd purchase. By the way once you were RM William then you know what you are missing

  • Got a pair in 2018 for ~57k Qantas points: worn to work every cooler day (feet sweat bad in summer), still going strong - more comfy as time goes on.

  • I've only owned the Dynamic Flex; would the Comforts retain the same size? Or do you have to size down as its a non-removable insole? Been wanting a pair, as well as the Sydneys.

  • +1

    Working from home in the last 2 years definitely saved lots of money on shoes

    • Yep, you can see a fair few shoes pop up for sale now because a lot of the city workers no longer need their fancy shoes.

      I'd have jumped at this price but then realised I already have 3 pairs of gyw boots and I basically just wear one pair most of the time.

  • Those who already own a pair of these boots, How is the it necessary to try before buying online?

    • +4

      100% go in store and get right size first.

    • From my experience, half a size too big on traditional sizing.

    • Definitely go to an RMW store to get sized up properly. Just go to one of their outlet stores if you feel bad for going to a main store for the sole purpose of sizing up. RMW sizes are weird and their conversions aren't correct, for me at least.

  • Always been keen to get these, curious what it costs to resole them? I'm guessing that's what would have to be done every other year or so to keep them going?

    • +1

      Go to a local cobbler and it's about 50 for the heel blocks. To do a full resole with a dainite sole it cost me about $185 from a guy in Coorparoo, Brisbane.

      • +1

        A full resole through RM Williams is $165 if your located close to a RM WIlliams store (otherwise add postage)

  • +2

    Best reviews for boots on Rose Anvil

  • I was keen to buy locally manufactured boots. Looking at product review, I am concerned that the quality of R.M.Williams have dropped over the last few years.

    Are there any other locally manufactured boots? If not, I was starting to look at Ecco.

    • +1

      RM dynamic flex are made in china, but the single piece leather is australian made (the comfort craftsman and above)

      Regarding sizing, they are a little narrow …

      I was sold on them when two of my colleagues in NSW were wearing them and i asked why … one of the guys was 160kg's and claimed to walk 10+ km / week and had been wearing them for 7 years (they looked maybe 6 months old), the other guy was 120kg and had his for 5 years and they looked new …

      • +1

        As far as I know the dynamic flex are made in Australia as are all the craftsman series.

        Size wise I have 2 x Dynamic flex in 9H (I think as they have been stuck in the office for 4 months) and 1 each of the Veal Calf and Kangaroo craftsman in 8.5G. For comparison all my New Balance sneakers are US11.

      • Where are you getting your info?

        The Dynamic Flex, like all other Craftsman, are made in Adelaide, SA. Perhaps some parts are imported (such as rubber soles from UK or China), but all are assembled in RM Willian's factory in SA.

        The Dynamic Flex upper is the same one-piece leather construction upper as the Craftsman and Comfort Craftsman.

  • How do RM's compare to these @ $262?

    • Cant see a manufacturing location so id assume they are made in china. All Chinese shoes last about a year of every day use.

      If you can't afford RM's, get Rossi's. They're both made in the same Adelaide Suburb.

    • Not even the same ball park. But perfectly fine for the campus staff room or CBD.

      The RMs are hand made and sown together, are a single piece of leather thus more waterproof, and the comfort craftsman can go through airport security. The Florsheim Chelsea boots are factory made, the upper is glued to the sole, it has multiple joins, and no doubt a cheap metal shank. And not made in Australia.

    • Florshiem shoes are lucky to last a year.

      The ones I have get so hot (not breathable) that I don't even wear them anymore.

  • So got the sizing done but looks like Allingtons don't stock F width in chestnut. I am wondering how much difference it will be for G width from F?

    • Unfortunately, F is not a standard width so its hard to get it anywhere but through RM Williams themselves.

      • I might go to a different store and try the standard width tomorrow. Thanks for the response

        • Actually when I was first sized up I was an F, but the second time I was a G. The second time I was wearing slightly thicker socks, but still felt quite snug. So i'm not sure what happened with the first sizing.

          Good thing with going to G size is I can make use of the sales…. RM Williams don't have as many sales.

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