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[PC, Prime] Free - Guild Wars 2: Heroic Edition @ Prime Gaming


The package included with Prime Gaming provides:

  • Guild Wars 2 (Core)
  • Profan Armor Skin, Krytan Armor Skin or Venerable Armor Skin
  • 18 slots bag
  • 4x Heroic Boosters

Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft and ArenaNet.

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    Just something to note - GW2 (Core) means the same base GW2 game but without any of the F2P restrictions.

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    I'm getting an unspecified error. I'll give it another try later.

  • There are no Australian servets for this, which is a shame, but free is free. Thanks OP

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      I play and no issues with lag

      • +1

        The client hides it well but you will still notice it in some situations. Ping is around 200-250 all the time.

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      been playing for over 9 years and haven't had an issue

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    Thanks, wanted to play this years ago but was too tight to buy it. Noticed it on prime, but sounded like it was a DLC for the game, not the full game.

    Glad I saw this post.

  • oh man that's going back a way - good game but pretty old now

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    Love Guild Wars, sunk about 1,500 hours into it and made Sunrise. I'm happy to see it's still going. :')

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    It's telling me it's invalid format, Prime gaming is spiting out some weird code that's not the right format. Any ideas?

  • Thanks OP, though I can only seem to claim the DLC? Or am I missing something

    EDIT: NVM, I need to learn to read.

  • Wow I never knew these free games existed. Thanks OP.

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    Any Aussie guilds looking to add a new member?

    • +2

      Our Guild is called AUNZ. Let me know if you want an invite

      • Add me pls. My name is:

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  • darn I can't login right now to activate codes but if someone got a spare code to share kindly pm me plz… tq!

  • Did this game take a hit in popularity with the release of New World?
    I played Guild Wars 1 a little. Would love to try this one
    At work atm. if anyone has a spare key I would be grateful

    • I heard New World is very PVP orientated, so that rules out 80% of the GW2 players that only play PVE

      • New world is massively lacking in content guild wars 2 has far more PVP content end game. Andn like 500x the PvE.

    • Nah guild wars is aiming for a release on steam soon which will likely drive up the player count. The maps are never empty though because there are mega servers

      • Yeah, i've been playing since GW1 days and have never been the only one on the map.
        There is a huge community and everyone is happy to help, even when it comes to hard bosses there'll always be someone that will lend a hand. Guilds come in handy for this as you can message the Guild and even if the members aren't in the map someone will respond offering assistance.
        My son even told me he asked to borrow 50 Gold (which is quite a lot of ingame money) to craft something and within 5 mins someone had lent it to him! He paid it back shortly after, of course, but it just shows the type of people you come across.
        In saying that, there is the odd DH as well.

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    someone can have my code: FPP9T2-QTXP2-6TN2-84M-SJKHMPQ


  • Guild Wars 2 is normally free?

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      It's free but the free version has restrictions

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    mine here

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    anyone having issues trying to sign up ?
    keeps failing, when I try a second time, says the password has already been used …

    • +1

      Yep, I just got the same. Apparently it's a fairly regular occurence for this game aha.

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        i went recover password and got a password recovery .. and now it says my account is locked out … :/

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          I simply tried to login and got banned aha. I believe it's an automated system and they review the cases ever so often.

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            @jakem742: Yep mine has been blocked upon signing up and now need to contact support. Stellar

    • Same issue here. I've contacted support. Not a great start eh.

  • One of the greatest MMOs ever made.

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    ? is the letter after V

    • Anyone take this? I tried and now my account is blocked

      • :O

  • Great game, sunk almost 3k hours into it but then life got busy

  • keen for a code if someone would be so kind.

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    ? for the last letter is an F

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  • Still looking to pick one up… cheers

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  • Still need one of these. Seems like a huge thing.

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    Thanks OP. I saw the Amazon Gaming offer, but like some others, I thought it was just a DLC or extra in-game content. Signed up and going to have a go ! Played GW1 many years back and quite enjoyed it.

  • i'd like to get one if possible! thanks

    • +2

      Here you go


      • already took, i've been to slow :(

  • If someone can message me a key that would be great :)

  • If someone still has a code and would like to share it with me, please dm me :)

  • FYI you can get the same version from CDKeys for only AUD$0.99 currently

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