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Ozito PXC Cordless Grass Trimmer & Shears Skin Only, $39.98 (Was $89.98) in-Store @ Bunnings


Matching Aldi's offer for this Saturday for their 20V cordless Grass Trimmer & Shears. Substantial markdown, wasn't online this morning, but marked down in store.

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    Still showing as $89.98 online.

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      I can confirm it's showing in my Powerpass app as $39.98 👍. Thanks OP

      • Last few Ozito PXC tools I purchased were exempt from PowerPass trade discounts. Anyone else see this happening to PXC purchases? Guessing this is in line with PXC not recommended for trade use.

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          and they don't honor warranty when you buy using powerpass. useful for checking stock/prices tho

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    I like all the PXC tools i have purchased, but this is the weakest by far.
    Low power, feels a bit cheap and rickety.
    The full size hedge trimmer is significantly better in all respects. The clippers aren’t very useful to me, so perhaps if you had a strong need for that attachment it could be worthwhile.

    • I got it for topiary work, so light duty. If it's no good, it can always go back.

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      This is to trim your grass, not your bush 😂

      • The mini hedge trimmer attachment clogs if you use it on grass.

        I think it would be ok for topiary, assuming frequent use, nothing heavy duty.

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        So 420 not 69 prep.

        • You’d be better off with a mull-o-matic. This would flick a mess everywhere and get gummed up with the least bit of resin.

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      I purchased a line trimmer and it's virtually useless for my purposes (I forget what it's called but the grass that grows think trunks that expand everywhere and grass grows out from those trunks it's pretty common in Australia) I guess it depends what you need it for but they really don't have much torque to go through anything much.
      It's worth paying a little more for a Makita or other reliable brand.
      Be careful is my advice.

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        it's not the tool per se (though it might be weak), you need to use a brush cutting blade instead of the line for thick grass like that.

    • 100% agree this is a POS. No issue with any other Ozito tool, orbital sander, drills including rotary drill work great. This is useless for topiary. Actually useless for anything. Took it back and got a full refund, noted they’d had a fair few people bring them back. Purchased a Stihl HSA26 kit on special. Chalk and cheese. Don’t waste your money.

  • Skin only - you'll need a battery for this.

    • Yes, I didn't check any deals on batteries and chargers, but they possibly will match this week's Aldi's battery charger deals this week.

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      Yes. Title needs to include skin only

  • Interesting that still showing as full price online

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    What's the point of this thing?? Your back will break if you trim your lawn edges with this fella.

    • Haha! Can you imagine ;p

    • Its designed for the hunchback of Notre Dame himself

      • Haha, this is what most humans did often before we got really overweight and got rampant diabetes etc etc.

        Not meant to do a whole lawn of course, YMMV.

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      I have a number of lawn stairs so the shears are perfect for that. I can do them with whipper snipper but it's a bit crude

    • Haha agree. But I actually have a high retaining wall with lawn on top. This is actually great for trimming that while walking on the side. Actually beats using a line trimmer.

      Nicer cut than the string trimmer too.

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    There's also these cordless sheers that would probably be more useful and cheaper if you're getting down that low anyway:


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      Do they support Bluetooth 4.0?

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        No deal if it misses any of the features: NFC + USB C + Wireless charging with 8k OLED display

        • You forgot Band 28

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      How would manual shears be more useful than a battery-operated pair?

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        easy to sharpen. never going to break. cheaper. save on gym fees.

        • You will however need to go to the doctor with swollen hands after doing 300m of edge trimming….!

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    I have this kit and recommend for light duty tidy up hedging and the grass sheets do with they need to (get into tight corners or just a clip of a small section save getting whipper snipper out). Definitely not a hedger to replace a main hedger but much easier to use when I notice sections getting a bit long

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    Glenorchy has stock and is priced at $39.98 on the shelf.

  • Anyone know if they’re reducing the price of leaf blower?

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      i/n 3380870 PXCBLS-018 reduced to $55 from $72.50 skin only

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    About 10 pieces left in Alexandria in Aisle 17

  • Interestingly it says $39.95 here


    But once you click visit site, it increases to $89

    • That's fascinating - I wonder where google is getting the price from

  • a good enough pressure washer can trim grass, also can be used as a edge trimmer.

    • WHAAAAA? Tell us more pls.

      • youtube has a video about this.

    • Genius, I'm off to see which one of my grinder or circular saw does a better job.

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        they both will cut grass, but grinder and circular saw will hurt your back - as you need to get low down and close.

        Pressure washer to trim grass edge can be applied from standing position.

        you will feel cool too because you are spraying water.

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    Thanks OP! Got one in store.
    Imho, the quality and construction is not worth $89.98, but will do the job for light gardening work.

  • Expired now. Price Ticket in store says it should have ended on the 5th.

    Though if the ticket is still up, you might be able to still buy it at the reduced price. May have shotgun bought one yesterday, it scanned in at full price but showed them the left over ticket on the shelf and all worked out.

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