XFX Radeon RX 6600 XT Speedster QICK 308 Black 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $849 + Delivery @ PLE Computers


XFX Radeon RX 6600 XT Speedster QICK 308 Black 8GB GDDR6 not too sure if this is a great price but it is one of the cheaper and better 6600 XT models I can find.

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    No I wouldn't call it a deal even at current climate

    760 maybe

    850 no

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      It just a HODL angle with the current market

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    849??? Noooo

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    Didn't these start at the low $600's?

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      it was $589 on launch day for the Fighter model, insane hyperinflation

  • -3

    $849 for a card than runs worse than my 5yr old GTX 1080. Surely this card should be sub $500. Current GPU market is bonkers.

    • +1

      Looking at all the reviews.. its like 15% faster then a 3060/2070/1080ti

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        6600xt cards are decent! And I'm using a 6600xt powercolor fighter which has lower clock speeds
        Upgraded from a 1080, I feel there has been a bit of misinformation about them and negative reviews in comparison to the price.
        In my experience they're pretty fun to use :)

  • What's with the lack of 6700 cards? Plenty of 6600 and 6800, even 6900, but no 6700??

  • Brought this for $699 almost two months ago, glad I pulled the trigger on then.

    • Even $699 is not a great price.

      • To be honest, $699 is decent for current market condition, 100% shit and crap any other timeline. That said $699 is still miles better than $849, more than 20% higher in two months…

    • paid $639 Delivered for a Saphire 6600xt pulse. I like the metal backplate

  • Yeh got this for $699/$700 as well. It is a very loud card, even in idle you can hear it.

    • Can you not tune the fans?

      • +1

        Woah! No way, 6600xt fighter is a barely audible low hum at all times

  • You can get an RX 6600 XT from Centrecom for $800 if that helps. I called and they offered that price to me

    • Which model?

      • Can't remember sorry, I called them asking about the RX 5700 XT on their site hoping they'd still have them in stock. They offered me the 6600 XT for $800. I was only willing to spend around $500 for a card at the time. Give them a call to sus it out

        • You were living in a fantasy land if you were genuinely expecting Centre Com to have any 5700XTs left let alone at a reasonable price. They're the OG Ethereum mining card.

          • @xyron: Yeah well I wasn't in the market for a GPU until my 2012 Radeon HD 6790 died. I didn't even realised how f'd up the GPU market was

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