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10% off Apple MacBook Air Laptops ($1349-$1664) + Delivery ($0 to Select Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


For those not looking to buy Macbook Pro and don't wana wait till release of new Macbook Air.

Can also stack with 5% off Jb Hifi Gift Cards from Suncorp etc.

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  • I'm just missing that last post… 😔

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    Unfortunately, no 16gb rams. Otherwise would be great to me.

    • Can you only get 16gb of ram if buying through apple?

    • I have had 20+ tabs in Chrome open along with other apps and never had any lag.. 8gb base model

      • RAM is a must for any devs or anyone who uses virtualisation thats why

        • No developers or anyone using virtualisation is buying a MacBook air lol

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            @debaron541: Did you just price shame me 🤣🤣

            I know a bunch that do but guess you must exclude them lol

    • i get your point but …..thats why this line up is air…..

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        I believe there's a market for hot hatch version of macbook.

  • When is new MBA expected to release?

    • Late next year.

      • What about the MacBook Pro 13 M1? Any refresh coming?

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          RIP MBP 13"

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          I mean, the MBP 14" is the successor - they're the same size as the 13", it's the screen that's bigger because the bezel is smaller.

          You're paying more because you've got more RAM and more storage.

          Otherwise, just get the Air, 2020 because it's basically the same computer as the 13" Macbook Pro 2020

          • @Droz: To be pedantic, the MBP14 body is /slightly/ wider and deeper than the 13" MBP.

            MBA: 30.41 x 21.24 x 1.61cm
            MBP13: 30.41 x 21.24 x 1.56cm
            MBP14: 31.26 x 22.12 x 1.55cm

            • @fruchle: Fair! I forgot they changed the case design a bit

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            @Droz: I don't think the MBP13 M1 is going away. If you look at the price positioning, the MBP14 is actually positioned above MBP13 M1. Looks like Apple is splitting the 'pro category'. There is now a 'pro-er' category. Which is why if this is true, then MBP13 category will stay and a refresh might come. If the MBP13 category is gone, there is basically a price gap and Apple will have nothing for that market.

            The MBA can't really stretch to cover MBP's price point. And we know Apple reuses the MBA/MBP13 platform for years before introducing a new case design. The M1 basically takes away the need for CPU/intrageneration refreshes. Releasing a M2 product would undermine M1 Pro/Max. UNLESS Apple releases a new form factor (case design) that will take over both MBA and MBP13 range. I find that hard to expect from Apple so soon.

            • @Davesday: The expectation is that the M2 will refresh the M1; which means power-efficiency. No extra GPU cores, no extra ProRes cores, etc.

              A future-future M2 Pro/Max would undermine the M1 Pro/Max.

    • It has a white front panel with a notch. That would be a huge let down.
      This is what happens when you no longer have your best designer.

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        A font so thin you can barely see it. A thing of beauty. I give you Helevetica Neue Lite, with low foreground background contrast. iOS7 is the best thing I've made since the hockey puck mouse.

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        Really, once he left they went back to laptops with some semblance of choice in ports, proper laptop keyboard and MagSafe.

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    Sooooooo tempted.

  • I need 16gb

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      what are people using 16gb for. is it just to futureproof yourself. From what I've seen online, 8gb is really solid.

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        Microsoft Teams :'(

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        Been looking into whether 16GB was worth it recently. From what I can gather, 8GB actually gets used up very quickly but SSD swap storage makes it imperceptible to most users (which is slow compared to RAM, but fast enough that most people won't notice). The fear that some have is that this will tax the SSD and cause it to fail earlier. Also, as apps take up more RAM in the coming years, the use of swap will be relied upon more and more and may eventually become a more noticeable bottleneck.

        Personally, I'm still undecided.

        • Thanks for your clarification. I wasn't sure why so many people were after 16gb. I was considering the MBA but i have no need for a laptop so I thought that it would be a waste of money. This info will really helpful when I do consider getting a new laptop, probably a MBA

      • ya if you want 16gb then you should probably get the Pro

      • Got the 16gb/1tb

        I run a couple of W11 VMs for testing and random stuff with no trouble, along with Teams, a billion Edge and Safari tabs, and other junk. It never skips a beat.

      • lightroom

      • Excel Spreadsheets :(

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    Not too bad for those who don’t want to purchase through the Apple Union education store and missed the 15,000 Flybuys points for purchasing an Apple gift card from Coles, that combo produces a lot better purchase price.

    • gonna wait until the Flybuys points bonus comes back and order through the education store, hopefully by next month.

  • way to go.

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    The perfect laptop for 95% of people. It is a beast of a machine, looks the part and lasts all day. For the price and capability, the best laptop in the market. Moved across from Windows - no regrets. Never thought I would buy a Apple laptop but for once they got the price and spec right.

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      What was the biggest challenge you faced for switching from Windows to MacOS ?

      • Gaming
        Some niche industry specific software requires windows

        Work around with parallels but you'll need a subscription.

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      Ha! It was exactly same for me. I never thought I would go with MacBook and recently I'va made a move and got a very first M1 and OMG what a relief! No regrets and super easy switch too

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      I went back to Windows from an M1 MB Air.

      The dongle life is crap - period, and trying to snap two windows side by side is 1000 times more frusturating than it should be. When connected to an external display, oft times one of the windows would completely dissapear and i had no idea how to get them both back onto the same screen.

  • Is the old m1 macbook pro a better purchase? Apple have it on refurb for 1699 and I'll be claiming on TRS

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      They're virtually the same machine, either get the Air or the 14".

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      Basically pro has the fan and Touch Bar.

      • And neither might be an advantage to some.

  • Officeworks Price Beat for extra 5% off.

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    It's $1,294.70 when using the edu store.

    • Everyone doesn't have kids :)

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        they don't ask you for verification if you do delivery

      • +1

        worth having a couple just to benefit from some sweet discounts. only true ozbargainers would understand

  • Good deal. I’m tempted.
    My 2015 12” Macbook is so damn slow and I need to upgrade but none of the current lineup matches up to the tiny and light footprint of the 12”.
    Not sure how much longer I’ll be able to hold out.

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