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[NSW, QLD] Tipco Coconut Water 1L $2 @ Harris Farm (in-Store Only)


If you missed out on the earlier Amazon deal for $2, you can get it from Harris Farm. Advertised as 2 for $4 but usually ok to get 1 for $2. Or just get 2 as 1 is never enough. Best tasting coconut water IMHO (i grew up drinking fresh coconuts, regret taking that for granted as there were abundant of coconuts)

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Harris Farm Markets
Harris Farm Markets


  • What do you use this for? Cooking?

    • You use coconut milk and coconut cream for cooking. This you just drink as is.

      • So it's not recommended for cooking?

    • You can use this for drinking or cooking

      • What about washing?

        • Not recommended, as it will attract ants.

      • You can use this for drinking or cooking

        for drinking while cooking
        stave off the hunger pangs a little longer while the meal cooks

        This one slightly sweeter/nicer than Cocobella, YMMV its all preference.

  • Finally, a deal for SlavOz: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/658767

    • +2

      Not sure it has been tested enough for them to consume it…

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