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Makita LXT OPE 460mm 18" 18V x 2 Brushless Lawn Mower Kit, $720 (Save $89) + Bonus Leaf Blower via Makita @ Bunnings Warehouse


My 25 year old Victor is on it's last legs.
Still starts first pull everytime, but rust and age are beginning to take over.
Recently bought a Makita whipper snipper.
So much easier and quieter.

This has steel deck and 460mm cutting width.
Also comes with 2x 6-0 amp hour batteries plus dual rapid charger. You also get a free blower by redemption.
I already have the same blower so will flog it off on ebay/gumtree.
This kit is only is $21 more than the 5.0 amp hour kit without the blower.
Normally $809
Other tool shops still at $809.

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    Good Price. I bought one last year $799 . Good Mower and the blower is good.

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      I got a few of these last year at punning as a deleated item I was able to about 5 for $200 each I’ll upload reciept in morning for proof with free blower

    • does it collect the grass well?

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    Not bad, I've been eyeing off the Ryobi. This is $70 more but comes with an additional battery. Also a blower I don't need as I have the Ryobi blower and trimmer.

    • I have a little 33cm Ryobi mower and it's great.

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      there's two batteries because it requires 2 to run, so idk if you would really consider it an 'additional' battery - more like two half batteries?

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        Ohh, thanks for clarifying.

    • The blower is crazy powerful too

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    Out of interest this is because Sydney Tools are running the Makita roadshow, every time they do Bunnings lower the prices of their Makita's lines that share the same product line between the stores. EG at Sydney Tools this is $809 with a $100 store credit (I'd rather the $89 savings personally)

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      Plus you get to avoid Sydney tools

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        Granted, I've only shopped there a few times in their Melbourne stores, but what's the issue with Sydney Tools?

        There drill bits and accessories such as flooring staples are incredibly cheap compared to Bunnings.

      • Not easy to return stuff at Sydney tools, not to forget that you have only 14 days. I even prefer Total tools which give you 30 days. Of course, Bunnings is the best .

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      Yes, but Sydney tools will price match Bunnings. You can have it for $720 plus get the $100 store credit.

      Source: I did it for a different product last year.

      • Still they are last on my list, return is complicated. For me this is too important.

  • +32

    I love this mower.

    I've never used it.

    Missus now does the mowing.

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      Extremely powerful endorsement!

    • +4

      I'd pay twice as much for it if my missus would mow the lawn.

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    I had the same idea when I reviewed electric mower options - I thought I needed a steel deck, because my old petrol lawn mower had one and my dad's lawn mower had one….but life and technology have moved on!

    Unless you have a Jim's mowing franchise or a few acres to mow! Plastic is fine, especially on a flat yard of <1000m2. Being at least 10kg lighter, you can carry it up a couple of stairs, it's easier to maneuver, your wife & kids can use it, it's easier to push, etc. Buy a Ryobi and as well as saving $300 you'll also save yourself a back injury :)

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      no. 100 times no. you go over even a small rock and it blasts the side out of your plastic deck. we have a 700sqm block and all it took was a rock about the size of a 20 cent piece to go unnoticed and now ours spits grass out to the left. a palm seed did the same to the neighbour's a few weeks later.

      you may be lucky for a while, but it'll happen.

      unless you have zero chance of copping a rock or any kind of small hard thing, don't buy a plastic deck mower.

      been waiting for something with a metal deck to go on special, the time has come.

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        I've been using a cheap plastic deck Black & Decker electric mower for years and mowed over dodgey rocky areas and never had an issue.

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          all i can say is you're lucky then (or myself and neighbour are unlucky?. either way i'll never buy one again.

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          Ryobi with plastic deck has hit a tonne of stones and is doing wonders after more than 5 years

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          not agreeing or disagreeing but mowers hate rocks with a passion, all it takes is one your blade is now dull and at worst so damaged it cannot be sharpened.

          • @abuch47: I have never sharpen my mower. Do we need to bring it to get serviced or by myself?

            • @Korport: just check your blades, sharper equals a better easier cut but if they are average take them off and find your local sharpening person. If you have a file you can try to do it yourself.

      • +2

        I get your point. But the majority of us suburban warriors simply mow a small grassy patch of kikuyu and a few weeds, with the occasional Gumnut on the nature strip being the hardest thing you'll hit. If your lawn has a few rocks, sure, buy a steel mower. Keep in mind you'll still need to sharpen your blades if you keep hitting rocks :)

        • yeah fair, hopefully the gumnut won't do it. seeing a palm seed blast out the side of a mower was worrying, but made me feel better about doing it with a rock.

  • with that price tag, hopefully its robotic, just turn it on and done.

  • Ugh by the reviews I’d hate to have to hold a button just to keep it going. Hopefully just this brand or maybe it’s a thing with electrics?

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      Nah, it's not a button, it's the lever you can see in the pictures. You have to keep it held as you go, which is fine as you're gripping the handle anyway which allows you to squeeze the lever at the same time. It's a pretty common design and works really well.

      If you don't like design i believe ryobi has a slightly different design that you still need to hold down (looks like little wings for want of a better word).

    • +3

      It's not just electric, my Honda has the same thing, I use a cable tie to keep it engaged and move the cable tie down when I want to turn it off. Mind you it is a safety feature, if you were mowing around awkward terrain then it's a handy feature that could save a significant injury.

    • All lawnmowers have some version of this now for safety

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    I have this exact mower and blower. They're both great.

    • +2

      they mow and blow

      what more a man could want

  • Good for starting a mowing business?

    • +5

      Probably not ideal unless you buy some extra batteries. If you are doing 4 lawns a day you will chew through recharges.

    • +1

      You also want self propelled for a mowing business.

    • +2

      I would say, probably not. small deck. EGO make some bigger electrics which might do the trick but at a higher cost.

  • Are these getting close to handling a quarter acre yet?

    • Reviews indicate the 2x18v models like this are fine for that type of use.
      The cheap single 18v look to be under powered.

    • +2

      Was tossing up between this and the dlm532, which is self propelled for a 1/4 acre block.

      Ended up with this, since it's lighter.

      The key is to have 4 batteries. Two in the machine and 2 in the charger, so you never run out.

  • No idea what this product is like but if you price match at Sydney tools Makita roadshow this weekend you'll get $100 credit to spend on Makita products instore.

    • +3

      The Sydney Tools offer of $100 has to be spent instore in like 7 days or you lose it.
      That’s why I went with Bunnings.
      I didn’t need any other tools.

      • Could be used on drill bits and other smaller items

      • Exactly, there is always a catch and no return after 14 days. How bad is that? For me, Bunnings No1, Total Tools No2.

  • I'm interested in this but just trying to work out how long the warranty is on the mower and batteries. Does anyone know?

    • +1

      On total tools it's saying 5 year skin, 2 year battery and charger

  • Would this do 1000sqm of lawn?

    It doesn't appear to be self propelled and the cutting diameter is slightly smaller than the largest petrol powered mowers. So would appear to be harder work than a gas guzzler.

    • I have the wide 45" 18*2 v Ryobi mower and it is sometimes difficult to push in the lawn due to long grass. Wish they make self propelled ones like petrol.

      • +1

        Makita has a self-propelled one and it's amazing. Highly recommended if you are willing to pay the premium.

    • +1

      I have a 36v self propelled Ryobi. I've owned it for 3 years or so. never going back to petrol. Our land is about 900sqm but minus the house and garden etc probably 400sqm to mow and half is on a hill. I need to recharge the battery to mow everywhere, so ifeally need 2 x 4ah 36v batteries.. The self propelled is great and word well on a steep hill part of lawn. I still think petrol mowers cut better/cleaner bit not a major difference, just my personal view. Anyway, great mower and when it dies I will buy another.

      • Where can I get one of these?

  • +3

    Same mower with 2x5AH batteries is $699 RRP. The extra $110 for 1AH bigger batteries was never worth it imo. With this deal it's a much better proposition

    • +1

      But you get $240 blower as bonus with this kit.

      • +1

        Blower promo also available on the other kit too

    • You can buy 3rd party Makita compatible batteries from ebay heaps cheaper than genuine makita batteries .. I use them on Makita cordless tools without any issues ..

      Also there are converters so you can use makita batteries on other tools like ozito etc

  • Nice deal, but I got one a year ago on Black Friday with similar pricing. It's been a work horse, highly recommended.

    Any equivalent good deals on Makita line trimmers?

  • Oh well i picked this up almost a month ago. Working well for me so far. Placed redemption order for the blower on 30 Sept, received on 21st. Sent from Sydney to Brisbane by oz post, no delivery delays (took 3 days i think)

  • My father has one of these (self propelled tho) and it chokes easily on blue couch grass and stalls out. It also has super strong springs on the blade and self propel handles, so it hurts your hands after 5min. I HATE using it.

    I bought a Stihl 510 self propelled mower recently and it is FAR better than the Makita. It never chokes out no matter how heavy the grass, the self propel motor drives up steep hills, its great.

    I would give the Makita 2/10 and the Stihl 9/10

    • What is the cost and longevity of the stihl batteries?

      • $199 for the shorter runtime lighter one, but I would only buy the $299 one (SP300S?) as it has better cells inside it that have better chemistry and should last longer. These units are commercial grade, so should last well. My fathers gardener has been using them for years.

    • The stihl battery tools look really good.. but expensive. Also if you already have other Makita cordless tools you can share the batteries between them

  • +1

    Honestly - better off buying the much higher powered Victa 82V instead of this 36V for less than this ($599):


    I've got the Victa and it's pretty good in comparison to a petrol mower.

    • The point of buying Makita is that the batteries can be used for other tools as well, not only limiting it to a lawn mower.

    • Victa 82V is on clearance as the US manufacturer went bust and is no longer made.

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