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[Pre Order] Google Pixel 6 Pro 512GB Stormy Black $1449 (RRP $1599) Delivered @ Telstra


Pixel 6 pro 512gb for $1449 outright, or on plan via Telstra. Normal pricing is $1599.

Only available in black, and it's a pre-order (delivery says 4 weeks).

(Can anyone confirm if Officeworks has these 512gb models in store? If you can price match it would be $1376.55)

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      I mean I'd rather wait for in depth reviews than blindly believing hype and rumours and preordering but that's just me.

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        What was the rumours? The phone was fully leaked beforehand with some decent hands on reviews. To be honest, the "full reviews" i've seen have mostly been spruking the google marketing anyway and telling you jack about performance, proper camera performance, sound, battery life etc. The Australian papers reviews were woeful.

        I guess for people who upgrade their phones constantly it might be worth waiting. I had a 4 year old google phone so it was kind of a no brainer.

      • Could always return it considering the return policy. I still haven't opened my delivery from Google because haven't got to it yet. At least I knew I was getting a phone now and not November - December - January

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        100% it's never a good idea imo to buy a phone until it's had a while to be real world tested both to see how well it survives real world testing but also because the price usually drops significantly after 4-6 months esp.

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          In 6 months time you'll probably be thinking about buying the Pixel 7 Pro…

          It is like buying OLED TVs or high end graphics cards. Prices never drop as quickly as you want and the majority of people just have to jump in at a price point which isn't rock bottom otherwise they just get stuck in the cycle.

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    I look forward to buying this to replace my S10 plus towards the middle of next year. $699-$799 sounds about right lol
    I'll never pay over $1000 for a phone it's just a bridge to far no matter how good it is and even at a $1000 it better be amazing I'm talking ability to plug into the matrix good.
    Having said that I think this is the best phone atm unless you are into Apple in which case I assume all the synchronicity between devices will probably make this a non-starter. S22plus or Pixel 6pro that is the question for next year ;p
    I have to say though the back is kinda ugly I really like minimalistic designs myself not a fan of the camera stripe.

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      Having said that I think this is the best phone atm unless you are into Apple

      Both are poor choices if you want an analogue headphone jack like I do :)

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    I want flagship phones back at $999

    • i forgot when high end tech stuffs was around 1k, they print too much currency.

      • I believe the last time I saw an iPhone with max storage option that was <$1K was the iPhone 5 64GB at $999 (2012).

    • +3

      The Pixel 6 is actually pretty good at $999.

    • Why? Its better now. iPhones were cheaper, but they were also so far ahead of everything else.

      Back then the non-flagship phones were mostly trash. Now you can get a pretty excellent phone for a few hundred.

    • Unfortunately those days are gone.

  • Yikes - you have to agree to a credit check before you can go to checkout?

    • Nope, I went through without one

      • +1

        Did you get to the page asking to confirm your contact and mailing details? For me it had an "accept and continue" button with a clause above it saying they'd conduct a credit check.

        I tried to buy it outright - did you do the same or bundle with a plan?

    • Yes, It asks for me well :( ..

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    Unrelated to the deal but preordered a 256gb model from optus an hour after it was posted on the website. No updates, no tracking number, no we're sorry we don't have stock emails. Had to call today to find out and now they can't give me ETA. On top of that had some of the worst support experiences in a long while.
    Was Australia given next to no stock allocation or just terrible service?
    Thanks for the vent hah

    • It's Optus.

      I pre ordered from Google and friend ordered from JB, both received on Oct 26th

      • Yeah didn't think this would happen but it's my fault for thinking they'd actually deliver with the date that was mentioned.. eh
        Wasn't really looking to buy outright otherwise I would have done it ha

      • Are you talking about the 6 Pro 256 though?

        I don't think anyone has received theirs, I am with Telstra and I've received a 128gb P6P but not the 256gb P6P, both ordered on the day of release.

        • It seems like Australia as a whole was given next to no stock of the 256gb model. Done the ring around to Optus, jbhifi etc and the last Optus store I called mentioned they're waiting on a shipment from Google with no ETA.

          • @FATKMZ: Yeah, I think @hweita is talking about one of the other models, or the 6 256gb and not the pro :)

            I think all of us who went the middle road are going to have to exercise some serious patience… I know I'm already struggling.

            • @REDRUM: Potentially found a 6 pro 128gb at a JBHIFI in Victoria. Heading in after 6pm if I can snag it I'll just cancel my Optus order..
              I've probably rang over 10 stores ha

  • Is the 512gb worth the extra couple of hundred?

    • The phone will get 4 years of OS and 5 years of security updates. If you're intending to keep it for that long and are like me in that you take a lot of videos, pictures and install lots of games and apps, then I think getting the 512GB is a good move if you can afford it. It's what I'm going to get but am hoping Google will announce additional colours in the 512GB model before Xmas. Not a real fan of the black, I prefer the white version. The 256GB version is currently going for this price, so this is a good deal IMO.

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        Pixel 6 = 3 years of Android OS updates. Not 4 years.

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          It will get 5 years of software support, I believe 3 years of OS and 5 years of security support.

          • @eggaz: Yep confirmed by Google.

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    This phone has an incredible potential to be the king of photography again.
    Pixel 2 was so much ahead of competition that we can not accept Pixel 6 to be on par with others.
    I expected camera on this phone to at least 30% better than others especially night sight. It is in some shots, but the rest is equal or worse.
    4× telephoto is the best on any phone and perfect for natural portrait. Night shots on wide angle camera is also the best.
    Will buy it in a heart beat if they improve camera software for main camera and portrait. If not then I will wait for 7.
    No urgent need for a new phone.

  • Does office works offer 512gb?
    If no Officeworks who else price match and offer discounts?

    • From my understanding, the only 3 places that sell the P6P 512GB are:
      * JB HiFi
      * Google Store
      * Telstra

      You can try to price match (not price beat) with JB HiFi. That is assuming you can find a store that actually has stock of the Pixel 6 Pro 512GB.

      Most of the stores and telcos only seem to stock the 128GB / 256GB P6(P) variants.

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    I always pull the trigger until I saw that many reviewer says battery is not great.

    Hopefully Google can fix it with an update

    • Yeah it's mixed, some say battery is great. Some say it's terrible.


      • Agreed, hope the software updates improve it.

        I wonder if it would be related to the Pixel needing to first adapt to the user's activity/usage?

        Or even apps that may not be fully updated/compatible with Google's custom/Tensor chip and hence the battery drain?

    • Battery on the 6 Pro lasting me almost 2days. Might have something to do with Setting 4G preferred over 5G, and being home on WiFi most of the time. But it is lasting about twice as long as my 2 XL.

  • Cancelled my order for the 128gb from Google and purchased this

    • Did you get an ETA from Telstra?

      The website currently says the expected delivery in 1-2 weeks.

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    I signed up for a new Telstra account to buy this outright with no plan, but I'm getting "Something went wrong. We're unable to process your order at this time."

    • same. any idea why?

  • I went to Officeworks to ask yesterday. They said not only do they not have stock, but they can't even order from the warehouse due to indefinite lack of stock. Let's keep trying.

  • Does anyone know if the phone would be locked with Telsra? thanks

    • +1

      It's not.

      • thank you!

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    Here's my story, for those considering it:

    • Monday I ordered mine from Telstra (512GB, black, the deal above). It said it was in stock. I needed to log in as a family member who has Telstra mobile, because even buying it outright they only let current customers do it
    • Tuesday they emailed me saying it was out of stock and on back order, and they were going to give weekly updates!
    • Wednesday they sent an SMS saying it would be delivered the next day and I need the ID I ordered with (that family member who doesn't live with me).
    • Thursday (today) it was delivered home, without needing that ID.

    All good in the end!

    • +1

      I ordered the 512 gb from Telstra last Monday (three days ago) and got it today. I rang StarTrack last night and they were saying to expect a two week delay. Very surprised to see it turn up today. Can't believe there are so many delays with other suppliers.

  • Ordered mine on 07/11 and got an email to say it's on backorder. Will update once I get the notification it's shipped.

    • Received an update today from Telstra to say my items been dispatched and I should expect delivery tomorrow.

      • Got delivered 10 days after ordering.. Well done Telstra. Too bad your 5G plans are so expensive

  • What If I was to purchase a cheap Telstra prepaid sim……will that make me a Telstra customer to be able purchase this phone?

    • I am able to purchase the phone with $150 off with my Telstra prepaid sim

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