HP X360 14" Full HD Chromebook, Intel Celeron N4020, 64GB eMMC, 4GB RAM $398 + Shipping ($0 C&C/ to Select Area) @ JB Hi-Fi


14" Full HD (1920 x 1080) multitouch antiglare display

Intel Celeron N4020 processor (1.1 - 2.8GHz)

64GB eMMC storage


Intel UHD graphics - UMA

Fast charge (50% in 45 min)

Dual speakers


2 x USB-C ports

1 x USB-A ports

Bluetooth v5.0

Wi-Fi 5

Google Chrome64 operating system

May not be the cheapest ever- not bad for kids school which require a chromebook only platform,

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  • This seems bad you could probably get a decent laptop for only $300 more?

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      depends on what you do with it. 398 for something brand new with warranty. not too bad

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      Thats almost 100% of the price

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      300 dollars is a lot of money for some people. Not every has the luxury of affording an extra 300 for a device. This is targeted towards school age children or basic office work. I use these kinds of devices at school, where I work. They are perfectly fine for finding a picture and writing a sentence about it on google docs, then submitting it on google classroom. There are families at my school who are disadvantaged and this, being 400 dollars, is a huge cost, particularly if they have multiple children.

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    Good for the oldies. Great price for them too.

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    Celeron N4020 processor - wasting your money!!

    • What can’t you do with this that you can do with other sub-$400 laptops?

      • Not much more or less as they would be similar. But if buying a Windows 10 la[top you need 8GB Ram

        and at least a qc pentium to have same performance as this, usually $500-$700 or more.

        Also this has a FHD IPS screen, but being able to charge this via USB C PD ( has one each side ) is really nice,

        as well as a 360 flip touchscreen too. Not sure about backlip keyboard though, that would make it better?

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    I think it was $319 for the past week @ JB.:(

    • Too quick to comment before fact checking, that is the non touch model, but decent all the same.


      • No, the x360 was $319 too! I was looking at it but decided not to buy it because it is the same speed as my HP AMD A4 Chromebook and I found it quite slow after the recent updates.

        • My apologies then. Good buy for basics only then.

          • @ozhunter68: I really love my HP Chromebook with AMD A4 until ChromeOS version 91.


            It had a bug and made the laptop super slow. They have fixed (supposed to be) the bug in version 92, but it is still lagging randomly since version 91.

            My feeling is as ChromeOS is getting more functions with each new version, ChromeBook no longer runs well on really low-end CPUs.

  • -1

    I normally pay $2.50 a kg for potatoes not $398 kg

  • you can buy a windows laptop with similar specs and put linux on it for a lot cheaper, or you can buy an old thinkpad

  • Anyone know if this has backlit keyboard?

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