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Uber Eats US$13 Cashback ANZ Max, US$10 Non-Max (6-11pm AEDT, No Min, All Customers, 1x Per CR Acct, Desktop Only) @ Cashrewards


Hi everyone. A nice Uber Eats promo just in time for dinner tonight. Increase starts at 6pm AEDT for 5 hours only. There is no minimum spend requirement, and makes no difference if you're a new or return customer for this flash promo. You get US $10 (~AU $13.20) cashback as a standard Cashrewards member, or US $13 (~AU $17.30) as an ANZ Max member (provided you pay with your linked ANZ card). Limited to one transaction per Cashrewards account during the promo (see terms). This merchant does not track instantly, so please allow 36-72 hours. Thanks.

A reminder to join Cashrewards Max by simply linking and paying with a qualifying ANZ debit/credit card. You'll have access to bigger cashbacks, faster approvals, and exclusive promos across Max branded stores (FAQs here). Thanks for your support as always. Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

  • Note: during the flash sale from 6pm to 11pm AEDT 28/10/21, cashback is capped at one transaction per member. Subsequent transactions may report to your account, but will be declined at a later stage.
  • Cashback is displayed in USD and will be converted to AUD at the corresponding exchange rate in your Cashrewards account.
  • Your order must be made on a desktop browser. Cashback is ineligible on orders via mobile browsers, the Cashrewards app, or the Uber Eats app.
  • Cashback is eligible on pre-orders, but only after the order is completed without cancellation.
  • Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offers or coupons unless specifically listed on this site.
  • Cashback may take up to 7 days to track into your Cashrewards account.
  • Cashback is ineligible on purchase of gift cards via Uber Eats.

For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc) and VPNs, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from Cashrewards as tracking will be lost. Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter so you don't miss out on all the hot deals coming up this month. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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  • hey TA.
    Just to confirm. ( I rarely use UberEats so I'm not very familiar with this)
    If I order now for 6pm delivery. I will get cashback of $10 USD even though when I click via CR website it is showing $1.50 USD. Our company pays for our meal and it has to be used by 6pm that's all.

    • +1

      Nope, the order needs to happen between 6pm-11pm. The delivery time is irrelevant.

    • +2

      Hi. No. if you order now, you get the rates that are presently live on Cashrewards. To get the increased rate/s, you need to click Shop Now after 6pm AEDT.

    • +1

      Nope. The order has to be made within the time specified above. You can however pre-order for anytime as long as the transaction is made during that window.

    • Thank you all for reply. Will try my luck.

  • +8

    Just wanted to say thanks for your patience in answering all kinds of questions here, TA. Wonderful deal and excellent detailed post.

    • +7

      And thank you for the kind words. Really appreciate it :)

  • If I get something from UE now, can I still get the deal later on during the promo period if I make another order?

    • Yep, no worries at all. The restriction on one per member is during the 5 hour promo.

  • Random ANZ max question @tightarse, I first linked an ANZ debit card but now I've linked a ANZ cc. I can now pay with either right? it shows both cards on the "link your card" section

    • +1

      Hi. Payment is fine with any linked ANZ card, provided it's one of these 14 qualifying cards. Also note you won't get Max benefits if you pay with PayPal, Afterpay, Zip - you must always pay directly with the linked card. Hope this helps :)

  • Can i use safari browser on ipad in desktop [email protected]

  • Can I please confirm it will work for buy one get one free?

    • according to previous comments, it would work

  • Newbie, ANZ Max question….Once I link ANZ CC to cashrewards account and go to UE checkout to pay for bill, should i pay using the same ANZ card at UE checkout? How would CR knows its same….haven't used max before

    • If you don't pay with your linked ANZ card, you won't receive Max benefits - you will however receive the standard Cashrewards rates. FAQs here.

      • Thanks TA. question i am asking is how will it work….once I link ANZ CC to CR. From there on when I am on UE checkout page to be eligible for ANZ max, I should pay with same ANZ CC on UE checkout?

        • Thanks TA. I read the FAQ again….Yes so seems like there is comms between UE and CR acknowledging how I have paid the bill and that is how my ANZ max reward would b confirmed….

  • +1

    Why can't a mobile web browser be used? What if 'desktop mode' is used on a mobile browser? As I don't trust my work computer browser as it's on a VPN plus firewalls due to security reasons.

    • @TA?

    • On mobile:
      Can't click through to UE:
      Shop Now
      This store is available only via desktop browser.

      Change to Desktop Mode on mobile - can click through to UE!

      BUT (on Android) it tries to open / get you to install UE app!
      Opening UE on browser didn't help.

      Going to use laptop, unless a solution is found.

      • Tried in incognito with Desktop Mode - still wants to use app.

  • +1

    @TA, another tricky one, I understand this is limited to one transaction per CR account. Is it one transaction per UE account as well…. What if another CR account using the same UE account?

    • i would like to know as well.

  • Can the same ANZ Max card be used on 2 different CR accounts and receive the Max cashback on both those accounts?

    • +1

      Please note you run the risk of having your CR account/s closed as you're only permitted to operate a single account. Having said that, you can't physically link the same card across multiple accounts.

      • Thanks Mate. I meant borrowing a mate's ANZ card to use on my account, which he had already linked to his account. But yea, not possible is the answer then.

  • +1

    Im going to order a Pop top

  • +1

    Will using free shared delivery void the cashback?

    • Would like clarification on this too please TA?

  • +3

    For those who are doing pickup, checkout with only the cheapest item on the menu, then buy the rest of the meal in-store. Support smaller businesses and don't pay the markup cost, or extra service fees.

    • +1

      Its not the small business giving you the cashback. If UE is nice enough to do this generous marketing promo, maybe you shouldnt tell others to order outside of UE. You can support small business any other day, why today when its UE running the game?

    • +2

      Yes. Good idea. I checked two stores, and found the meal in-store is 4-5 dollars cheaper.

    • Depends where you are from… thunderstorming in Melbourne atm

    • so buying a $2 dollar item also gets me the full amount of cashback?

      • +1

        yes its clearly in the description

  • +1

    I have setup my linked ANZ to Cashrewards. Am I still able to pay using this card from paypal or do I need to make payment directly using this card on Ubereats?

      • I think on UE checkout you will to pay using the same ANZ card you have linked with ANZ max…

        • yes, to get max cashback. can’t go through PayPal

        • +1

          This is correct. You lose ANZ Max benefits if paying with PayPal/Afterpay/Zip. You must pay directly with your linked ANZ card. See here.

  • Is the $0 Delivery Countdown available on the web browser? I can't find it, only on the app.

  • we’re eating good tonight. thanks TA

    • Are we ?

  • TA, are there some issues with signing up to CR max…..on sign up page for some time now…

    • Not that I'm aware of. Are you using this link?

    • Happened to me, but after a refresh it worked.

      • finally got through

  • Liquorland has literally just reduced the price of selected items. Couldn't have come at a better time.

    • You need to add delivery and service charge. No click n collect

      • Free trial of Uber Pass, happy to pay $1.50 + $1.80 = $3.30 for prices cheaper than in store

        Damn just realised I'll need to cough up an extra $5 for free delivery. (+50c service free increase)

  • +1

    would it still be eligible if I apply the $5 credit ubereats gave me a couple of days ago?

  • Will this work if I am paying with a voucher I got from work?

  • +1

    Uber eats fees added up to $9, when I have free on deliveroo, lets hope this casback is worth it :(

  • Can you schedule an order for tomorrow?

    • yes you can.

      • +1

        Although you take the risk of the restaurant potentially cancelling the order.

  • My dinner is ready. On my way to pick up

  • website not working too well

  • bought for tomorrow lunch ! Let's see how this goes..

  • +1

    Order is done. Now anxiety for successful tracking starts :-). Nothing yet…

    • +3

      Please read the OP:

      This merchant does not track instantly, so please allow 36-72 hours.

      • +1

        Thanks TA. I am aware….It was tongue in cheek comment. Appreciate all your responses…

      • Yes. I'm half way through eating my order but nothing from the merchant.

  • +1

    Wow, haven't used uber eats in a year so expensive compared to deliveroo, I got a deliveroo plus trial for 4 months and with this the same order on uber eats with the $10 off was only $1 less. $4 delivery fee, $4 service fee…

  • UberEats sent me a voucher "Here’s $10 off your next 2 orders" can I use it?

    • I guess not?

    • Guess not?

  • Thanks TA, 2 special fried rice on the way for $4!

  • thanks, dinner sorted

  • +1

    Very cool, got a few grocery items delivered. Thanks so much, TA!

  • If my order was cancelled can I make another order? Will the second one be eligible for cashback?

    • +3

      Hi sween64. Subsequent orders will be declined as Uber won't let us know for some time that the original order was cancelled. If this happens to you, please PM me down the track and I'll take care of it for you (provided you have a subsequent tracked order). Thanks.

      • Hi, just letting you know I might need to contact you about this down the line as my first order was cancelled. Thanks as always for the deals!

      • I didn’t make a second order but it’s good to know for next time. Thanks.

  • So ordering an item in a stores BOGOF list would negate cashback?

    • Read previous responses… I ordered

      • Good to know. The double day deals don't require a code, so makes sense it works just wanted to confirm.

  • +1

    Ordered "Double Day" 2 x 300ml Pepsi from Supreme Leader Chicken a few minutes walk away.
    $4.50 (pickup - no fees) & pocket the rest including 20c container deposit ;-)
    (Already eaten & don't want to risk cancellation if place future meal order.)

  • +1

    Enjoying some Honey Pepper Beef now, arrived in less than 20 minutes! Just need that tracking email to arrive so I can fully relax :P

    Thanks for the amazing deal TA — you're the OzBargain superstar!

  • Will this work if i ordered something for pickup tomorrow?

    • +1

      From OP:

      Cashback is eligible on pre-orders, but only after the order is completed without cancellation

  • Hi TA is there any worries with referring partners and housemates?
    We'd be claiming similar/same promotions often from the same IP but always different devices.
    Thanks for all the deals, hope things are going well, partnering with ANZ seems like big news!

    • Hi, and thanks for the message. Referrals unfortunately won't work within the same household, sorry!

  • Desktop browser is if I click through this link on this deal right?

    • +1

      Just click 'Shop Now' from this link then order without exiting Uber Eats and you should be fine. Best to do it on a clean browser (no plugins etc), or an incognito tab. Thanks.

      • When I add something to cart, it then asks me to login to uber eats and payment method comes default as paypal.

        Do I manually add anz card as a payment method?

        Please advice waiting to order;)

        • Your ANZ card needs to be in your Uber Eats wallet and/or used as the payment method if you want to take advantage of the $13 cashback. Any other method will get you $10.

      • Will try incognito… website is loading really slow at the moment on Edge >.<

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