Telstra NBN: $1 for the First Month on NBN50 ($95/Mo Thereafter) / NBN100 ($110/Mo Thereafter) (New Customers, Min Cost $217)


Get your first month for just $1 on selected internet plans.
It's easy to switch to reliably fast home Wi-Fi. Try us today for pocket change.

Telstra Smart Modem included. When you stay connected for 24 months, the modem is included for free. If you cancel your plan within 24 months of connecting, you will need to payout the remaining cost of your Telstra Smart Modem.

Min cost $217 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth. Ends 10 Jan 2022.

Also, free to leave Telstra if not satisfied with the service with 1st month plan cost refunded and modem returned. This applies only if notified with in 30 days. This is applicable for brand new customers to Telstra and existing Telstra customers switching to the nbn with them for the first time

The nbn satisfaction guarantee
30 days of happy - or a refund
We’re making the nbn experience better and backing it with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy, let us know within 30 days of connecting and if we can't fix it for you, you can walk away with no obligations. We’ll refund your first monthly plan fee and any hardware repayment costs.

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    And then $80 for 25/4..

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      plus credit card transaction fees…

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      That's not even included in the offer it seems. Need to go a $95 50/17 plan..

      But at least the $80 plan can benefit from

      ✓ No $99 connection fee

      Lol only Telstra would implement a fee just to then call it a benefit they're not charging you even more.

      • Telstra and gyms…

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    Min cost $217 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth. Ends 10 Jan 2022

    Also, free to leave Telstra if not satisfied with the service with 1st month plan cost refunded and modem returned.

    Don't get me wrong here but if you cancel your service normally it's because you're not satisfied in some way. So if you notify them on Day 30 you're not satisfied you can return modem (who pays postage?) and get your dollar refund. However if Telstra just happen to not realise you've notified them until Day 31 you'll get charged $217?

    Not sure this is a bargain either given their usual rates.

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    I smell a rat.

    • I believe we can hand over the hardware by visiting to a store. And yes this is my 1st ever post cause I usually browse with out registering

    • "let us know within 30 days of connecting and if we can’t fixit, you can cancel your nbn services without penalty."
      "You’re not eligible if you […] disconnect without contacting us first to let us know you’re not happy"
      "We’ll also waive any early termination fees and you can keep your hardware or equipment"

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    Min cost $217 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth.


    That's probably the most expensive 1 month residential internet plan that I've seen…

    • Yes probably, cause in Optus we can handover the modem and get the refund. This is not the case with them

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    $1 for the first month but Telstra will F you for the rest of the contract.

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    So many better ISPs at this point. Telstra is not one of them.

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    Use live chat and order without modem. That way there won’t be any exit fees.

  • The best deal right now is Superloop. I signed up on their 100/20 for $69.95 for first six months. Took three minutes. Getting 107/19 speed during the busy period.

    • Getting 107/19 speed during the busy period.

      I only get mid 90's during peak. Should I complain?

      • Lol I guess it might depend on how you did the test, the CVC at your POI and your modem. I'm on FTTP, using a Telstra modem and using the South Melbourne POI.

  • Seems to be a misleading claim for $1 for the first month, when the minimum cost is much greater after one month. (Doesn't even add up to $1 + $95 if you were to cancel the second month in?)

    Min cost $217 for new customers who cancel after 1 mth.

    Telstra Smart 4G Modem is advertised as included for new customers, but you must pay it out if you leave within 24 months.

    If you leave within 24 months pay out the modem ($9/mth for every month remaining in the first 24 mths)

    No lock in contract? The terms don't match.

  • I wouldn't give Telstra the steam off my p1ss, let alone even $1 of my money.

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    When you could get 100/40 from Telstra for $90 (some even cheaper) then it was a reasonable deal.
    This is a poor deal. Dealing with Telstra is EXTREME pain and they do not keep promises.
    I am switching out of Telstra, as I was promised my 100.40 plan will not change after I said I am leaving if they change it to 100/20.
    Guess what - they changed it after the month. Spent hours on chat, going to nowhere.
    Stay away!

    • My 100/40 was also being changed by Telstra to 100/20
      but they offer me a $15 credit for 12 months
      so now I am just paying $75 for 100/20 ($90-15)
      I believe this credit offer should be sent to anyone that got affected

      Will probably leave Telstra NBN after the 12 months of $15 credits are over

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    Telstra just doesnt want to learn from the market. Way too Rigid in pricing. Still living in early 90s where they were the boss and only few companies around

  • This isn't even a deal unless you need nbn for only one month

  • So basically one month free but you're paying for their rip off plan the next?

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    We left Telstra after a decade of being with them and have since tried both Superloop and Aussie Broadband.

    Both those companies have better speeds, lower latency, and lower jitter than Telstra. Both cheaper. Both have 10x better service.

    Telstra above all others had the service in the past. They've become genuinely one of the worst companies to deal with in Australia. On the internet front and mobile front.

    • Yes would never return to Telstra. I am happy with Optus nbn now corporate plan for 67.5 dlrs per month including a modem with backup simcard.

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    Another Telstra nightmare in 2020 here, needed a letter addressed to Andy Penn to resolve. They still left us short ~$140.

    Last week - some 18 months later - a bill arrives with $143 credit.

    Completely useless to us.

    Just don't.

  • I hate Telstra but after a recent issue with Mate I think a 4G backup will be priceless. Spending a weekend without internet and hours on hold was not fun.

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