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[Used] 4GB Laptop RAM (DDR3 SODIMM PC12800 1600MHz) $15 + $3 Delivery ($0 ACT, NSW, QLD C&C) @ CeX


Fleabay usually sells it for $17+ used for very limited qtys, and buy at your own risk.

Just wanted to upgrade an old Macbook pro 2012 (with 1 faulty ram slot despite the pressure fix.) at minimal cost.

So picked up a 4gb Transcend ddr3l 1600mhz stick from my local CEX. They had 10+ of the same model. Since its faster than stock memory and can run at lower voltage it has more chances of working in a Macbook Pro.

However, different stores will have different brands; YMMV. If 1600mhz is not your thing, 1866mhz goes for $1 more.

Shop in store, don't worry about shipping damage or lost packages. Keep your receipt for refunds if you encounter incompatibility.

There is a delivery charge of $3.00 per individual item valued up to $20.00. Any individual items purchased over the value of $20.00 will not incur a delivery fee

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  • Never purchased from CEX online, I assume there's delivery fees involved? Or is there click & collect.

    • CEX are located in ACT, NSW and QLD only. postage is $3. So equivalent to eBay if you don't live near one.

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      $3 shipping per items under $20 (but you can't combine shipping costs even if they're from the same store).
      Free shipping for items over $20
      Pretty cheap delivery charge considering it's tracked

      • yeah its really lame its still 3 dollars an item even tho it could be from the same store and it can get unnecessarily expensive, they do have 2 year warranty which is good for 2nd hand stuff

  • I've had them send me wrong items especially RAM modules. Either wrong speed, capacity or even a DIMM module when it was listed as a SODIMM.
    It was easy to return them but probably best to get instore to be sure

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      Also be careful to read the info from the RAM itself. Last time I bought one in-store, the RAM speed was different from the tag

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      It wouldn't surprise me if it was due to the staff mislabelling the items when they were originally brought into the store.

      I once brought in a 3.5" SATA hard drive to sell it to them, but they instead entered it into their system as a 2.5" SATA hard drive.

  • I gave my 2012 MacBook Pro to my parents. How much RAM do they have stock?
    The old man loves to have 50 tabs open

    • The 4GB is not enough in this case. As well as you’ll have to check if you can add ram to a MacBook pro

      • Ah cheers, so 4gb is standard.

        But assume it's 2 sticks of 2gb to make 4gb.

        Definitely can change it in the 2012 (op mentions it in the title)..do they need to be equal pairs? Ie. Can you just remove one, and add a 4gb stick to make it 6gb? Or do they need to be paired?

        • no need to be paired. it's normally 4gb standard not 2gb.

          • @sunnyc: Yeah, but the 4gb is made up of 2x2gb in the 2012 MB pro. So was wondering if you can remove one 2gb stick and put in a 4gb. Then leave the other 2gb in place, giving 6gb in total.

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    I got a 8GB stick when I saw it labelled as 4GB at CeX. Got it for $15.

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