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External Gigabyte GeForce AORUS RTX 3080 Gaming Box R2.0 LHR Graphics Card $2099 + Delivery (Free for Metro Areas) @ Centre Com


Powerful GeForce RTX™ 3080 delivers incredible performance for games, creators and A.I.
WATERFORCE all-in-one cooling system
Thunderbolt™ 3 plug and play
Supports 3x USB 3.0 for peripheral
Supports 1x Ethernet port
Supports Power Delivery (PD 3.0) to charge the laptop PC
RGB fusion 2.0 - 16.7M color synchronize with other AORUS devices.
LHR (Lite Hash Rate) version

Can be plugged into laptops with a Thunderbolt 3 port and utilized for gaming, graphics and mining. Basically similar price to a discreet card but includes power source, dock and water cooling for the card.

Works much quieter than a conventional discreet card and can technically also run off a PC with a Maple ridge gigabyte thunderbolt card.

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    Considering how stupidly expensive 3080 are right now, and how much a egpu enclosure costs by itself, this is a good deal for those that need it? Its watercooled as well. I guess only issue being since its watercooled its going to be much harder to take the card out, swap it down the line or to use it in a PC?

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      agree, I felt the enclosure is some kind of "free" when factor in the current 3080 price.
      The enclosure has a 550W PSU, should be sufficient, and GPU clock at 1710 MHz, memory at 19000 MHz, seems like a standard 3080.

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    Woah that's a decent price. Has a top of the line cards too.

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      No, OP said it utilized for mining, which is still true. No one ever said "good for". ;)

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        Aorus Mining Box

  • Saw this earlier too. They also have a couple of regular 3080 cards for $100-$150 more https://www.centrecom.com.au/products?q=rtx%20%203080&[email protected]&p...

  • 3080Ti for $2399

  • Whats the drop in performance of using an eGPU vs directly inside the case?

    Considering moving to eGPU and a laptop for …. reasons.

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      If you're talking about gaming/graphics performance there is a limited bandwidth for the thunderbolt connection but it is still quite high. If you are talking about mining performance there is no difference.

      • Gaming Performance in this instance.

        Currently have a decent PC but for my next "upgrade" i'm considering just getting a Dell XPS 15 or equivalent. Then getting an eGPU for home use when I game.

        Ok so it sounds like there is a difference due to the connection (being Thunderbolt) and as Thunderbolt improves over the years this difference may reduce as new tech comes out.

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          IT Engineer speaking here - I tried using an XPS 15, then a Razer Blade 15 with a 1080ti in a Razer Core X a few years ago.
          The performance drop running the 1080ti in an eGPU was about 25%-30% (compared to running it in the desktop I had it in before).
          There was also some semi-frequent micro-stuttering issues.

          I can't help but imagine a 3080 performance drop would be even worse, though hopefully stuttering issues have been resolved now.

          But you can't beat a laptop/eGPU for portability though!

          • @CharcoaI: Yeah fair enough I'm not opposed to a clunky setup, futaris linked egpu.io as a good resource it seems.

        • egpu.io

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            @futaris: Reviews of this are generally poor
            Can't take the card out and reuse it somewhere else

            • @badonde: True, but tbh it's not like Gigabyte "designed" it to do that either. Use on a Thunderbolt lappy and with no discrete GPU and profit. If your into that kind of thing. Otherwise, there are going to be better options around the $2k mark.

          • @futaris: thanks will make sure i do my research before pulling any levers. good reading here at a quick glance.

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              @ajd88: do give a rog x13 flow a thought. its a thin and light 13' ryzen 9 laptop but have a proprietory xgmobile connector egpu thats better than an egpu with tb. it comes with a mobile 3080 that is roughly between a desktop 3060ti and 3070, and much less cluncky than a normal egpu enclosure.

            • @ajd88: higher up in this thread I posted a link to a LTT video review on it. spoiler: they weren't that impressed.

              • @Antikythera: They also didn't know what they were doing - the best eGPU setup uses Ice Lake/Tiger Lake for the integrated Thunderbolt controller and less performance loss.

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          have a dell xps 15 with a 1070 egpu. 11th gen cpu makes it less painful, but probably around a 10-15% drop on performance.
          That said, run bf5 at 1440p and get around 60fps which isn't bad for a 1070.

          Previously had a bootcamped macbook with the same egpu.

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            @shd: The more powerful the videocard is card is, the worse the bottle necking., via the CPU and thunderbolt 3 interface..

            the 3080 is pretty much being hooked up to a PCI-express 3.0 x4 interface, with the addiotnal overheads of the thunderbolt 3 translations and sharing of the bandwidtth with the USB and networks port on the enclosure.


            Between 11-18% loss fo framerate depending on the resolution.

            • @Kelvin: yes, that's definitely worth pointing out. You can't use the egpu enclosure with usb or anything other than the video card, and only use an external monitor. the 3060ti is probably the best value for a egpu in the newer cards/thunderbolt 4 laptops.

              Losing 10% graphic performance is worth it for me to have the portability of the laptop.

        • The XPS used to only have a 2x Thunderbolt interface, I would make sure the new ones are 4x if that's the case you're looking at like a 20-30% hit with the eGPU connected to an external monitor. Don't even bother trying to drive the internal monitor with the eGPU you'll lose like 50% performance.

          • @brimmy11: Think that's on the 13" models? Just had a look and it's definitely 4x on the 15". With dell you can never be too cautious.

            • @shd: Mine is a few years old but it definitely used to be 2x on the 15. Maybe they’ve finally implemented full TB :)

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    If you hate ur boss bring to work and make it work with u.

    • if you just threw this under your desk no one would know haha, legit just leech off the building electricity

      how much money can one card mine in 8hrs though? surely not much?

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        8? O_o


      • usually come with a 30 or 50cm cable.. so no chance of going under the desk..

        Long Thunderbolt 3 cables with 40mbps (full speeds) are really really expensive..

    • you wouldnt be able to mine much as this is the LHR version, which is like half the hashrate?

      • 70mh on my 3080 Neptune LHR. i have one running now when im not gaming.

        Likely to go higher with more bypass.

        • not great but not bad. i think a normal 3080 is a little over 100 mhs

          • @Kambo_Rambo: i dont mine but arent there mining software versions that can use 70% for Eth and use the other 30% for a second coin so getting 100% of hashrate on a LHR card?

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    is this worth pairing with my laptop?

    Dell G7 17 - 7790 9th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-9750H (12MB Cache, up to 4.5 GHz, 6 cores), NVIDIA(R) GeForce RTX(TM) 2070 8GB GDDR6 with Max-Q Design, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2666MHz

    • Wondering the same here. Will the thunderbolt 3 port be compatible with this enclosure?

      Also have you received the Windows 11 update?

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      No it's not - you want to have an Ice Lake or Tiger Lake CPU. These have integrated Thunderbolt controllers and will minimise the performance loss when using an eGPU.

      • thanks!

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    FOR THOSE ON M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max Mac computers. Yes they have thunderbolt 4 but they do not support egpus on Apple silicon you need an intel mac for that.

    Just for people wanting to get this for there macbook pro or something.

    • Also, MacBooks will not work with a newer NVidia card.

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        if you install windows via bootcamp on a mac it works no problems.

        • True, but it will not work on macOS, which you would assume most people would be using on their Mac.

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    I'm not too sold on external enclosures. Another added potential point of failure etc

  • I have an Intel Nuc Hades Canyon. Will this be a good add-on/upgrade for this machine?

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      If it has a thunderbolt 3 or above port then it should work as long as the chipset and processor have Thunderbolt capability. This should be stated on the specs of each part or the NUC specs.

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    Seeing as egpu chassis cost $400+ this is an insane price.

    Also if people wanted to know, shucking for watercooling is possible as it's just a bare card. Not sure how useful the case is for reusing (unless you also strip down another gpu too or resell to someone who is willing to do such a thing).

  • Wasn't too keen on this box but wanted a reasonably priced 3080 (well reasonable in an unreasonable way) While I saw the base model Gigabyte 3080ti was $2399 on Centrecoms site, and their sub $2000 3080s were sold out, this card took my interest instead incase anyone is interested in either way - https://www.centrecom.com.au/msi-geforce-rtx-3080-sea-hawk-x... - for $2299

    Reviews online for the sea hawk show some pretty impressive reductions in heat - 72 C with fans only vs. 50 C with this inbuilt water cooler.

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